These 3 Altcoins Are Running Hot Amid Bullish Market Sentiment


In the dynamic crypto market, staying informed about the latest trends and developments is crucial for investors and analysts. Here, we explore three prominent cryptocurrencies making waves in 2024: Milei Moneda ($MEDA), Toncoin (TON), and PEPE. Join us as we explore the innovations, market trends, and potential of these tokens!

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Milei Moneda: Bridging DeFi and Politics with Innovative Crypto

Milei Moneda has dominated the crypto space recently with its inventive model that bridges the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and politics. The relatively new crypto is inspired by the concepts and ideals of Argentine President Javier Milei.

Interestingly, Milei is considered an avant-garde leader who is strongly implementing anarcho-capitalism and has a supportive stand on crypto. Under his stewardship, the adoption of digital assets can increase and help boost financial inclusion among the masses.

Milei Moneda has an exclusive native token, $MEDA, which is the only form of payment accepted in the ecosystem. $MEDA’s availability is limited to 500 million. Notably, 60% of these coins are allocated for sale, and the rest is meant for operational expenses, airdrops, and maintaining liquidity pools.

$MEDA is considered one of the best altcoins in 2024 since it unlocks many earning opportunities for the owners. By owning $MEDA, users can receive NFT rewards, invites to rare NFT auctions, exclusive events, and other content.

Investors can also stake their NFTs to enjoy a consistent source of passive income. The staking helps improve the liquidity of Milei Moneda’s ecosystem, enhance security, and support the network’s growth.

$MEDA will officially launch on Uniswap at $0.020, a 33.3% surge from its current Stage 3 price of $0.015, making it the best crypto investment.

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Toncoin: Rapid Surge and Promising Future in 2024

Toncoin has recently demonstrated a massive recovery in value, with a notable 11.7% surge on June 2, 2024, pushing its price from $6.28 to nearly $7.02. This surge was followed by another 18.41% increase on June 5, helping push TON’s price to an all-time high of $7.78.

This Toncoin price surge follows a period of price stability that had formed near $6.50 and represents a 24% increase in three days, representing a robust bullish momentum. Hence, TON is a good crypto to buy today.

Meanwhile, on June 6, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov introduced a new in-app currency, Stars, to facilitate the buying of services and goods on all mini-apps on the platform. This development helped push up all coins related to the messaging app, including Toncoin.

The TON price rallies came on the backdrop of a substantial whale accumulation happening for the coin. Toncoin’s whale transactions increased by over 237% recently, making it one of the best altcoins to watch in the coming crypto bull run.

Notably, TON was trading at $7.45, up 16.51% in the first week of June. Experts believe TON will rise to a new ATH of $8.17 in June, supported by developments in its network.

Pepe: Trending Memecoin with Impressive Year-to-Date Returns

PEPE recently became the trendiest memecoin due to its remarkable performance. On May 27, 2024, PEPE touched its all-time high of $0.00001718. Nonetheless, the memecoin has corrected by nearly 20% from its all-time high, meaning most investors are taking profits currently.

On the other hand, PEPE’s social metrics dropped after an impressive surge, meaning the discussion in the crypto space has fallen considerably.

Moreover, its social volume and social dominance have witnessed a decline since the start of June, meaning the number of PEPE discussions and mentions on social media platforms dropped recently. If social dominance and volume grow again, it will positively impact PEPE’s price.

PEPE has maintained an outstanding momentum in 2024, generating a 1034.62% return year-to-date. Despite the pullback, the top memecoin is still in the bullish zone above major moving averages.

PEPE was trading at $0.00001411 in the first week of June, down 7.83%. Bullish market momentum supports experts’ belief that PEPE will surge to $0.00001655 in June.

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