Is Momentum Shifting To These 3 Crypto Assets; There Could Be The Next 100x In Here (SUI, WIF, $ROE)

While many cryptos have lost investors’ confidence, experts have highlighted three cryptos that could potentially give a 100x surge. These top crypto coins are Sui (SUI), Dogwifhat (WIF), and Borroe Finance ($ROE). However, investors are drawn more towards $ROE for its outstanding presale success. Let’s learn more.


SUI Collaboration With Google Cloud

As per Sui Network’s social media post in late April, Sui will be joining forces with Google Cloud to enhance Web3 applications. This move might revive SUI’s market momentum. Moreover, this initiative has added optimism within the SUI community.

However, SUI has been performing well since the start of 2024. SUI even touched its highest price value of $2.17 in late March. Since then, SUI has continuously followed a downward trend. The price of SUI dropped to $1.15 in late April. With this, SUI has recorded a 47% drop within a month.

On the other hand, many experts were enthusiastic about SUI’s upcoming trend. Moreover, the technical indicators also painted a bullish outlook for SUI. Considering its momentum, SUI is one of the best coins to invest in, as it has the potential to reach $1.80 in the coming months.

Dogwifhat Aims Price Surge

The performance of Dogwifhat has been remarkable in 2024. WIF only saw mild gains till February, but March has been a show-stealer. Dogwifhat ticked its all-time high in late March, hitting $4.85.

This price run has made WIF one of the most successful Solana-based meme coins. Like many cryptos, WIF slowed down its momentum in April. WIF has plunged to $2.77 in Late April. WIF has witnessed a 42.88% drop since its peak price.

WIF has been trading in a consolidation area in the second half of April. So, WIF has struggled to surpass its upper trendline after facing rejection at $3.60. However, the expectations are still high for WIF based on its previous performance.

The technical indicators displayed short-term challenges for Dogwifhat. In contrast, the long-term prospects were looking quite bullish. Experts say if Dogwifhat gains bullish confidence, WIF will move up to $3.80 in the coming months. This has made WIF a good crypto to buy.

Borroe Finance: The Powerhouse to 100x Surge

Given its presale run, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has ruled many investors’ hearts. The journey from rags to riches has caught their eyes on Borroe Finance. Its price trajectory has made experts rethink Borroe Finance projection. Experts anticipate $ROE a potential 100x surge once it hits the mainstream market.

Moreover, Borroe Finance is an emerging blockchain ICO project that mainly focuses on revolutionizing crowdfunding in the Web3 landscape. Furthermore, its AI-based NFT funding marketplace will help Web3 users raise upfront capital by selling NFTs representing their future earnings or invoices.

Adopting $ROE has many benefits. One significant benefit of holding a $ROE token is its profit-making journey. Apart from that, users are offered additional perks like voting rights, access to governance tokens, rewards, and so on.

With its growing acceptance, Borroe Finance has already sold over 312 million $ROE tokens. That’s why analysts deem $ROE one of the most viral token launches. Meanwhile, $ROE is priced at $0.02 at the final stage of the presale. $ROE will rise to $0.025 by the end of the presale. So, initial investors can get 150% ROI.

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