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    Saudi Prince Alwaleed Declares that Bitcoin Will Implode

    | 2017/10/24 7:00 am

    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the billionaire investor, says that Bitcoin will implode one day and that the cryptocurrency is an Enron in the making. Despite the frenzy and success of the modern day gold rush for cryptocurrency, there are still plenty of detractors. Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan has made waves by going on record and dismissing Bitcoin, calling it a fraud. Now we can add billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia

  • What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin Gold Fork Altcoin News, Bitcoin, News, News teaser

    What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin Gold Fork

    | 2017/10/23 12:00 pm

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is due to fork from Bitcoin on block 491407 and all holders of Bitcoin can be credited an equal amount of BTG to their BTC. The new coin is being launched as a response to ASIC dominance. Bitcoin Gold is the latest Bitcoin fork with the split occurring on Bitcoin block 491407. The coin is seen by the developers as a response to the ASIC driven monopoly of the main Bitcoin chain.

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    Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort: ‘ICOs are the Biggest Scam Ever’

    | 2017/10/22 7:45 pm

    Jordan Belfort, the infamous penny-stock broker formerly known as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’  recently stated that ICOs are “the biggest scam ever”. The Hype is Too Real The whole cryptocurrency space has had an exceptional growth rate this year. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization recently reached its all-time high of $172 billion, which is pretty impressive since the last year the market cap was only worth $12 billion. Many experts and analysts have various

  • eSports Pioneer Eloplay Announces Token Pre-Sale Altcoin News, News, News teaser

    Bitcoinist is Giving Away 20k Eloplay ELT Tokens

    | 2017/10/21 1:10 pm

    To help introduce Eloplay to the crypto community, Bitcoinist is excited to announce that it will be giving away 20,000 Eloplay tokens to our loyal readers. Do you like gaming? Do you love crypto? Eloplay is the popular eSports gaming platform that combines both. They’ve been in operation since 2015 and have recently been making a name for themselves thanks to the new Smart Tournaments feature that they recently rolled out. What are Smart Tournaments,


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