• We were in the Crazy Sin City at one of the most exciting bitcoin conference of this year. Hashers United Bitcoin Mining Conference. We had a chance to talk to Marshall Long, executive director of Hashers. Bitcoinist -This is the first ever mining conference in the industry so congratulations guys for putting it together! This is the second day of the two days conference here in Las Vegas. Amazing speakers, lot of audience. Excited to

    Interview with Marshall Long Exec. Tech Director of Finalhash

    | 2014/10/29 4:46 pm
  • Belgian Bitcoin Association is growing steadily.  The popularity of Bitcoin is growing steadily. Some claim that reason of the Bitcoin popularity increase is because of the big companies like overstock that are accepting Bitcoin payments for their goods. However history and statistical data has shown us that it is largely due to the fact of an active Bitcoin community that is open to all that is the main reason that Bitcoin is growing strong in

    Bitcoin, beer, chocolate and the European governments.

    | 2014/10/29 8:35 am
  • Monetas is building the world’s first decentralized system for financial and legal transactions. It is a powerful, open, standards-based platform that will enable digital finance entrepreneurs to build amazing new products and services. By introducing breakthrough technological innovations and dramatically lowering the cost of doing business, it will enable a whole new class of businesses. The startup mission is to empower people to live and do business with greater freedom than ever before, creating a world of unprecedented prosperity.

    Monetas, the World’s most advanced Financial Platform

    | 2014/10/29 5:03 am
  • Justcoin, a Norwegian based digital currency exchange, has announced it was shutting down their operations. This announcement was made early today throughout social networks and Reddit, and the affected customers have been receiving an email reporting the same issue. At the exchange official Blog and twitter account you can read: “Justcoin is shutting down. Affected users, check your email.”

    Norwegian based exchange Justcoin is closing down

    | 2014/10/28 8:30 pm
  •   When you look at Bitcoin, there will always be the one big obstacle that is so hard to overcome: building relationships with banks. Despite Bitcoin gaining massive media attention, and some of the world’s biggest companies now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, the banks are still wary of this digital currency. But why is that, exactly? Many people attribute the “negative stance” banks have towards Bitcoin because of its decentralized nature. Add to

    European Merchant Adoption of Bitcoin is Lagging Behind And Results Into Difficult Banking Relations

    | 2014/10/28 2:45 pm
  • Welcome to the weekly News Bits! Umbrella Holdings: Insure your Cryptocurrencies! Umbrella is an insured cryptocurrency that is designed to be mined with a parent coin. It is usually the industry leader in terms of market cap for its algorithm. Umbrella differs from other cryptocurrencies by automatically sending a portion of each block reward to a secure wallet. Once the exchange is deemed secure, they guarantee all Umbrella Holdings while held on exchange. It’s important

    Bitcoinist News Bits 27.10.14

    | 2014/10/27 5:37 pm
  • What is DPOS? This week, Bitcoinist has published two excellent articles on the topic of DPOS, or delegated Proof of Stake. Both written by Alberto Mata, DPOS is a new feature that Bitshares is talking about, which they believe solves problems of both proof or work and proof of stake systems alike, adding another layer of security by countering the negative effects of trust centralization. One fact that is pointed out however is that it

    News Summary 10/19 – 10/26

    | 2014/10/26 9:52 pm
  • Xapo CEO and founder Wences Casares explains the history of money in a Big Think video about Bitcoin. His explanation of the history of money is below. “Bitcoin is a new digital currency that is perhaps the best form of money that we have ever seen. It’s important because most of us don’t understand money very well and perhaps the concept that is harder for us to understand is that money is and has always

    Wences Casares talks on the History of Money

    | 2014/10/26 2:35 am
  • Conformal Systems, an open-source software company, is creating BTCSim to answer the question of what would happen if Bitcoin transaction volumes reach those of major credit card companies. The software is under development on github, but BTCSim simulations have already produced results. Maximum Block Size The current maximum block size is 1MB, but the simulations show that the maximum block size that can be processed by a full node running on a single machine is

    BTCSim simulates the rise of Bitcoin

    | 2014/10/26 1:40 am
  • What is BitUSD? “With BitShares we are taking Bitcoin and we’re making it profitable, and bringing cryptographic US Dollars that are as secure and easy to use as Bitcoin. …what we want to do is we want to create a transparent banking where we create bitUSD by collateralizing it with a crypto-asset so the people who want price stability and the people who want leverage can meet, and then back bitUSD with a crypto asset

    Daniel Larimer talks on BitUSD

    | 2014/10/25 10:25 pm
  • Delegated proof of Stake ( or DPOS) is a consensus mechanism used to secure a blockchain. The Problem Consensus mechanisms like proof-of-work cause trust centralization at the entities driving the mechanism. In proof-of-work based systems like Bitcoin, trust concentrates at the entities that can produce the greatest amount of work. In the early days of Bitcoin, this concentration of trust was not an issue because anybody could plug in their computer and mine some bitcoin.

    On Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS)

    | 2014/10/25 9:42 pm
  • If there were a set of rules such that the people who followed them were rewarded in a way that increased with the total number of followers, then each person involved has the incentive to bring more in, and furthermore can expect everyone else involved to do the same. Regardless of any other merits the rules have, the mere prospect of rewards will make success more likely for them. I suggest that Bitcoin works like

    Bitcoin’s Compound Rewards

    | 2014/10/25 3:04 pm
  • As of 10/24/2014, 41 days remain to participate in the Note pre-sale. The BitShares Music Foundation is auctioning 5 million Notes — Notes are a unit that is required to use BitShares Music, a technology ushering in the future of music. The funds will go towards launching the BitShares Music blockchain, ‘the first blockchain to be used by the masses.’ The genesis block will be distributed to BitShares Protoshares (PTS), Angleshares (AGS), pre-sale participants, and

    BitShares Music Foundation Launches Pre-Sale

    | 2014/10/25 12:29 am
  • The crypto currency scene is becoming divided; on one side we see venture capitalists entering the space and making digital currencies turn into mainstream, on the other side we find the true believers of Satoshi Nakamoto original idea that wants to preserve the digital currency’s anarchistic implications.

    The Cryptoanarchy Institute and Hacktivism

    | 2014/10/24 11:42 pm
  • Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-founder and Startup of You author, who sits on the boards of Mozilla Corporation, Swipely, Kiva, and Airbnb joins Blockstream’s Board of Directors as Blockstream raises at least $15.18m in a funding round that is still open. The information was reveled in a recent Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) filing. Blockstream is “a private company with a very public mission: the transformation of technologies of trust for the benefit of all.” On

    Reid Hoffman joins Blockstream’s Board of Directors

    | 2014/10/24 6:54 pm
  • The Bitcoin arbitrage service Bitcoin Trader and the very well known Moolah exchange and escrow service, have announced bankruptcy; both the CEO´s in charge of the companies are missing. Despite all the criticism, all this seems very similar to what many times happened in the traditional financial system:

    Lessons to Learn from Moolah and Bitcoin Trader collapse

    | 2014/10/24 3:34 am
  • Cryptocurrency is a world full of “firsts”. Bitcoin was the first coin, Litecoin was the first scrypt coin, Peercoin first established POS, Darkcoin was the first successful privacy centric coin, things like that. Today I’m here with Robert Murray, owner and founder of Umbrella Holdings. Umbrella plans on releasing cryptocurrencies which will help insure losses against Bitcoin and Litecoin right now, with potentially more in the future. What is Umbrella? Umbrella is an insured cryptocurrency

    Umbrella Holdings: Insure your Cryptocurrencies!

    | 2014/10/24 1:00 am
  • The digital currency industry is expanding rapidly and bitcoin is becoming more and more of mainstream use; in fact the digital currency industry is currently creating a new set of “employment market” never seen before. To meet the constant demands of this new industry growth, Companies are starting to require the expert hand of qualified professionals to ensure the best quality of their services and to keep up with developments and the ever-growing competition in the sector.

    Interview: David Berger, Digital Currency Council (DCC) President

    | 2014/10/23 11:36 pm
  • While Bitcoin briefly did break the magical $400 barrier a couple weeks ago, it has now receded to the $380-$390, experiencing a lot of sideways movement between the two. In an attempt to keep current however (graphs do not reflect this) the price of Bitcoin has fallen down to the $360-$370 range, just showing how the price of Bitcoin can change to a day to day basis. Bitcoins volume is slowly decreasing, and price is

    Market Summary: The $400 Barrier

    | 2014/10/23 11:12 pm
  • This November, 19 bitcoin entrepreneurs are gathering, during four weeks, to live, work, and learn together on the island of Bali, for the first ever Bitcoin Bali Binge. It is a beta test for creating frequent international crypto-retreats, where those crypto enthusiasts working to help the world catch up with the tech can flock together and you can join them if you like!

    Bali Bitcoin Binge (B3) 2014, an alternative Bitcoin meeting

    | 2014/10/22 6:49 pm
  • BANX would be just an ordinary company if it were not for one thing: cryptocurrency. Mark Lyford (pictured below), whom I have known for quite a while now, has recently released BANX, a one stop shop for cryptocurrnecy related ventures. This includes everything from mining to gambling, all in an effort to make several steady streams of revenue to benefit the shareholders.  Seen below is an excerpt also from BANXshares website, giving a little background information regarding

    BANX Shares: Interview

    | 2014/10/21 11:46 pm
  • We had the opportunity to interview a senior Manager who works at Exxon for nearly 30 years.His name is Mr E. Joris and during his distinguished career at Exxon he developed many different strategies and build up Exxon facilities all over the world. He is also a close family member of the writer of this article and thus has been introduced into the world of crypto. Mr Joris already bought some Bitcoins as well as

    Analysing digital currency. Views of a senior manager.

    | 2014/10/21 2:40 pm