• The launch of Bitcoin futures contracts signaled the admission of Bitcoin into the circle of mainstream finance, setting the stage for the rolling out of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In fact, just two days before the launch of Bitcoin futures, three fund managers each requested regulatory approval for Bitcoin ETFs: First Trust Advisors LP, REX Shares LLC, and Van Eck Associates Corp. Fund Managers Eager to Obtain Approval for Bitcoin ETFs Because ETFs seem to

    The Race for Bitcoin ETFs Heats Up

    | 2017/12/11 9:30 pm
  • There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about how much energy Bitcoin mining uses and its potential impact on the environment. Today we explore just how much energy Bitcoin mining really uses and 5 possible ways to reduce or offset its power consumption. In 2011, Google revealed that it used enough energy from fossil fuels to continuously power 200,000 homes, which is about one quarter the output of a nuclear power

    5 Ways to Solve the Bitcoin Mining Energy Crisis

    | 2017/12/11 7:45 pm
  • The way that Bitcoin fits into various religions across the globe is very much a hot topic right now and, as might be expected, not everyone is on the same page. Global Bitcoin regulation and the approach various governments and policymakers are taking towards the regulation of, and legal framework that underpins, Bitcoin has dominated crypto-centric news media coverage (and, to a degree, more mainstream media coverage) over the past twelve months. With prices rising

    Is Bitcoin Haram or Halal? Muslim Religious Views Remain Conflicted But Might Be Easing

    | 2017/12/11 5:15 pm
  • This year saw Bitcoin break records, and it also saw one of its biggest supporters continue their clampdown efforts to aggressively regulate it. As Bitcoin continues to grow in both popularity and price, terms like “clamping down” and “regulation” are getting thrown around more frequently by some countries. Some of this may stem from fears that the cryptocurrency may replace their own controlled and centralized fiat currency. Some governments feel that crypto will pave the

    Bitcoin Won’t Back down as China Continues Its Offensive

    | 2017/12/11 10:30 am
  • Bitcoin reached the second most popular article on Wikipedia Friday and third Saturday, data reveals in a mark of just how ‘mainstream’ the cryptocurrency is becoming. Futures Launch Gets World Swatting Up On Bitcoin According to Wikimedia Foundation Labs, which lists the most popular page rankings on a daily basis for the nonprofit encylopedia, ‘Bitcoin’ beat topics such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to rise to the top three two days running. The interest coincided

    Bitcoin Becomes 2nd Most Popular Wikipedia Page

    | 2017/12/11 9:30 am
  • Even with bitcoin price smashing past the $18,000 mark on December 8th, there are some financial experts who don’t believe that the digital currency can hold onto its glory for long. One veteran market forecaster, Peter Schiff, came out and said that Bitcoin has no value. Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, downplayed the value of Bitcoin in an interview with TheStreet, claiming that there’s no value in the digital currency. He further told

    Bitcoin is Worthless, Says Market Forecaster Peter Schiff

    | 2017/12/11 8:30 am
  • The probability of a price action movement caused by the sale of a large quantity of Bitcoin will increase as long as its price continues to go up. As the digital currency gains popularity and rolls towards mainstream acceptance, smaller investors need to be aware that a large number of Bitcoin is owned by a very small number of people. According to Bloomberg, as much as 40% of the total supply of Bitcoin, currently 16.7 million

    Can Crypto Whales Manipulate the Markets?

    | 2017/12/11 5:00 am
  • The continuing frenzy surrounding Bitcoin has a number of analysts and economists worried even as global financial institutions are starting to actively participate in the crypto world. 2017 has been a banner year for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Last week saw Bitcoin race from $14,000 to over $18,000 in a few hours before coming back down to earth at just over $15,000. While many financial experts are predicting that Bitcoin will soar even higher in

    Deutsche Bank Economist Believes a Bitcoin Crash Endangers Global Markets

    | 2017/12/11 3:00 am
  • As the fervor for cryptocurrencies climbs to a crescendo in Europe and the US, the countries of Asia remain mixed. Nations of the Middle East, however, are also eager to take a ride on the digital train and Dubai, in particular, is witnessing a boom in crypto trading. Young professionals are taking to cryptocurrencies in droves, all eager to invest for the future and profit from the recent price surges. Bitcoin has had a wild

    Middle East Professionals Embracing Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/11 1:00 am
  • Bitcoin futures have become one of the most popular topics in the finance and cryptocurrency communities but as we wait with baited breath for the first contract to roll out, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How will it affect the price of Bitcoin?” Bitcoin’s Banner Year With 2017 quickly winding down, many finance and cryptocurrency experts have already started speculating on Bitcoin’s price for the next year. Before we look ahead, however, let’s take a look

    Bitcoin Price Stabilizes at $15k as Traders Fear the Potential Impact of Futures

    | 2017/12/10 9:30 pm
  • As the crypto and financial worlds look on, the CBOE website crashes, unable to handle the massive influx of traffic as Bitcoin futures trading begins. Uh oh, Houston…we have a problem. CBOE’s website crashed within moments of the exchange opening on Sunday, unable to handle the massive influx of traffic resulting from the launch of its Bitcoin futures contract. The launch, which marks the first time that Bitcoin futures have traded on a major exchange,

    Bitcoin Breaks CBOE – Website Crashes as Futures Trading Begins

    | 2017/12/10 6:45 pm
  • Escorted by futures trading contracts, Bitcoin has entered into the circle of mainstream finance. This event was marked by the CBOE Global Markets’ launch of Bitcoin futures contracts, on Sunday, December 10, 2017, opening the door to the cryptocurrency market for institutional investors’ trillions of dollars. Moreover, Bitcoin futures has moved the rollout of Bitcoin ETFs one giant step closer to reality. Bitcoin Futures Could Bring Trillions into the Crypto Market Bitcoin made its debut

    Bitcoin Makes its Grand Entrance onto the Mainstream Stage

    | 2017/12/10 6:00 pm
  • Year-end bonuses on Wall Street are getting a generous dose of digital juice as many companies plan to add Bitcoin to the traditional mix of stocks and cash. Bitcoin, it seems, is here to stay. After boasting incredible YTD gains of over 1500% and a market cap rivaling that of most S&P 500 companies, the digital currency can no longer be ignored. Although businesses as a whole are slow to adopt Bitcoin, they are beginning

    It’s Bitcoin Bonuses This Year for Some Wall Street Bankers and Traders

    | 2017/12/10 4:30 pm
  • With so many ICOs to choose from, and more launching nearly every day, how do you know which ones have the most potential? What makes an ICO successful? Okay, it’s the money – at least in part. When it comes to the long-term success of an ICO, however, one critical factor is coin utility. If a coin has no purpose other than to be bought and sold on an exchange, there is no room for

    What Makes an ICO Truly Successful? Hint: It isn’t the Money

    | 2017/12/10 2:30 pm
  • Gamers can now begin having marathon gaming sessions again as Bitrefill is now allowing gamers to buy Steam vouchers with Bitcoin and Litecoin. With the recent news that the Steam games platform would no longer be accepting Bitcoin as a payment option, many gamers erupted into rage over the decision by Valve. However, Valve did say that the use of Bitcoin as a payment option had become “untenable” for them. Yet it’s always darkest before

    Gamers Rejoice! Top Up Your Steam Account Using Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/10 9:45 am
  • Bitcoin mining operations are consuming up to 31 TWh of energy, surpassing Ireland’s 23 TWh and is more than the power used by 159 countries. By 2020, Bitcoin’s operations are supposedly set to use more electricity than the entire world. Analytics from Digieconomist indicate that Bitcoin’s power consumption ranges within that of countries such as Oman, Morocco, Serbia, and Denmark. Further statistics showed that Bitcoin could help power several nations given its massive energy consumption.

    Massive Bitcoin Mining Operations Now Causing Blackouts

    | 2017/12/10 7:45 am
  • In a desperate bid for financial resources, North Korea and Kim Jong-un are unleashing hackers against Bitcoin exchanges. The continuing rise in Bitcoin value has had a lot of positive effects. People have made a lot of money on the cryptocurrency’s rise, and the accompanying headlines have brought more people into the crypto world. However, there is a downside to Bitcoin skyrocketing in value, which is having unsavory characters trying to get their hands on

    North Korea Trying to Hack Bitcoin Exchanges

    | 2017/12/10 5:45 am
  • The UK is calling upon its spy agency, the GCHQ, to review the potential risks that Bitcoin can bring and share that information with other government departments. When one thinks of British spies, James Bond comes to mind. The swaggering superspy is known for regularly thwarting villains bent on world domination, all the while enjoying a nice vodka martini and the attention of beautiful women. However, the real world is far different as intelligence agencies

    00Bitcoin! British Spy Agency to Review Potential Bitcoin Risks

    | 2017/12/10 3:45 am
  • As the Winklevoss twins became the first ever Bitcoin billionaires, they still believe that cryptocurrency has room to grow. Becoming Bitcoin Billionaires The Winklevoss twins first became famous in 2008 through their legal battle with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. In 2015, the twins started their own cryptocurrency exchange, called Gemini, where users could trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. Gemini is the 16th biggest cryptocurrency exchange and has a daily trading volume of over $244 million. As if

    Winklevoss Twins Predict Bitcoin Will Become ‘Multi-Trillion Dollar Asset’

    | 2017/12/10 12:00 am
  • Bitcoin is intrinsically volatile due to many factors. One of them is Bitcoin’s inelastic nature. On top of that, experts now forecast that the upcoming futures trading will further exacerbate Bitcoin’s volatility. As a result, cryptocurrency exchanges are already taking precautionary measures. Bitcoin’s Volatility About to Increase Bitcoin’s price fluctuations are wild. Its price can swing by more than $3,000 USD in just a few hours. Traditionally, volatility is measured by the volatility index, also

    Futures Trading Will Intensify Bitcoin’s Volatility

    | 2017/12/09 8:45 pm
  • In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, billionaire investor Marc Lasry admitted that he should have bought Bitcoin when it was trading at $300. Co-founder of Avenue Capital Group and part owner of NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks, Marc Lasry expressed his regret at having missed the boat – at least the early one – when it comes to Bitcoin. The digital currency, which was trading at just below $1,000 at the beginning of 2017,

    Billionaire Investor Marc Lasry Regrets Not Buying Bitcoin at $300

    | 2017/12/09 6:45 pm
  • With CBOE set to roll out Bitcoin futures trading Monday morning, the exchange announced this week that the margin requirements have risen from 33% to 44% due to Bitcoin’s recent extreme volatility. As Bitcoin finished a tumultuous trading week, with coin prices climbing from $11,000 to heights of near $20,000 on the GDAX exchange, the weekend has brought worries of what effect futures trading will have on Bitcoin, especially in regard to market manipulation believed

    CBOE Announces Increased Bitcoin Futures Margins Amid Market Manipulation Worries

    | 2017/12/09 2:00 pm
  • Bitcoin is already the world’s most popular digital currency. It’s recent skyrocketing in price has led to a massive upsurge in account openings and trading as people look to climb aboard the Bitcoin bandwagon. In recent weeks, the number of new Bitcoin accounts has seen a major upsurge. In addition, trading in Bitcoin has reached unprecedented levels. This is in light of the expected launch of the Bitcoin futures contracts by Cboe and CME. This

    Unprecedented New Bitcoin Account Openings Due to Expected Launch of Futures Contracts

    | 2017/12/09 10:00 am