Nicolas Bets Unveils His New NFT Collection on SuperRare

Nicolas Bets: A Renowned International Photographer

Nicolas Bets, a photographer from Belgium, has gained international acclaim for his unique style that blends color harmony, elaborate settings, and expressive characters.

A graduate of a prestigious photography school in Paris, he honed his craft alongside industry giants such as Claus Wickrath and Jean-Daniel Lorieux.

This experience allowed him to develop a distinctive approach to fashion photography, often showcasing the female figure in unconventional ways, thus bringing a fresh perspective to the field. His talent has led him to collaborate with prestigious brands like Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, and to create posters for iconic films.

However, Nicolas Bets has not limited himself to traditional media. Over the past two years, the artist has made a notable foray into the NFT world, accumulating over $140,000 in sales and achieving a record auction high of over $13,000.

This digital art adventure has propelled his works onto the international stage, with projections on giant screens and iconic buildings around the world, from New York to Tokyo, and from Paris to Amsterdam and Lagos.

Following the resounding success of his first two curler-themed series, symbols of timeless glamour and elegance, Nicolas Bets now unveils the third chapter of this captivating saga: “Curlers and Spider in L.A.” Curlers and Spider in L.A.: A Creative Odyssey in the Heart of Los Angeles In this new installment, Nicolas Bets transports us to the heart of Los Angeles, a city of myriad faces that serves as the backdrop for his series. Each image in the collection tells a story, capturing the essence of the city while incorporating the artist’s signature elements.

The appearance of Spider-Man adds a comic book flair to Nicolas Bets’ chic and quirky universe, creating a unique atmosphere where glamour meets pop culture.

The creation of this series was a true creative and human odyssey for Nicolas and his team. Over four months, they meticulously prepared this ambitious project, culminating in three intense weeks of shooting in Los Angeles.

“To realize this series, it took 4 months of preparation, and I brought my entire team from

Paris to Los Angeles, seven people for three weeks, an incredible human adventure,” shares Nicolas Bets. “It was a deeply collaborative and enriching creative process. Beyond the images, there remains a memory, a shared taste of an incredible strength that binds us all.”

“Curlers and Spider in L.A.” celebrates creativity in all its forms, brilliantly marrying photography, popular culture, and the spirit of adventure. This series perfectly embodies Nicolas Bets’ vision: art that dares, surprises, and unites, while paying tribute to the beauty and diversity of the world around us. Technological Innovation at the Service of Art and Collectors Each artwork in the “Curlers and Spider in L.A.” collection will be issued as an NFT (1/1) on the Ethereum blockchain, through a custom smart contract, a collaboration between Nicolas Bets and the team at Transientlabs.

A major innovation of this contract is the opportunity it offers collectors to inscribe a personal message that will be eternally linked to the acquired artwork, thus creating a lasting digital legacy.

A surprise for collectors! This novel feature allows each NFT buyer in the series to personalize the artwork in a unique and personal manner.

By inscribing a message, an emotion, or a reflection that will be eternally linked to the artwork on the blockchain, the collector becomes an integral part of the artistic creation.

This participatory dimension offers an immersive and novel artistic experience, strengthening the emotional connection between the art and its audience. The specific details of this revolutionary interaction will be unveiled at the official launch of the collection.

The first two photos of the series will be auctioned on SuperRare on May 16, 2024, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the artistic universe of Nicolas Bets.

This highly anticipated auction will provide an opportunity for digital art enthusiasts and NFT collectors to acquire these exceptional works, combining the recognized talent of the photographer with an unprecedented interactive dimension. Conclusion “Curlers and Spider in L.A.” promises an unparalleled experience celebrating the vitality of Los Angeles and technological innovation in the service of art. Collectors will have the opportunity to become an integral part of art history by acquiring one of these unique works during the auction held on SuperRare on May 16, 2024.

In summary, “Curlers and Spider in L.A.” is much more than just an NFT collection; it is an ode to creativity, innovation, and the interaction between art, the artist, and the collector.

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