• [Singapore – 11 Jan 2018] Singapore-based MegaX introduces first-of-its-kind global millennial online mall having raised USD2.5M from a token sale concluded on 16 November 2017. MegaX, a partnership between iFashion Group and MC Payment, has launched an online mall (Megaxstore.com) targeted at millennials. Having been in the retail industry since 2009, the mall has served over 1 million customers worldwide. The mall will provide visitors with access to over 1,500 global brands and 80,000 products,

    Retail Conglomerate Launches Online Mall Accepting Only MegaX and Bitcoin Cash

    | 2018/01/20 4:00 pm
  • Let’s face it, buying things online can always be a bit of a risk. There’s fraud everywhere, scammers around every corner, and half the time sites just don’t care. Few ecommerce platforms have, until now, put the effort into keeping things really safe for their users. This is something that has more or less become part and parcel of doing business transactions on the internet. When dealing with individuals or small companies there is often

    Buy&Sell: A Secure and Safe Digital Marketplace for the Blockchain Era

    | 2018/01/20 12:00 pm
  • For a few months, the Cointed team worked together with independent auditors to create a detailed Transparency Report. In it, you can find details about the company’s strategic plan and actualized financial performance of all four of their business ventures. Also, you can access documentation surrounding partnerships, ownership and property rights. Here, we will discuss only the details of Cointed’s structure. If you want to get a general idea of who are the amazing people

    Cointed Transparency Report: Company Structure and Ownership

    | 2018/01/20 11:00 am
  • January 15, 2018: WELL is pleased to announce the launch of its WELL Web Platform for both patients and providers, delivering convenient healthcare anytime, anywhere. WELL’s simple, easy to navigate telemedicine platform connects patients worldwide to a global network of doctors and other healthcare professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Key benefits for patients include immediate appointments at up to 30% less than the cost of in-person visits, plus access to interpreters,

    WELL Announces Web Platform Launch

    | 2018/01/19 6:00 pm
  • The Abyss is a next-generation digital distribution platform with the vision to create a crypto reward ecosystem for millions of gamers and developers. January 11, 2018 — The Abyss, the next generation digital distribution game platform, today announced the intent to launch a pioneering DAICO, a reinforced version of ICO merged with aspects of Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). The DAICO fundraising model was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, earlier this month as a

    The Abyss Aims to Conduct the World’s First DAICO, A New Protection Mechanism for ICO Contributors, Raised By Vitalik Buterin

    | 2018/01/19 4:45 pm
  • HitBTC has announced that in the coming weeks it will begin listing the mobile-friendly cryptocurrency Electroneum. This is huge news for the fast-rising coin, which aims to become the first cryptocurrency to achieve real-world mass adoption. Since launching at the end of 2017 Electroneum has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency world by quickly gaining 750,000 users, reaching a c.$700m market cap and giving it’s 120,000 initial contributors up to 2200% returns. Over $513m of ETN

    HitBTC Announces Electroneum Listing

    | 2018/01/19 4:00 pm
  • SINGAPORE, 19 JAN 2018 – The first project that combines love and blockchain, Viola.AI has officially secured over 70% of its pre-sale hard cap, with over 5 million tokens sold. The project that sets to revolutionize the current love industry, Viola.AI, was created by the team behind Lunch Actually Group which has over 13-years of proven success record and over 1.4 million members. Viola.AI promises to be the most successful and smartest A.I to create

    World’s First AI & Blockchain-Based Dating & Relationship Project  Viola.AI Raises 70% of Pre-Sale Hard Cap with Less Than 2 Weeks Left

    | 2018/01/19 2:30 pm
  • BCDiploma thanks the entire BCDiploma community who contributed to the success of the presale: 64% of the hardcap was reached on January 18th! BCDiploma is presenting a breakthrough proposition by making the best of Ethereum to offer a world-beating one-click diploma and data certification service. Real use case, huge potential for every kind of data: BCDiploma is going to change the lives of millions of people by revolutionizing access to academic and administrative credentials. The

    BCDiploma’s ICO is Live: Hardcap = 1,800 ETH

    | 2018/01/18 1:30 pm
  • London, UK., 17th January – Ignite is pleased to announce its engagement with Coinfirm and its AML/CTF Platform. Coinfirm will ensure that Ignite will stay fully compliant with AML regulation during its ICO commencing at 18:00 UTC on 15th January.  Who are Coinfirm? Coinfirm is a leading regulatory technology company with an objective to secure the safe adoption and use of blockchain by deploying the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform. Coinfirm’s platform helps ICOs to streamline and

    Ignite Engages Coinfirm to Boost AML Compliance During ICO

    | 2018/01/17 6:00 pm
  • Debitum Network, a business financing blockchain startup, is quickly emerging as a robust small business finance solution that promises to eliminate the need for the highly over-regulated intermediaries. This project has just completed a successful crowdsale campaign and has recently clinched the first place in both jury and audience in the prestigious d10e ICO Pitch Award. 12th January 2018 – Debitum Network continues its dream run towards achieving its mission towards building a decentralized, safe, and

    Debitum Network Leverages Ethereum Blockchain to Deliver Game-changing Small Business Finance Solution

    | 2018/01/17 5:01 pm
  • Projects Districts, the world’s first fully decentralized virtual ecosystem designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users, is now making the headlines on a regular basis. After attending the just concluded Dubai International Blockchain Summit, the team is all set to take part in the North American Bitcoin Conference scheduled to be held in Miami on January 18th and 19th 2018. January 10, 2018 – Blockchain Technology LLC, one of the earliest blockchain startups

    Project Districts Gears Up for the North American Bitcoin Conference following their Participation at Dubai International Blockchain Summit

    | 2018/01/17 4:30 pm
  • Local World Forwarders (LWF) aims to create an efficient and innovative platform based on blockchain as well as DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) Technology for a democratic and decentralized disruption of the Global Logistics Market, expected to be worth $15.5 Trillion by 2023. With more and more shipments to residential addresses due to the booming e-commerce industry, the major impediments of the logistics industry have become more prominent than ever before. Custom duties make imported

    Local World Forwarders Harnesses Blockchain Technology to Improve Logistics Industry

    | 2018/01/17 4:15 pm
  • Singapore – Delphy, a predictive markets platform, today announced that over 200,000 people have pre-registered to download its app, which will go live in February. In addition, the company also announced that the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, OKEX, has listed the DPY token that will power the platform. Over $19 million was raised through an Initial Coin Offering to fund development of its app. Designed to run on mobile devices as a light Ethereum node,

    Delphy Surpasses 200,000 Pre-Registration Mark for Its Predictive Markets App

    | 2018/01/17 2:00 pm
  • The Octoin project is happy to announce the release its own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin! The release is planned for the beginning of February 2018. Our Team has done really hard work so that the product that we present to the market would be really outstanding. OctoinCoin (OCC) has got many advantages which differentiate it from the rest of cryptocurrencies. Three wales, which OCC is based on, are security, speed and, convenience. Advantages of OCC comparing to other

    Start of Octoincoin Cryptocurrency! Octoin Project Successfully Keeps on Growing!

    | 2018/01/17 1:30 pm
  • Miami 17th January 2018 – Blockchain company BitCar is showcasing its fractionalised peer-to-peer exotic car trading platform technology at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, United States. BitCar is a key sponsor of the event and will use the conference to disseminate its technology. “Cryptocurrency specialists from all over the world will be in Miami to hear about BitCar’s Blockchain technology, which is set to disrupt ownership of exotic and high-end classic cars,” said

    Bitcar Rolls into Miami for Bitcoin Conference

    | 2018/01/17 12:00 pm
  • As recently as a year ago, the groundbreaking effects that blockchain technology would have on nearly every industry were yet to be understood, let alone considered. The leading futurist of 2016, Alec Ross, wrote in his best-selling book, The Industries of the Future, that the next ten to twenty years would be marked by three key innovations: Coding (computer and genetic), AI (and neural networks), and the blockchain. Now, with 2017 coming to a close

    How Blockchain Technology Will Transform Healthcare in 2018

    | 2018/01/16 3:30 pm
  • 2018 is set to be an exciting year for anyone looking to expand or diversify their investment assets. With the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies around the world, the main challenge is deciding where to invest. CEDEX is set to answer that question when it launches its new and revolutionary Blockchain-based diamond exchange beginning with an ICO Token Pre-sale of its CEDEX Coin on the 16th March 2018. Due to unprecedented interest, the pre-sale amount of

    The Upcoming ICO and CEDEX Coin

    | 2018/01/16 10:30 am
  • LONDON, 16 January 2018 – Omnitude today announces it will bring blockchain technology to eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems. Harnessing the power of Hyperledger, it will resolve key issues in eCommerce such as identity protection, defending against fraud and ensuring supply chain transparency with its smart blockchain platform. Omnitude is a project borne out of an existing enterprise eCommerce agency which saw first-hand the time and difficulty involved in integrating and reintegrating systems. Blockchain technology

    Omnitude Brings the Power of Hyperledger Technology to Enterprise Ecommerce with Its Smart Blockchain Platform

    | 2018/01/15 5:00 pm
  • 3D-Token Attains ICO Soft Cap Earlier Than Targeted Date and Is Now Launching the Development of its Robots’ Network Through the Affiliation of New Hubs. 3D-Token is running on the back of an already existing business (Politronica srl) and a highly-experienced award-winning team. Politronica is a spin-off company of the Italian University “Politenico di Torino.” The 3D-Token sale was launched on the 18th of December 2017 and is to run through to the 11th of

    3D-Token ICO Attains Soft Cap and Launches Network Hubs’ Affiliation Program

    | 2018/01/15 4:15 pm
  • Go for it! 50% discount on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines. Pay less and discover more: buy tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines with 50% discount Only from 15 to 17 January, register to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines and get a ticket with a 50% discount. Pretty soon, on January 25, Manila will host the largest conference dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines. The best industry professionals

    Only Three days – 15, 16 and 17 of January: 50% Discount on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

    | 2018/01/15 11:45 am
  • Digital Currencies Trump Cash with BITBLISSCOIN ICO. As early as January 29th, 2018, BitBlissCoin’s ICO will start to innovate and evolve the global financial ecosystem by expanding the breadth of services and investment opportunities digital currencies have – whether you’re an everyday consumer, savvy investment manager, or business looking to extend your reach. BitBlissCoin (BIBC) is a 100% peer-to-peer, open-source, community-driven, decentralized cryptocurrency that avoids any interference by banks, governments, or other third parties. We

    BitBlissCoin ICO Leverages E-Commerce, Lending, and Cryptocurrency Educational Resources All At Once

    | 2018/01/15 11:00 am
  • The entire crypto community is involved with trading in one form or another, and there are many different options to choose when trading open markets. There is an endless number of special advice, charts, tools, and tricks a trader can use to become successful. But which tools should you use and who should you listen to? Whether you are a pro or just getting started, there are so many options available to the modern trader that it

    Pinnacle Brilliance Systems ICO

    | 2018/01/13 8:00 pm
  • SINGAPORE, 12 JAN 2018 – The world’s first A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships, Viola.AI sets to revolutionize the current love industry, leveraging on blockchain technology. With 13-years proven success record in the dating industry, the team behind Viola.AI promises to build the most successful and smartest A.I to create a global and borderless full loop solution from dating, courtship, relationship to marriage. Viola.AI is an ever-improving, decentralized and secure A.I. Driven Marketplace for dating

    7 More Serial Entrepreneurs, Blockchain and Crypto Experts Join Viola.AI Advisory Board

    | 2018/01/12 4:00 pm