• Recognizing the importance of digital technologies in the financial world, President Vladimir Putin has ordered the issuance of a national cryptocurrency. Concurrently, Russian industry is intent on attaining supremacy in the cryptocurrency mining industry by introducing new computing technology. In effect, the Russian Miner Coin (RMC) company is promising a revolutionary technology for Bitcoin and altcoin mining that would significantly improve energy efficiency. Breaking Computing Technology Paradigms for Cryptocurrency Mining By using technological innovations, Russians

    Russia Intends to Dominate Finance and the Cryptocurrency World by Introducing New Technologies

    | 2017/10/20 6:00 am
  • Jameson Lopp, an engineer with BitGo, was the victim of swatting after someone called in a fake hostage situation to the police. It’s nothing new to see an argument break out on the internet. In fact, it’s insanely routine, but a lot of people do take it too far and engage in massive flame wars and even more. A disturbing trend called “swatting” has emerged over the last few years, which occurs when someone phones

    BitGo Engineer Jameson Lopp Swatted for Bitcoin Views

    | 2017/10/18 12:00 pm
  • The deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a top think tank based in Beijing, says that China’s ICO ban is likely a temporary stop rather than a permanent decision. Wang Jifeng at The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is closely affiliated with the PRC’s State Council, argued that the decision concerning the ICO ban is not likely to be permanent in a CCTV interview. The initial stop move was taken by the government

    China’s ICO Clampdown Possibly Only Temporary Says China Expert

    | 2017/09/07 1:15 pm
  • Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, under investigation for colluding with the Russians, said in a statement that he received an email from someone named “Guccifer400” demanding 52 Bitcoin or else the President’s controversial tax returns would be leaked. There are further links between this incident and Russia as Guccifer400 seems to be paying homage to Guccifer 2.0, another hacker who has had dealings in political interference before. US Intelligence chiefs believe that Guccifer 2.0 is

    Jared Kushner Blackmailed? Guccifer400 Demands 52 Bitcoin or He’ll Leak Trump’s Tax Returns

    | 2017/07/25 10:15 am
  • Officially named the  ‘Blockchain Bundesverband’, the new German advisory panel, which is focusing on public advocacy of blockchain technology in Germany, was launched at the German Reichstag with the help of local politicians, blockchain advocates, and startup leaders. Encryption in Germany On June 20, 2017, the German government voted into law a new bill which would effectively allow police and other government agencies to install a ‘state trojan’ onto suspects’ electronic devices. The ‘state trojan’ would give

    Germany Creates Official Organization for Public Advocacy of Blockchain Tech

    | 2017/07/01 12:30 pm
  • On Friday Bitcoin suffered one if it’s steepest declines in months, losing over 10% of its market value after three straight weeks of massive gains. The question is why? The answer may lie within “The Deep State,” or more specifically, the NSA. Yesterday, an epic cyber attack was waged in nearly 100 countries worldwide, an attack that may have been the largest of its kind. The ransomware attack encrypted files of all those who received

    Is NSA Behind Bitcoin Price Drop and Global Cyber Attack?

    | 2017/05/13 3:00 pm
  • While Bitcoin Unlimited is gaining traction among miners, only a handful of Bitcoin companies are in favor of its bigger block and Emergent Consensus proposal. Breakdown by Company The scaling debate in which two predominant Bitcoin improvement proposals, SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited, are competing for miners’ support is becoming more and more intense. As the debate escalates, supporters from both sides are now threatening to push for user activated forks (both soft and hard). While

    These 27 Companies Support Bitcoin Unlimited, 44 Oppose

    | 2017/04/05 12:00 pm
  • The list of non-mining companies that are standing against Bitcoin Unlimited’s hard fork intentions continues to grow. The established Bitcoin wallet provider Armory has provided its views and plans in such a circumstance. At a time where all of the top Bitcoin-related companies are picking sides and making contingency plans, Armory has sided with Bitcoin Core and has made it clear that they do not support Bitcoin Unlimited. In a release on GitHub, Bitcoin Armory

    Bitcoin Armory Latest To Oppose Bitcoin Unlimited Hard Fork

    | 2017/03/27 11:00 am
  • Excuse me for indulging myself, but there are many points of view towards what may be an impending hard fork for Bitcoin. This may come across as a loosely coherent ramble, but at least it is short and sweet. There is enough here to put it on wax, so here’s what I see, in the big picture. This is in response to the Medium post created by Peter Rizun yesterday, outlining how this hard fork

    Why The Bitcoin Miners Are Destined To Lose The Forking Wars

    | 2017/03/24 6:00 pm
  • New Hampshire is officially moving towards liberating Bitcoin users from state regulations. NEW HAMPSHIRE MOVES TO DEREGULATE BITCOIN Senate, legislatures, and parliaments around the world have had many different approaches to handling Bitcoin. Many see a money grab avenue for taxation, while others criminalize it out of fear of competition. New Hampshire is officially moving towards liberating Bitcoin users from state regulations. Problems for Bitcoin use, by rule of law, have developed around the 2016 federal,

    New Hampshire Passes Bill to Deregulate Bitcoin Use

    | 2017/03/09 7:30 am
  • Bitcoin investor and PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel is becoming very influential in the growing Trump administration. BITCOIN ADVOCATE A ‘SHADOW PRESIDENT’ It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Isn’t that how the saying goes? If you are a computer technology billionaire it might be beneficial to be on a first-name basis with a less-than-tech-savvy billionaire President. Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, is becoming very influential in the growing Trump administration. Critics of the 45th

    Bitcoin Investor Peter Thiel is Allegedly Trump’s ‘Shadow President’

    | 2017/02/27 11:00 am
  • The United States Senate has successfully confirmed U.S. Representative Mick Mulvaney (R – S.C.) to be President Trump’s Budget Director on Thursday after a close and contentious vote. Mulvaney was confirmed to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget by a vote of 51 to 49, according to the New York Times, narrowly making the cut over a unified front of Democrats. The Trump administration has already had some close calls, with their

    It’s Official: ‘Bitcoin Congressman’ Mulvaney is U.S. Budget Chief

    | 2017/02/17 12:00 pm
  • Bitcoin supporter Mark Calabria from the Cato Institute has been selected to serve as Chief Economist for Vice President Mike Pence. Bitcoin-Supporter to Advise Mike Pence The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, has selected a well-known libertarian and Bitcoin advocate, Mark Calabria, as his chief economist. Having also previously worked for the Senate Banking Committee, Calabria is best known as the former director of financial regulation studies at the Cato Institute. He is also an

    VP Mike Pence’s New Chief Economist is a Bitcoin Supporter

    | 2017/02/13 8:00 am
  • What is constantly an issue, both now and in the future, is the concept of regulating and understanding blockchain and digital currency technology at a government level. The U.S. Government is taking steps to better understand this industry with their new Congressional Blockchain Caucus. Blockchain Caucus Will Educate Lawmakers Spearheaded by Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and David Schweikert (R-Ariz.), this will create a soundboard for future policy creation dealing with blockchain technology and the growing world

    U.S. Congress Creates New Blockchain Caucus in Washington

    | 2017/02/10 8:00 am
  • Bitcoinist spoke with the Dutch Pirate Party Leader Ancilla van de Leest on their recent attempt to pay the Election Council with Bitcoin, their appeal with younger voters, and why they believe everybody should be free to choose the currency they want to use. Dutch Pirate Party: ‘We Need a Viable Alternative to Fiat’ Bitcoinist: Why was the Netherlands Pirate Party founded? What issues does it focus on? Ancilla van de Leest (AVL): The Dutch Pirate Party is one

    Dutch Pirate Party: The Powers That Be Aren’t Too Welcoming of Bitcoin

    | 2017/02/08 11:00 am
  • The Segregated Witness (SegWit) update has received lukewarm support thus far since it was announced on Litecoin on January 28th. Beyond Bitcoin: ‘Testbed’ for SegWit After Bitcoin, the SegWit scaling update has now been introduced to Litecoin along with some other cryptocurrencies including Vertcoin, Groestlcoin, and Viacoin. Right now, Litecoin miners are in the process of voting on the update. Currently at 3%, support is lower than it is in Bitcoin, which rapidly climbed up to 22% in its first two weeks. The vote has

    Litecoin: SegWit ‘Testbed’ at Risk as Bitcoin Politics Spread

    | 2017/02/08 8:00 am
  • The woman who was pepper sprayed by Berkeley University protestors while wearing a ‘Make Bitcoin Great Again’ cap has released further details of the event. Trump Supporters ‘Untapped Network’ In a Reddit AMA session, Kiara Robles sought to answer questions relating to the attack, as well as debate issues related to the current state of Bitcoin. “I’m planning on making a video describing all the happening since the event over the next few days. But the

    Bitcoin Pepper Spray Victim: Trump & Crypto Community ‘Overlap’

    | 2017/02/07 6:00 am
  • The percentage of blocks that are signaling support for Bitcoin Unlimited has surpassed Segregated Witness, making it the most popular scaling solution at the moment.  Scaling Bitcoin Scaling is the most important and pressing issue in Bitcoin at the moment. The current block size capacity allows for three to seven transactions per second to be made in the network. With many blocks getting close to being full, the Bitcoin network will soon be unable to

    Bitcoin Unlimited Support Overtakes SegWit For the First Time

    | 2017/02/05 11:30 am
  • More and more nations are facing the realization that Bitcoin and the world of decentralized digital currencies are not going anywhere. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is facing this new reality with an update on their recent ban on the use of digital currencies. Emirates: Virtual Currencies ‘Prohibited’ Many nations run their economic policy through their national central (private) bank, without even the need to get approval from the national government, and this appears to

    United Arab Emirates Updates Ban on Bitcoin & Digital Currencies

    | 2017/02/02 4:00 am
  • Bitcoin has now become a “great hedge” against the centrally-controlled banking system according to BTCC CEO Bobby Lee.  Bitcoin: Designed to Protect Your Wealth  The current debt-based, centrally-controlled banking and monetary system have created a monster, not much unlike “Frankenstein’s Monster.” Bitcoin has now become a monster the centralized power structure is trying to control. As Satoshi Nakamoto has stated before, Bitcoin was created in response to “The Great Recession” of 2007-2009 that many countries

    Rage Against the Machine: Bitcoin ‘A Great Hedge Against the System’

    | 2017/01/30 11:00 am
  • Civic CEO Vinny Lingham has forecast the “Trumping” of gold in first years of the US presidency in his “most controversial blog post yet” on Bitcoin’s future. Lingham on Gold & The ‘Trump Effect’ The early Bitcoin entrepreneur, building on a previous post about Bitcoin’s identity versus gold’s, stated a combination of global factors stemming from Donald Trump’s policies would ultimately cause serious problems for the commodity and the US dollar. “… My goal of this

    Vinny Lingham: Gold Set For ‘Trump Effect,’ Gen. X & Y Choose Bitcoin

    | 2017/01/29 10:00 am
  • Here are four reasons why we at Bitcoinist believe the Trump presidency can make Bitcoin even greater in the next four years.  Making Bitcoin Even Greater We at Bitcoinist believe the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is already great. Indeed, it has shown that it can weather any political storm. But what about the looming ‘Trumpocalypse’ that some political pundits have predicted? Judging by Trump’s actions and comments thus far: Bitcoin will not only survive, but will also become greater than ever.

    4 ‘Yuuge’ Reasons Why Trump Will Make Bitcoin Greater

    | 2017/01/20 6:00 am
  • There has been plenty of positive vibrations coming out of France, as a movement against the European Union by National Front party leader Marine Le Pen builds momentum. All is not well in “The Hexagon,” as this extreme-right wing leader has decided that “The Future of Money” should not be in France’s future. ‘It is Nothing More Than a Ponzi Scheme’ Bitcoin has never been free from controversy or the barbs of the uneducated. Even Russia,

    France’s Le Pen, National Front Party Attacks Bitcoin; Seeks National Ban

    | 2017/01/18 11:30 am