• Barclays Plc, a British multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in London, has a fairly long history of putting down Bitcoin. Now, the financial institution looks to be changing its tune as it begins gauging its clients’ interest in a potential cryptocurrency trading desk. Asking Around Barclays is the second major investment bank interested in potentially trading cryptocurrencies, following behind New York City-based investment giant Goldman Sachs Group Inc. According to a report from Bloomberg, which

    Barclays Considering Bitcoin Trading Desk

    | 2018/04/19 4:30 am
  • Amazon Technologies, Inc. – a subsidiary of American electronic commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon.com, Inc. – has won a patent for a marketplace that offers data feeds. More important, the patented marketplace includes bitcoin transactions. Patent Approved The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved Amazon Technologies’ filing for a patent on a streaming data marketplace. The patent in question was originally filed in September 2014 and makes reference to bitcoin transactions twice. As noted

    Amazon May Soon Accept Bitcoin (And Sell the Data to Law Enforcement)

    | 2018/04/19 2:30 am
  • Bitcoin may still be a long way from its past peak, but public awareness of the leading cryptocurrency is at an all-time high – especially in England. What, You’ve Never Heard of Bitcoin? Finding someone who’s never heard of Bitcoin is quite the rarity these days. 93 percent of people in the United Kingdom have now heard of the formative cryptocurrency — up 2 percent from January 2018 and up 13 percent from November 2017.

    Pretty Much Everyone in the UK Has Heard of Bitcoin

    | 2018/04/19 12:30 am
  • The central bank of Lithuania has begun talks with commercial banks and virtual currency traders on their attitudes towards cryptocurrencies. Though she acknowledges the risks, Jekaterina Govina, fintech strategy coordinator at the Bank of Lithuania, says: Blind denial, reluctance to understand and to work with the cryptocurrency world leads nowhere. Usually conservative on the matter of cryptocurrencies, the central bank of Lithuania has gathered representatives from the banking sector, virtual currency traders, those involved with

    Crypto Reluctance Leads Nowhere Says Lithuanian Central Bank

    | 2018/04/18 6:00 am
  • Heavy footfall, the call to action, a pay what you want strategy for instant payments accepted worldwide. Here’s why cryptocurrency could soon become the buskers’ preferred virtual hat. Picture the Scene It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re doing some browsing at a local market. You’ve just got yourself some tasty tacos from one of the food stands. Yes, I meant real physical browsing, not sitting at home in front of your computer screen! Looking for somewhere to

    Bitcoin for Buskers – a Case Study in Micro-Transactions

    | 2018/04/16 11:00 am
  • OKEx, one of the largest exchanges in the world, has announced plans to move to the European island, Malta. This announcement came quickly after a similar announcement made by Binance, one of OKEx’s main competitors. In an attempt to gain an understanding of the political climate around cryptocurrencies in Malta, OKEx’s executives met with the Maltese government. While many EU countries are taking a standoff-ish, if not downright hostile, approach to cryptocurrency, Malta – which

    Hong-Kong Based Exchange OKEx Plans to Move to Malta

    | 2018/04/15 4:00 pm
  • Public demand for Bitcoin ATMs continues to grow in the U.S. In response, and after a reportedly successful Q1, Coinsource, one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks, is now deploying twenty machines in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Bitcoin ATM Installations in the U.S. Capital Bitcoin user demand is pushing Coinsource to expand its services. Thus, on April 12, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada-based Coinsource announced that it will install 20 Bitcoin ATMs across the District

    Coinsource Is Deploying Bitcoin ATMs In the U.S. Capital

    | 2018/04/15 12:00 am
  • Japan has always been a hotspot for Bitcoin, but now there’s data to prove it. World Leader Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has officially released data which proves that the country is one of the foremost leaders in the world of Bitcoin trading. According to the country’s financial watchdog, a minimum of 3.5 million people was trading digital currencies on Japan’s 17 domestic exchanges at the end of March. The data also shows that a

    Bitcoin Boom: Japan Trades $97 Billion in One Month

    | 2018/04/12 1:30 pm
  • Ignoring pretty much every piece of information outside of Bitcoin’s chart, Bank of America has officially announced that the greatest bubble in history is popping, but for real this time.  The Greatest Bubble in History For at least the 279th time, Bitcoin is dead. As noted by Bloomberg, Bank of America’s Chief Investment Strategist Michael Harnett made the claim that the gold standard of cryptocurrency’s bubble has popped in a Sunday note. “The cryptocurrency is tracking

    Bank of America: History’s Greatest Bubble Has Popped, But For Real This Time

    | 2018/04/10 4:30 pm
  • Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of Mt. Gox, recently made comments about his distaste for Bitcoin, admitting that he no longer has any bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.  No Longer a Fan It has become apparent that Mark Karpeles, former owner and CEO of the now defunct Mt. Gox exchange, has lost faith in the appeal of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He recently expressed some negative comments concerning the cryptocurrency space on a recent Reddit post.

    Former Mt. Gox CEO Explains Why’s He’s Now a ‘Nocoiner’

    | 2018/04/10 4:00 am
  • According to some Bitcoin bears, we’re a long way from the floor — but that hasn’t stopped the world’s ultra-rich from buying the dip, including George Soros and the Rockefeller family. ‘Essentially Worthless’ Recent news has suggested some big-time institutional investors are taking an interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ignoring the Bitcoin bears. According to Capital Economics, a London-based investment research firm, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is set to get slaughtered in

    If Bitcoin is ‘Essentially Worthless,’ The Ultra-Rich Didn’t Get the Memo

    | 2018/04/08 1:30 pm
  • 2018’s cryptocurrency charts have you feeling blue? Don’t worry. According to some experts, there are still plenty of riches to be made by investing in market leaders. ‘Still way too early’ In 2017, plenty of individuals joined the new crypto-rich crew. However, many also became crypto-poor — having been left holding the bag after buying at all-time highs. Explained Invest.com Senior Analyst Jesse Cohen to Forbes: It’s safe to say that the price action in

    Experts: Cryptocurrency is ‘A Multi-Decade Trend’ and ‘Proxy for True Freedom’

    | 2018/04/05 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin might get a serious kick towards widespread and unobtrusive adoption as a leading Canadian fintech company Mogo launched a new app letting people buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Canadian Can Now Buy Bitcoin from Their Phones Mogo, a Vancouver-based Fintech Company, also claims to be the very first in the country to bring an accessible solution for buying and selling bitcoin right at the fingertips of its users. David Feller, Founder and CEO

    Canadians Can Now Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card From an App

    | 2018/04/04 1:00 am
  • According to new reports, Reddit has stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.  No More Reddit Gold for Bitcoin The popular social media platform, Reddit, has stopped accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold. The platform had started accepting the decentralized cryptocurrency back in 2013 through a partnership with the popular online Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase. Many people found this decision to stop accepting Bitcoin odd since the social media platform has a very large and active cryptocurrency

    Reddit Has Stopped Accepting Bitcoin Payments

    | 2018/03/31 8:30 pm
  • One of Bitcoin’s inherent virtues is being inflation-resistant. This unique feature might be essential to help countries interested in adopting a passive monetary policy. Bitcoin Controls the Inflation Rate Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be mined. Therefore, Bitcoin is illiquid. However, Satoshi Nakamoto, purportedly the creator of Bitcoin, intentionally established this lack of liquidity to make the cryptocurrency inflation-resistant and to incentivize Bitcoin miners. According to Professor Max Raskin, Bitcoin’s pre-commitment to an inflation

    Bitcoin Is Ideal for Countries Adopting a Passive Monetary Policy

    | 2018/03/31 2:00 am
  • Newegg, North America’s leading technology-focused e-retailer, announced on Wednesday that the company is affording customers in Canada the option of paying for products with Bitcoin — citing increased mainstream awareness of the digital currency. ‘The Time Is Right’ Shoppers in Canada using popular e-retailer Newegg may now pay for purchases with Bitcoin. The addition of Canadian Bitcoin payments is long overdue, as payments in the dominant digital currency have been accepted from customers in the

    Newegg Opening Bitcoin Payments to Canadian Customers

    | 2018/03/30 9:00 am
  • In his latest Q&A on March 24th, 2018, Bitcoin evangelist, educator, and influencer Andreas Antonopoulos explains what the cryptocurrency industry needs next and his expectations for Bitcoin development. 4 Basic Things Bitcoin Must Have Antonopoulos begins the Q&A by noting, partly in jest, that the industry does not need “some kind of artificially intelligent, neural network based, 3D printing, drone-based Mars expedition.” Instead, he states: The truth is that the most important projects at this

    Andreas Antonopoulos: 4 Things Bitcoin Needs Plus a Hard Fork in 2018

    | 2018/03/26 8:00 pm
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has gone on record with his most daring support of Bitcoin yet, saying it will become the world’s “single currency.” Dorsey: ‘That Currency Will Be Bitcoin’ Speaking to the Times while in London promoting his pro-crypto payment platform Square, Dorsey said a global “shift” towards cryptocurrency could happen sooner than 2028. “The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency,” he said. I personally believe

    Bitcoin Will Be ‘Internet’s Single Currency,’ Twitter CEO Says Despite Ad Ban Rumors

    | 2018/03/21 9:00 am
  • Nearly 16.3 million Americans, or 8 percent of the country, own some form of cryptocurrency, according to a new survey by Finder.com, which also found slightly more than 5 percent of Americans owned Bitcoin. If accurate, the results mark an increase from a study the Pew Research Center published in December 2016 that revealed roughly half of Americans had heard of Bitcoin but only 1 percent had traded, collected or used it. WHY ARE PEOPLE HESITANT TO BUY

    Over 16 Million Americans Now Own Cryptocurrency, Survey Finds

    | 2018/03/19 8:00 pm
  • Late last week, in a series of statements which let you know how rich he is, a top executive at Visa lambasted Bitcoin with claims that rival even the greatest of FUD throwers. Rich Guy Says ‘Bitcoin is Bad’ Vasant Prabhu, the chief financial officer of Visa — the world’s biggest payment network by market value — has taken time out of his busy schedule to bury Bitcoin beneath a mountain of negativity. In addition

    Top Visa Executive Attacks Bitcoin, Brags About His Wealth

    | 2018/03/19 7:30 am
  • An executive confirms that Mastercard is open to the use of cryptocurrency, but there is a major catch involved. Banks have notoriously been steadfast in their opposition to cryptocurrencies, and this is for a very good reason. The peer-to-peer economic marketplace of digital currencies is a direct threat to the current financial monopoly held by banks and other financial institutions. Which is why it was surprising when an executive at Mastercard said that the credit

    Mastercard Open to Cryptocurrency, But There’s a Catch

    | 2018/03/19 3:30 am
  • One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency wallet and trading platforms, Coinbase, has completed a deal with one of the biggest banks in Britain.  Bitcoin Trading to Become Easier for British Residents Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms worldwide, has announced that it successfully opened a bank account with the major British bank, Barclays. According to a recent CNBC article, most British banks have abstained from doing business with cryptocurrency-related businesses, in general, due to

    British Bank Barclays Partners with Coinbase

    | 2018/03/18 5:00 am
  • According to a new study, more than 50 percent of retailers utilizing Square Inc.’s checkout technology would be willing to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment. Bitcoin Acceptance on the Rise A Nomura Instinet-conducted survey of roughly 100 merchants in the United States revealed that 60 percent would accept Bitcoin over USD. As reported by Bloomberg, the merchants surveyed spanned various industries and all had a minimum of $100,000 in annual revenue. Roughly

    Square Merchants Love Bitcoin! New Survey Shows More than 60% Would Accept BTC in Lieu of USD

    | 2018/03/15 6:00 pm