• A new and ambitious project is being developed, and it aims to bring an intersection between a variety of crypto currencies and their specific technology. Meet the the internet of blockchains, The Blocknet!

    BLOCKNET – the internet of blockchains

    | 2014/10/17 4:11 am
  • Dmitry (Rassah) Murashchik reveals interesting insights about the Mycelium 2.0 HD wallet released on September 22, 2014 on the play store beta channel. What can you tell us about your 2.0 release? “We implemented the BIP39, BIP32, and BIP44 standards which is HD (stands for hierarchical deterministic). For those guys who don’t know what that is; generally a bitcoin private key gets generated from a random number, and then you get an address from that.

    Q&A with Rassah on Mycellium 2.0 HD Wallet

    | 2014/10/17 3:55 am
  • Bitcoin and the Future of Cryptofinance, one of the three cryptocurrency Meetup groups in active Austin community welcomed a special speaker this week. Dmitry (Rassah) Murashchik is Community Manager at Mycelium, Director, Treasurer, Accountant at Bitcoin100, and CEO, CFO at TozoniMAGLEV. Dmitry is well respected in the Bitcoin community and sometimes known as “the guy who has a Prius with the Bitcoin license plate.” Dimitry reveals interesting insights about Bitcoin100, an organization that “exists specifically to

    Q&A with Rassah on Bitcoin 100

    | 2014/10/17 3:55 am
  • The country's foreign currency policy has been restricting exchanges for several years now, and since then the only legal method for Venezuelans to get US dollars is through a government agency. Venezuelans can have loads and loads of bolivars (the national currency) and still be unable to buy the sorts of goods that many in the developed world take for granted.

    Venezuelans are using Bitcoin to go around government restrictions

    | 2014/10/16 5:58 am
  • Coinbase, one of the leading digital wallet providers, has hired John G. Collins (former adviser to the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee) as its head of government affairs. He will be working on policies related to the virtual currency.

    Coinbase hires former Senate adviser John Collins

    | 2014/10/15 6:25 pm
  • Since our last interview and the released of Shadowsend, Shadowcoin has been staying true to their development road map and has recovered amidst the argument between Shadowcoin and Stealthcoin. I’m here again with the Shadow team to talk about their new html5 wallet, along with what the future holds. 1. Since we lasted chatted, how have things been? Things have been great, thanks for asking! We’ve been really busy strengthening our core foundations to support

    ShadowCash: A lot happening!

    | 2014/10/15 12:56 am
  • Last week, Philippine Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco caused a buzz within the crypto community by proposing the country’s first digital currency, an altcoin entitled E-Peso or Electronic Peso. The E-Peso is the electronic equivalent of the paper peso. All rights, obligations, attributes and characteristics accruing to the paper peso shall also accrue to the E-Peso.

    Philippine Government proposes its own Crypto Currency

    | 2014/10/13 7:14 pm
  • Ross Ulbricth Stands Trial! Most famously know for being the alleged mastermind behind the Silk Road, will be going to trial next month. To briefly summarize things, Ross defenses challenges to FBI’s acquisition of the server in the first place on top of other things have all been rejected so Ross is slated to stand trial on November 3rd, 2014 on 7 charges. For more information , read the article written by Alberto Mata here.

    News Summary: 10/12 – 10/19

    | 2014/10/13 4:51 pm
  • Welcome to Bitcoinist News Bits! This is a short summary of the bitcoin market’s weekly happenings.   CoinCola is the First Chinese Global Cryptocurrency E-commerce Platform. Their Business model is based on five sections: display of online stores, foreign trade, trading in multisig, online wallets and arbitration support. CoinCola aims to bring crypto currency into every daily life and make global trading easier. The Company offers free access for costumer be able to sell products and open shops. Everyone can

    Bitcoinist News Bits 13.10.14

    | 2014/10/13 11:41 am
  • Ross Ulbricht, the alleged Dread Pirate Roberts mastermind behind the defunct Silk Road, is going to trial next month. The latest attempts in his favor where rejected in a ruling by US District Judge Katherine Forrest. Judge Forrest’s ruling tells that Ulbricht cannot claim a violation to his 4th amendment right to privacy because he has not claimed ownership or privacy interest in the Icelandic server. The Icelandic server held information used to gain the

    Ross Ulbricht Stands Trial

    | 2014/10/13 1:38 am
  • We take a look at NHZ’s audacious plans… About three weeks ago, I introduced one of my favorite new players in the asset exchange game, NHZ. Technically an NXT clone, I have been anxious to see what plans they had to differentiate themselves from the pack. Not having the potentially unfair distribution problems of NXT is all well and good but we’d like to see some innovation too, of course. That said the exceedingly robust

    NHZ announces: Official Development Plan

    | 2014/10/12 11:18 am
  • As some of you may already know, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin was released yesterday, on October 10th. Produced by Gravitas Ventures, the movie takes you on an adventure with Daniel, and we meet several other people such as Charlie Shrem, the CEO of Bitinstant. For many people, this movie was a sweet walk down memory lane. Seeing the first Avalon ASICS, and even the beginning of Mt. Gox exchange, as well as the

    The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin: My Reaction

    | 2014/10/11 7:48 pm
  • OpenBazaar, the decentralized marketplace, released it’s beta 2.0 on September 30, and will be releasing a new beta at the end of each month until the end of the year when the full release will go public.   OpenBazaar is an open source, peer-to-peer, and decentralized online marketplace. The developers intend the creation of a truly free marketplace where anyone may sell goods using peer-to-peer technology. But doesn’t that mean that even illegal goods can

    OpenBazaar Beta 2.0

    | 2014/10/11 4:45 am
  • As part of the Bitcoin Film Festival 2014 fundraising campaign, Bitfilm coins are now available on MyPowers. A total of 2,100 coins are available, and 33 coins have been granted to 11 coin holders for 50 mBTC or about $20 USD each by 10/10/14 Coinbase prices. Bitfilm offers four reward levels for Bitfilm coin backers. Rewards include a Robot Girl T shirt, a pair of WTF geek jeans, a 2014 Bitfilm Festival pass, voting privileges,

    Bitfilm Coins

    | 2014/10/11 4:32 am
  • LTB now enables the creation of secret token societies for 50,000 LTBC or .1 BTC. Let’s Talk Bitcoin (LTB) has been wildly innovative with the launch of LTBcoin last June and now with their launch of token societies. Token societies are made possible by LTB’s ability to check a user’s wallet balance once the user has verified the ownership of a private key by sending a donation of any amount or signing a transaction. A

    The Secret Token Societies of LTB

    | 2014/10/11 4:14 am
  • After Bitcoin hit the floor at $300, things have been looking upward. The main cause for this massive downward trend was a person sold 30,000 Bitcoins, all at the $300 mark. Once that massive sell wall was ridden of, the price of Bitcoin is going up now. Subsequently, most other coins are too. As you can see from the chart above, it only proves to further reinforce what has been previously stated. The downward trend

    Market Analysis: Price Reversal

    | 2014/10/10 5:29 pm
  • SideChains. No, SideChains is not the brother of prominent rapper 2Chainz (although it could be in the future, you never know). What Are SideChains? SideChains were first announced by Adam Back and Austin Hill on Let’s Talk Bitcoin. SideChains are basically new “blockchains” pegged to bitcoin similar to how the dollar used to be pegged to gold before Nixon removed the dollar from the gold standard in 1973. In theory, each SideChain would service a

    What are SideChains and Why Should I Care?

    | 2014/10/10 5:09 pm
  • The world of Bitcoin and digital currencies has often been described by many critics as the “new Wild West”. In fact, this year we have seen a growing number of new scam coins being introduced, many of them designed by the same scammers. The crypto currency community is tired of all this fraud schemes and is starting to demand a lot more proof from coin Devs and the number of launches and scams has been slowing down ever since.

    Another Scamcoin detected. How to identify signs of fraud

    | 2014/10/09 7:54 am
  • Last week I covered social media platform focused GEMS this week I’ll take a look at their closest competitors, Nxtty Cryptomessenger. While NXtty seems focused more on the encrypted messaging aspect of this type of platform both groups seem to be barreling down the same general development path. One difference of note is that while GEMS has the clear advantage in terms of it’s media rich website and overall presentation, Nxtty has a more practical

    Nxtty Cryptomessenger: Encrypted Messaging Matters

    | 2014/10/08 6:23 pm
  • Rumors have been spreading over the past few days saying Overstock.com is building software based on the bitcoin protocol technology. Previously, Patrick Byrne, Overstock founder and CEO, had hinted that Overstock was studying the possibility of developing such software, and now, he has publicly announced the company has began the designated bitcoin protocol project.

    Overstock is building software based on the bitcoin protocol

    | 2014/10/08 6:19 am
  • Bitcoin Ebay? A new Chinese commerce platform is rising that may become a Bitcoin Ebay. Known as Coin Cola, Coin Cola is a cryptocurrency trading platform based on multisig technology and is designed to keep buyers and sellers safe with this. Read the full article here. Bitnation: Decentralized Government It was eventually going to happen, someone or something making a government based on the blockchain. This “something” is known as Bitnation. Compared to traditional governments,

    News Summary September 29- October 6th

    | 2014/10/07 4:52 pm
  • Welcome to Bitcoinist weekly News Bits! Let me summarize the most significant happenings of the bitcoin market. 1 . Coinify the Leading European Digital Currency Platform Coinify has managed to get a multi-million capital injection by Danish SEED Capital. It will ensure the continued positioning of Coinify, as Europe’s leading player in the digital currency market. The Company is trying to make it simple for anyone to become part of the ever-growing Bitcoin ecosystem. As

    Bitcoinist News Bits 06.10.14

    | 2014/10/06 11:52 am