Top 3 Must-Have Crypto To Hold in 2023: Litecoin (LTC), DigiToads (TOADS), and Aave (AAVE)

The crypto industry is huge and ever-expanding. New projects come out daily with impressive features that make them a must-have. The innovation is yet to hit the peak, but some standouts like DigiToads are astounding. The crypto has a meme coin appeal and yet combines a utility basis to make it resistant to some market pressure.

Read more to understand why DigiToads is a project to consider, and why Litecoin (LTC) and Aave (AAVE) might be excellent additions to complete a crypto portfolio.

DigiToads Setting the Stage for web3 via its Interactive Metaverse

The DigiToads project is a must-have for those looking for a stake in web3. The new internet frontier promises a fun and unequaled immersive experience that web2 could not manage. DigiToads has set the web3 dimension as the cornerstone of its future.

The top highlight of the project is P2E, which happens in a virtual space called the swamp arena. Those in the arena will battle each other for the top spots on the leaderboards for prizes. A season lasts about a month, meaning the project is using its gaming console as an interactive point beyond the financial benefits offered.

As gamers accustom themselves to the project, they create another micro-economy, called the in-game purchase marketplace. Battle characters need revving from time to time. As gamers upgrade them to increase potency for battle, they pool a lot of funds that go back to the biggest stakeholders, the gamers.

In addition, the pool benefits other passive people in the DigiToads ecosystem, as about 10% of what is in the in-game marketplace goes to the community. The rest of the money helps to power the project, enabling it to achieve short and long-term goals set.

On the investment front, DigiToads is a coin for investors. Various pools make up the financial aspect of the project, the top one being the staking pool. Investors who put their money into the project long enough will see their fortune rise to some extent.

Beyond passive income capabilities, the project has been moving up rapidly since stage one of the presale. A TOAD currently goes for $0.05, which is impressive, considering that at the start it went for about $0.01. The impressive numbers will jump some points higher on the official launch of the project.

DigiToads presale is one to impress. The project has earned over $6.5 million so far and is still on a rampage in the last stage of the presale. It achieved higher records in the last weeks heading into the launch of TOADS, the native token. The coin will officially be on the market on the 15th of August.

Buy and Sell Assets using Aave

The Aave platform, powering the AAVE token, is a hit in the crypto space for a number of reasons. The project was the first to decentralize the buying and selling of assets, making the once time-consuming activity efficient and more profitable.

AAVE is the validation tool in the blockchain that powers the exchange of assets in real time. Benefits from the project include lower fees because no intermediaries exist, higher interest rates for the tokens in possession, and many awards given by the project as a hook for investors.

Litecoin (LTC) Continues to Motivate Cross-border Transactions

Litecoin is a project boasting to be a platform that will secure the future of money. The project is digital money that can move from one country to another seamlessly, without a lot of paperwork from ordinary cross-border payment platforms.

The perks of using the platform include the security of blockchain, and a lack of third parties to curtail the movement of funds. It makes sending money cheaper.

Closing Note

Litecoin is a one-stop shop for cross-border transactions, at the same breadth, it is easier to use Aave to quickly sell assets. The two projects highlight the innovation that currently moves the crypto space. A new project to complement the veterans is DigiToads. It has been in the market for a while and is already shining with its record-breaking presale.

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