• Sfards, a Bitcoin mining company that uses advanced semiconductor technology to develop the future of Bitcoin mining chips, is organizing a contest for the most creative miner designers from May 11 to 17. Prizes include one bitcoin for the winner, as well as consolation prizes for the other participants. Disclaimer: This article was written with information provided by Sfards. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Sfards and is not responsible for its products and/or services. Though the company

    Sfards to Host Contest For Creative Miner Designers

    | 2015/05/11 12:00 pm
  • This week has seen much sideways movement from Bitcoin, but nothing that will impact Bitcoin in the long term. Bitcoin started the week in the mid $230s, where it proceeded to decrease slowly to a bottom of $230 around Thursday. On some exchanges like Bitfinex, it even dipped a little below that, briefly touching $228. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up After it had hit the floor, Bitcoin rose $20 in two days, peaking

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/3-5/10: Bitcoin Sideways, XMR, VRC, and NET Solid Performers

    | 2015/05/11 8:00 am
  • When it comes to Bitcoin manufacturers on a global scale, there are plenty of companies to choose from. As a result, you hardly ever see a manufacturer operating one of their own ATM’s these days. This opens opportunities for other companies, whom will gladly purchase one or more machines from a respected manufacturer. EBTM is a Belgian Bitcoin ATM operator, and this is their story. Also Read: The Mt. Gox Post-Bankruptcy Claims: A Detailed Guide Buying

    EBTM: The Story of a Bitcoin Operator in Belgium

    | 2015/05/10 7:00 pm
  • The Netherlands are one of the front runners in Europe when it comes to embracing Bitcoin and digital currency. There are several signs of Bitcoin growth in this country, which is partially due to initiatives such as Arnhem Bitcoincity. Arnhem is making headlines once again, as the Hoogte80 open-air festival is now accepting Bitcoin payments. Also read: Ghent Bitcoincity: Creating Bitcoin Use Cases   Arnhem: A Very Successful Bitcoincity When it comes to creating a

    Arnhem’s Hoogte80 Open Air Festival Now Accepts Bitcoin

    | 2015/05/10 3:00 pm
  • Since Cryptocurrencies have become popular, the number of exchanges willing to process Bitcoin transactions has greatly increased. However, most of these are only available in select regions; require a difficult sign up process, while also imposing high rates, hence taking away a large part of the client’s money. However, an exchange that is certainly better when compared to its competition is quickly making a name for itself. 247Exchange, which is run by InterMoney Exchange, a

    247Exchange Introduces Innovative Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

    | 2015/05/10 12:00 pm
  • On the 21st of April, Robocoin released its Romit remittance software. Romit is a new global remittance platform that leverages blockchain technology, but it removes Bitcoin from the user experience. Romit’s fully automated remittance platform makes running a money transfer business easy, with low and transparent fees.

    Robocoin’s Romit Software: Become a Bitcoin ATM

    | 2015/05/10 8:00 am
  • New startup ShoCard is building a digital identity system that encrypts and embeds sensitive information onto the bitcoin blockchain, removing the risk of a third party losing that data. The company is still in its early stages, but founders say they’re already in talks with financial institutions to start implementing ShoCard as verification for online purchases. Also Read: Blockchain Apparatus Launches a New Trusted Will System ShoCard was presented this week at the TechCrunch Disrupt

    ShoCard Embeds Your Identity in the Bitcoin Blockchain

    | 2015/05/09 7:00 pm
  • Deep Web is the untold story of bitcoin, the Silk Road, and the dark corners of the “deep web.” The documentary film offers an exclusive look into the Ulbricht family and the infamous online black market that has become one of the most epic legal battles in the history of bitcoin. Also read: Secret Service and DEA Steal Silk Road Bitcoins and Extort Money From Ulbricht In an attempt to uncover hidden truths behind Silk

    Alex Winter Delves Into His New ‘Deep Web’ Documentary

    | 2015/05/09 3:00 pm
  • BitSeed is an interesting company to keep an eye on in the next few months, as they are determined to bring more nodes to the Bitcoin network. And that is needed, as the more nodes we have, the more secure the Bitcoin network is at any given time. Interested parties can now purchase one of BitSeed’s Bitcoin Node, and contribute to the network from the luxury of their home. Also Read: All About The Blockchain

    BitSeed’s New Bitcoin Hardware Node Has Altcoin Support

    | 2015/05/09 8:00 am
  •  Crypto Vault, a company that focuses on cold storage for cryptocurrencies, has created “Vault Coin,” made with nickel-copper alloy with high heat resistance. Each of these coins are numbered individually so it is easy to keep track of what currency is being stored on what coin and adds a small bit of collector value. Also read: SendChat Tightens Bitcoin Security With BlockTrail Partnership In an interview with Bitcoinist, Kyle O’Brien, a founder of the company, said

    Crypto Vault Creates Fire-Resistant “Vault Coin”

    | 2015/05/08 3:00 pm
  • The history of Bitcoin is still plagued by the Mt. Gox collapse. After allegedly losing several hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin due to a hack, the exchange was forced to halt its services. A lot of people around the world have been affected by this debacle, and quite a few of them took the matter to court. As a result, it is now possible to file a claim for lost funds, in the hopes of retrieving

    The Mt. Gox Post-Bankruptcy Claims: A Detailed Guide

    | 2015/05/08 8:00 am
  • Blockchain.info. Surely you’ve heard of it. It’s one of the more original and long-standing organizations in the Bitcoin space; one that has had its share of negative, and positive press — an issue faced by many others in the space, too. Also read: The Future of Blockchain.info Trusting companies in the Bitcoin industry can be difficult. The constant fear of over-regulation, exchanges going belly up, internal employee theft risk, the external risk of hacks/exploits — who

    BitcoinSF: Interview with Kristov Atlas of Blockchain.info

    | 2015/05/08 4:42 am
  • Social messaging is an emerging trend on a global scale. With so many ways of communicating with other people around the world, it could prove to be an interesting way of increasing Bitcoin awareness and adoption. And there are several applications trying to merge the best of social messaging and digital currency into an easy-to-use platform. SendChat is one of those platforms, and they are focusing a lot of providing top notch security. Also Read:

    SendChat Tightens Bitcoin Security With BlockTrail Partnership

    | 2015/05/07 7:00 pm
  • News powered by Bitcoinist.net Article by Drew Cordell As a continuation of my Blockchain series, I will be covering the potential of the blockchain for the purpose of voting reformation. In order to properly cover sidechains, I need to continue to dig into the knowledge base regarding the technology to learn more about the technology before I write about it. Sidechains are a revolutionary idea for Bitcoin, and it deserves to be reported well. In this part

    All About: The Blockchain Part Four

    | 2015/05/07 3:00 pm
  • Ribbit.me, the first blockchain based rewards program, is beginning the launch of Marketplace.life. According to the email, sent out to users, Marketplace.life is “the first-ever p2p marketplace where buyers and sellers earn RibbitRewardes for each transaction and can transact in nearly all fiat and digital currencies”. Also Read: Interview with Ribbit.me Reward programs typically are a hassle for both the consumer as each company has their different one, and companies must pay for the costly

    Ribbit.me Partners With Spendabit As They Launch Marketplace.life

    | 2015/05/07 8:00 am
  • At this point in time, with Bitcoin becoming increasingly relevant in the mainstream, outside observers are becoming less skeptical and are now genuinely curious about the currency’s potential. They have accepted that Bitcoin’s code is strong, and arguments that Bitcoin has no “real” value are waning. Many people in the mainstream no longer question whether Bitcoin can be integrated into the global financial system, but instead speculate on how it will be integrated. Also read:

    Bitcoin: Currency vs Transaction Tool

    | 2015/05/06 7:00 pm
  • Just a few days ago, BitSpark announced that it is halting all bitcoin exchange operations. Instead, the company will be focusing all of their attention on the remittance market. Bitcoin can play an important role in the evolution of money remittance as we know it, and BitSpark feels it is the best direction for the company at this point. Also read: BitSpark Brings Bitcoin Remittances to Indonesia BitSpark Partners with BitGo And Closes Funding Round At

    BitSpark Shuts Down Bitcoin Exchange, Focuses on Remittance Service

    | 2015/05/06 3:00 pm
  • Currently, there are many separate bitcoin exchanges operating entirely independent of each other. These money markets are in no way interconnected with one another, which makes it rather inconvenient to trade across platforms. There are some benefits to having multiple exchanges, though, the primary advantage being the variety of features each exchange offers to suit the needs of different traders.  Also read: CEX.IO Offeres Bitcoin Exchange Services to US Customers Alphapoint, a US-based technology company that powers over

    AlphaPoint’s New Service to Streamline Bitcoin Trading

    | 2015/05/06 8:00 am
  • In order to make Bitcoin and digital currency more appealing for customers and merchants, we need to create more use cases. And as the number of use cases grows, word gets out about how useful Bitcoin is a payment method. On top of that, merchants can reduce costs without being exposed to Bitcoin price volatility. But how do we go about creating more use cases for everyday consumers? Also read: Belgium Prepares for Ghent Bitcoincity

    Ghent Bitcoincity: Creating Bitcoin Use Cases

    | 2015/05/05 7:00 pm
  • Bitcoin adoption can only occur once there are enough use cases for everyday consumers to consider it a valid payment method. While people can buy a lot of different goods and services with Bitcoin, it’s not suited for everyday consumers just yet. However, now that Starbucks branches in Hong Kong are accepting Bitcoin, that situation might change sooner rather than later. Also read: Things Need to Change in the Bitcoin Industry Starbucks Hong Kong and the Fold Application

    Fold Brings Bitcoin to Hong Kong Starbucks Branches

    | 2015/05/05 3:00 pm
  • Spells of Genesis is a new mobile game that combines trading cards with an arcade, similar to Magic the Gathering but with an epic style role play. The most important aspect of this game: it will use blockchain technology as well as Bitcoin for its game economy and storyline. It will be the first one to do so, making it one of the most innovative and interesting games on the scene.

    Spells of Genesis – A Blockchain Based Trading Card Game

    | 2015/05/05 8:00 am
  • In order to bring Bitcoin to as many everyday people as possible, we need to make it more accessible to both buy and sell BTC in exchange for fiat currency. Even though most Bitcoin enthusiasts would like to see the world transition to a cashless system where all goods and services are priced in BTC instead of relying on a fiat currency value, which will not happen anytime soon. But it has to be said

    Buy and Sell Bitcoin At 4,000 Polish ATMs With Chip Chap

    | 2015/05/04 7:00 pm
  • In an exclusive interview with Bitcoinist.net, Jim Fulner, the 2014 Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate from Michigan, says Bitcoin is, and should continue to be, primarily a currency that stands alone. As a staunch Bitcoin advocate, Fulner said that Bitcoin can facilitate exchange just as efficiently as any other currency. Also read: Rand Paul Vouches for Bitcoin at NY Fundraiser Event Fulner says, “I don’t foresee any time in my life that Bitcoin ceases to

    Jim Fulner: Bitcoin Can Become the “Reserve Currency”

    | 2015/05/04 5:00 pm