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About Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist was founded in 2013  with one goal – to educate and inform people about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. We are an independent news outlet with writers located around the world, enabling us to provide a global perspective on the events shaping the development of the new crypto economy.

Our Commitment to Quality Content

At Bitcoinist, we pride ourselves on unbiased reporting and journalistic integrity. The principles of accuracy, objectivity, and responsible journalism are at the core of what we do and, as such, we do not believe in sensationalizing or “click baiting” our news articles. We work diligently to fact check, source, and corroborate the statements made in our articles and strive to report on real news and real events, and to dispel much of the myth and misinformation being proliferated by more mainstream media outlets.

Editorial Transparency

Our team of writers are committed to providing timely, objective news content free from the influence of Bitcoinist’s owners and/or shareholders.

Bitcoinist does not prohibit staff from owning or investing in cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects, nor do we prohibit staff from being involved in such projects and ICOs in any capacity. To ensure objectivity and transparency, however, we require all staff and contributors to adhere to the following disclosure guidelines:

  • When writing about projects in which they have personally invested or are otherwise involved with, all writers are required to disclose their investment / involvement at the end of said article. 
  • All writers, both staff and contributing, writing about a digital asset in which they are invested or own are required to disclose their holdings (but not the amount) in a disclaimer at the bottom of said article.

It should be noted that Bitcoinist staff and writers are paid in Bitcoin and Ethereum and so it should be assumed that they are holders of both cryptocurrencies.

How Does Bitcoinist Make Money?

As a company, Bitcoinist does not trade or invest in cryptocurrency markets. We do not accept payment for news articles, op-eds, interviews, or product reviews. However, we do accept payment for banner advertising as well as the publication of press releases, articles by our featured partners under the Bitcoinist Business byline, and sponsored content, which are either displayed and/or labeled accordingly.


While Bitcoinist accepts payment to publish press releases and sponsored articles (see: “How Does Bitcoinist Make Money?”), we do not endorse and cannot guarantee any claims made in those content pieces. 

Nevertheless, the content published on Bitcoinist is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. We strongly advise our readers to DYOR before investing in any cryptocurrency, blockchain project, or ICO, particularly those that guarantee profits. Furthermore, Bitcoinist does not guarantee or imply that the cryptocurrencies or projects published are legal in any specific reader’s location. It is the reader’s responsibility to know the laws regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs in his or her country.

If you have any additional questions about our editorial policies, please email us at

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