• DNotes, a digital currency branded as the “CryptoCurrency of the future,” recently announced the release of its “Employee Incentive Benefits Plan.” The incentive plan is part of a bigger program known as the “Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans,” also known as CRISPS. This program contains methods for investing in children, student, and retirement funds. “The Employee Incentive Benefits Plan combines knowledge of the employer/employee relationship with macro-economic foresight to maximize its users’ long-term potential benefit.” DNotes states that employees look for

    DNotes Adds Employee Benefits to CRISPs

    | 2015/06/05 3:00 pm
  • This week in Bitcoin, we saw a straight trend downwards, with no reversals or bounces. The price briefly held at $240, peaking at $242, and then proceeded to slowly depreciate until it hit a floor at $228 — decreasing nearly 5% over the last seven days. Since then, the price has recovered slightly and is hovering at $230. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up Bitcoin’s depression in price is most likely due to the attention OKCoin

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/24-5/31: Bitcoin Falls Below $230, Ripple Rebounds, Vertcoin Holds Steady

    | 2015/06/02 12:59 am
  • Chances are that you may have heard about the Nxt Foundation, a non-profit firm that is currently gaining a lot of momentum by promoting Blockchain technology and helping it advance, but also by offering trustless smart contracts alongside with decentralized crowdfunding and a strong open source ethos. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Nxt and is not responsible for its products and/or services. With over 18 months

    Blockchain Platform Nxt Has New Updates in Store

    | 2015/05/30 6:01 pm
  • ShapeShift.io is an instant Bitcoin and altcoin exchange innovative service. The exchange platform is very popular within the community for allowing users to trade their altcoins instantly without having to register or create an account. Shapeshift.io also allows merchants to receive various cryptocurrencies and trade them for their digital asset of choice. Also read: ShapeShift.io Adds Tether USD to its Instant Exchange Since the beginning of this year, Shapeshift.io has been vigorously growing and introducing new

    ShapeShift.io Adds Monacoin, Vertcoin, Infinitecoin

    | 2015/05/30 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin and the backbone technology it has, the blockchain, is a beautiful thing. Bitcoin allows instant transactions, from any point in the world. Due to the decentralized structure of the Bitcoin network, this can be accomplished with no central bank monitoring the movement of your funds. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with SDC and is not responsible for its products and/or services. However, the blockchain features a

    ShadowCash: A Peer Inside an Anonymous Cryptocurrency

    | 2015/05/29 12:00 pm
  • At this moment in time, the use of Bitcoin can be considered overwhelming for those that do not have a solid background in the digital currency and know what it really is about. With this in mind, there are a large amount of elements that have to be considered when switching from fiat to the cryptocurrency, but also some boundaries that can halt the adoption. However, the appearance of certain apps such as SendChat is

    SendChat Crowdfunding Begins, Send Bitcon Through Instant Messages

    | 2015/05/25 10:07 pm
  • Recently, HYPER has been gaining a lot of momentum, as the gaming cryptocurrency has recently joined a couple of different projects, most of which are bound to play an important influence on the financial system, but also help the gaming industry thrive from all the points of view. Disclaimer: This press release was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with HYPER or GoldPieces and is not responsible for their products and/or services. For those

    HYPER, GoldPieces Sponsor Crowdfunding Project, Launch Crypto Gaming Network

    | 2015/05/25 7:00 pm
  • Bitcoin has made a healthy bounce back since we hit our weekly low of $233 around the night of May 18th. However, Bitcoin only made an additional gain of 1.8% during the week. Also Read: Last week’s Market Wrap Up Between the 17th, and 24th,  we’ve saw the Bitcoin price fall from $237 to $232, with most of the 2.1% decline occurring in a couple hours between the 18th and 19th. In that same time frame, we also saw

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/17 – 5/24: BTC Slight Gains, BC and VTC Surge

    | 2015/05/25 8:00 am
  • As each day passes, merchants from all around the world are beginning to integrate cryptocurrencies into their business plans. At this moment in time, Smokeys Gardens, which is one of the largest daylily growers in the world, has recently announced that they have integrated DNotes, and that customers can now use this currency in order to purchase products from them. Disclaimer: This press release was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with

    Smokeys Daylily Gardens Accepts DNotes and Bitcoin

    | 2015/05/24 3:00 pm
  • Since last week’s Market Wrap Up, Bitcoin has taken a dive in price, dipping 2.25% from a high of around $244 to $236.50 as of press time. Compared to the mid-week update over on BTC.com, the change is much more sudden as the plunge from $244 to $236 occurred in the later hours of May 13. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up There seems to be no bad “seed” of news that whales could be

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/10-5/17: BTC Plunges, Ripple Still Down, EAC Up

    | 2015/05/18 8:00 am
  • The company behind NXT is planning to make a name for its relatively unheard of cryptocurrency. NXT aims to remove the limitations currently restricting the blockchain, and create a transparent trading platform so people from around the world can have access to the currency. More importantly, the platform has also been received open-heartedly by investors and by those who represent prominent figures in the cryptocurrency market. Disclaimer: This press release was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz.

    NXT to Step Up its Game in Version 1.5 Launch

    | 2015/05/11 1:00 pm
  • This week has seen much sideways movement from Bitcoin, but nothing that will impact Bitcoin in the long term. Bitcoin started the week in the mid $230s, where it proceeded to decrease slowly to a bottom of $230 around Thursday. On some exchanges like Bitfinex, it even dipped a little below that, briefly touching $228. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up After it had hit the floor, Bitcoin rose $20 in two days, peaking

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/3-5/10: Bitcoin Sideways, XMR, VRC, and NET Solid Performers

    | 2015/05/11 8:00 am
  • BitSeed is an interesting company to keep an eye on in the next few months, as they are determined to bring more nodes to the Bitcoin network. And that is needed, as the more nodes we have, the more secure the Bitcoin network is at any given time. Interested parties can now purchase one of BitSeed’s Bitcoin Node, and contribute to the network from the luxury of their home. Also Read: All About The Blockchain

    BitSeed’s New Bitcoin Hardware Node Has Altcoin Support

    | 2015/05/09 8:00 am
  • Social messaging is an emerging trend on a global scale. With so many ways of communicating with other people around the world, it could prove to be an interesting way of increasing Bitcoin awareness and adoption. And there are several applications trying to merge the best of social messaging and digital currency into an easy-to-use platform. SendChat is one of those platforms, and they are focusing a lot of providing top notch security. Also Read:

    SendChat Tightens Bitcoin Security With BlockTrail Partnership

    | 2015/05/07 7:00 pm
  • Cryptocurency markets have been very promising this week. Bitcoin started out at $220 and has crept up to approximately $240, making for a net gain of 9.5% for the week. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up Volume has remained fairly level this week, currently sitting just under $18 million — a healthy sign of natural trading without whale influence. The market graph shows a “tick-tock” pattern where the price will peak, move sideways, and then peak again. After

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 4/26-5/3: Market Trends Upward, Litecoin Similar Patterns & Vericoin Skyrockets

    | 2015/05/04 8:00 am
  • California’s assembly committee on banking and finance has approved a bill that would regulate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in a similar fashion to New York’s controversial BitLicense. Dubbed AB-1326 Virtual Currency, the legislation is now headed to the appropriations committee before reaching a vote on the assembly floor. Also Read: California Bitcoin Bill May Pose Problems For Startups The bill would make it a crime in California to operate a virtual currency business without first

    California Banking and Finance Committee OK’s Bitcoin Bill

    | 2015/05/01 2:00 pm
  • Bitcoin experienced common symptoms of what I would like to call market manipulation: sudden rise of value followed by a steady decrease in price, punctuated with a sudden and sharp decrease in price. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up If nothing else from this article sticks, just know that this week in Bitcoin that the price fluctuated from the low $220s, rising all the way up to $240, where it then decreased and hit

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 4/19-4/26: Market Slides, DASH & ZiftrCOIN Squeeze Through

    | 2015/04/27 8:00 am
  • Unbreakable Coin is a cryptocurrency that launched a year ago promising uncompromising security for all users from the very core. UNB secret to this security is sharing the same source code as Bitcoins, running on the SHA-256 algorithm which is regarded as a highly secure encryption method. I was able to sit down with Jim Blasko, the president of UNB. Also Read:  Coinkite API Unlocks Potential for Bitcoin Developers, Merchants and Users What is the

    One Year Since Unbreakable Coin Launch; Interview with Jim Blasko

    | 2015/04/26 8:00 am
  • The Ripple payment network is facing criticism this week over revelations about the liquidity of some of its assets. It’s come to light that Ripple gateways — the onramps and offramps of the network — have the ability to “freeze” user funds at will. Furthermore, Ripple Labs has already used its influence to convince Bitstamp, a prominent gateway and exchange, to freeze $1 million worth of funds belonging to Ripple’s departed founder Jed McCaleb. Also

    “Not-So-Decentralized” Ripple Freezes $1m in User Funds

    | 2015/04/21 8:00 am
  • Litecoin will go down in the digital currency history books as the second cryptocurrency to ever employ a different algorithm than Bitcoin’s. Ever since Litecoin’s creation, we have seen many Scrypt-based alternate currencies emerge, yet Litecoin will always remain the very first to do so, cementing its legacy. However, it looks like a rebrand is in order for Litecoin. Also read: Litecoin Association Takes Step Forward and Launches Litecoin.com Litecoin: First Scrypt Coin, Little Innovation Since Many

    Litecoin Undergoes Changes With Official Branding Guide

    | 2015/04/20 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin continued to decline from the $240s earlier this week, hitting a floor at around $220. The price is currently retesting new levels between $220 and $230, but that seems to be a losing battle with the price still trending downwards. Also read: Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 4/5-4/15: BTC, LTC, and Dash Down, Crave Cut Short Volume has also been quite low this week, reaching slightly over $15 million for today’s 24 hour trading volume. This

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 4/12 – 4/19: Market Patterns Continue, Crave Bounces Back

    | 2015/04/20 8:00 am
  • For a coin that hasn’t even officially launched yet, NeuCoin has been making strides to be a consumer-friendly cryptocurrency with a focus on micropayments. NeuCoin markets itself on being the first cryptocurrency that: makes it easy for regular consumers to access and use is free for consumers to try out with zero friction is designed for online micropayments (from $.01 to $1), an area where traditional payment methods are unviable or inefficient is distributed not just to miners,

    Neucoin Announces Presale to be Held on April 28

    | 2015/04/19 7:00 pm
  • On April 17, 2015, Synereo and Factom announced their new partnership. Synereo, the new decentralized social network platform, will integrate Factom’s time stamped immutable ledger for publishing and verifying digital data. Also Read: Factom Partners With Coinapult Peter Kirby, President of Factom, stated: “This is a great opportunity to use Factom’s blockchain technology to build identity and reputation tools and explore new ways of looking at the attention economy. Synereo’s social contracts will benefit greatly from Factom,

    Factom Announces Partnership With Synereo

    | 2015/04/18 3:00 pm