• Following the hack of a largely unheard-of cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea and a probe by US government investigators into Bitcoin price manipulation, the cryptocurrency market has once again broken to the downside — and things aren’t looking pretty.  Brutality At the time of this writing, the total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is sitting at roughly $283 billion USD — a number many would’ve found unbelievable following January’s high of over $830 billion. With bears

    Altcoins Get Clobbered, Taking the Brunt of the Bitcoin Bear Market

    | 2018/06/13 5:00 am
  • It seems that every time a new technology emerges, so too do ne’er-do-wells seeking to exploit that technology for their own gain. Cryptocurrencies are no exception. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise last December led to a whole slew of hacks and scams being perpetrated around the world. Of late, India has been experiencing its own crypto crime wave that shows no signs of abating anytime soon. Scams, Bamboozles, and Hoodwinks 2018 is going to be one for

    India Hit with Crime Wave as Cryptocurrencies Continue to Gain Popularity

    | 2018/06/13 1:00 am
  • The hacking of exchanges and relentless attacks from financial powers have, in the short run, adversely affected the price of Bitcoin. However, once the news about these adverse effects fades, investors will be able to turn their focus to several bright ongoing developments. What Doesn’t Kill Bitcoin Makes It Stronger The recent spate of crypto exchange hacks, ongoing regulatory issues, and reports of an investigation into possible price manipulation have sent the price of Bitcoin

    Factors That Will Push Bitcoin’s Price Higher Are Gathering Steam

    | 2018/06/12 11:00 pm
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), U.K.’s top financial watchdog, has advised banks to adopt appropriate measures to minimize the risks and exposure inherent in the cryptocurrency business. This advice was contained in a recent letter sent by the FCA to the CEOs of local U.K. banks. Robust KYC Protocols The FCA encouraged banks to be more thorough in their know-your-customer (KYC) activities. The financial monitoring agency urged banks to be especially watchful of clients who

    FCA Urges UK Banks to Adopt Robust Security Measures Against ‘Risky’ Cryptocurrency Business

    | 2018/06/12 8:00 pm
  • The Coinrail hack of June 10, 2018, led to the theft of more than $40 million in cryptocurrency. Although not one of the more prominent exchange platforms, the Coinrail hack is yet another reminder of the tenuous nature of the emerging digital currency landscape. More Hacking Incidents in 2018 According to CryptoAware, more than $670 million was lost due to cryptocurrency hacks in the first quarter of 2018. This figure has risen to $1.1 billion

    The Cryptocurrency Market Needs a Solution to the Hacking Menace

    | 2018/06/12 4:00 pm
  • Wells Fargo & Company, a San Francisco-based financial services giant, announced recently that it will no longer allow cryptocurrency purchases using its bank-issued credit cards.  Joining the Ranks U.S. financial services company Wells Fargo and Company has announced that it will no longer allow customers to use bank-issued credit cards for cryptocurrency purchases. With this move, Wells Fargo joins the ranks of other major U.S. banks who have already prohibited the purchase of cryptocurrency with their

    Wells Fargo Halts Credit Card Cryptocurrency Purchases

    | 2018/06/12 2:00 pm
  • Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of trading volumes, said that the recent decline in Bitcoin’s price is historically normal.  Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has reached recently reached its’ three-month low. At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $6,795.30 according to CoinMarketCap, which marks 6.38% decline in the last 24 hours. Despite the price drop, the CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange remains calm,

    Binance CEO: Bitcoin Price Drop is Business as Usual

    | 2018/06/11 10:00 pm
  • On June 10th Bitcoin unexpectedly dropped 10% in less than 4 hours, leaving investors and analysts scratching their heads in search for the reasons behind the slaughter. Market Overview Today, we’ll skip all the poetic prose and poorly planned musical puns and just get down to business. What’s behind the most recent flash crash?   Is it the widening CFTC investigation into cryptocurrency manipulation? Will cryptonuts finally receive valid information that will confirm or squash

    Bitcoin Price Analysis: How low can Bitcoin go?

    | 2018/06/11 8:00 pm
  • By 2 PM (EST) on June 11, 2018, Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency, had dropped almost $1,000 from its price, trading at $6,700. BTC is now trading at its lowest value since the middle of March 2018. One of the most significant questions remains what to do next – join the selloff brigade, hodl, or buy more Bitcoins? Getting the Facts Straight First things first, the facts need to be straightened out. Market manipulators most

    Bitcoin Price Drop: Is this the Best Time to Buy?

    | 2018/06/11 6:00 pm
  • Lithuania’s finance ministry has unveiled new ICO guidelines, continuing its efforts to unite sections of the country’s finance sector and nascent blockchain economy. Lithuanian Govt: ICOs ‘Should Be Regulated’ The document, released June 11, comes in the form of a multidimensional “interpretation” of securities laws, and explains under what circumstances they would apply to ICO tokens. In a commentary on the release, Minister of Finance Vilius Šapoka notes: We do believe that certain usage of it,

    Lithuania ICO Guidelines: ‘Brave New Crypto Economy Is Here To Stay’

    | 2018/06/11 4:00 pm
  • While the price of Bitcoin continues its downtrend, it’s safe to assume that institutional investors are waiting for the holy grail of all catalysts: a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund. According to one expert, you can see the prized ETF on the horizon — if you squint hard enough and get out your binoculars.  Patience is a Virtue The US Securities and Exchange Commission continues to drag its feet in regards to a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchange-traded

    Bitcoin ETF Coming ‘Sooner Rather Than Later,’ Says Bitwise

    | 2018/06/11 2:00 pm
  • Binance, one of the world’s most popular and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges, has plans to offer traders the ability to trade cryptocurrencies for euros — with other fiat currency trading pairs in the works.  Cryptocurrencies for Euros Binance will launch euro trading pairs, with other fiat currencies planned for the future. The report comes from Bloomberg, which received the information from Binance’s CEO, Zhao Changpeng, by phone. It also follows the exchange’s relocation to Malta

    Binance to Launch Euro Trading Pairs This Year

    | 2018/06/11 12:00 pm
  • Well-known analyst Tone Vays has likened Bitcoin to how it was in 2014, as prices hit multi-month lows of $6668. ‘It’s Been A Long Time’ Uploading technical forecasts for BTC/USD on social media Sunday, Tone Vays — who has produced multiple warnings about a bear market for the leading cryptocurrency in previous months — reiterated his “most optimistic” bear target below $5000. “It has been a long time since I’ve posted a $BTCUSD chart like

    Tone Vays: Bitcoin Hitting $4975 Is ‘Most Optimistic’ Bear Market Price Outlook

    | 2018/06/11 8:00 am
  • In an effort to pin Bitcoin’s price drop on anything other than sellers overpowering buyers, mainstream and cryptocurrency-focused media have been eager to blame Coinrail — an irrelevant and incredibly minor cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. However, the hack of Coinrail is not to blame for the flash crash. Market manipulators and panic sellers are. Panic Selling After a prolonged period of sideways trading, market makers in the cryptocurrency space decided to slice a $42

    Bitcoin Price Crash Caused by Panic Sellers and Manipulation (Not Coinrail)

    | 2018/06/11 6:00 am
  • The wealth management firm is looking for employees to run its internal Bitcoin fund that was launched last year. Two key members of Fidelity’s crypto-team have left the company for other projects. Fidelity Expanding into Crypto Fidelity launched a small, experimental fund in the latter half of last year during the run-up of the winter bull run. The fund provided an avenue to use the firm’s capital to invest in cryptocurrencies and other crypto-related companies.

    Fidelity Looking for Crypto-Fund Managers After Series of Employee Departures

    | 2018/06/11 3:00 am
  • Recent remarks from CFTC Commissioner, Rostin Behnam, reveal that US regulators are realizing that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay because they’ll “become a part of the economic practices of any country, anywhere.” ‘We Are Witnessing a Technological Revolution’ The CFTC Commissioner gave the remarkable speech on June 4th in New York City at the BFI Summit event titled “Fostering Open, Transparent, Competitive, And Financially Sound Markets.” Behnam outlined the agency’s stance on the

    CFTC Commissioner: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies Are Not Going Away

    | 2018/06/10 11:00 pm
  • Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency, is currently in freefall as it continues its losing streak for the third consecutive day. However, the decline recorded today, June 10, 2018, has seen Bitcoin reach a three-month low. 10 Percent Slide in 24 hours Takes Bitcoin Below $7,000 Bitcoin began the day trading at about $7,600 according to CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing this article, BTC price has fallen to $6,700, losing almost $1,000 in less than

    Bitcoin in Freefall – Tumbles to Three-Month Low Amid Coinrail Hack Saga

    | 2018/06/10 5:00 pm
  • While the United States trends towards isolationism, it’s also opening the door to have the dollar supplanted by Bitcoin as the primary international currency of choice.  ‘If You Let Your Mind Wander a Little Bit’ The United States dollar is the main international currency and has been for more than 50 years. According to Ken Jacobs, CEO of financial advisory and asset management firm Lazard, that fact could change in the not-so-distant future — thanks

    Bitcoin May Replace USD As Main International Currency, Says Top Merger Adviser

    | 2018/06/10 2:00 pm
  • Thailand’s Security and Exchange Commission has released a comprehensive framework for the regulation of the country’s cryptocurrency market. The laws cover ICOs, approved cryptocurrency trading pairs, and licensing fees for market operators. The regulations which were announced on June 8, 2018, come into effect later in the month. ICO Regulations In May 2018, Thailand banned ICOs while waiving the previously planned 7 percent VAT on cryptocurrency transactions. The new ICO regulations reverse the ban while

    Thailand Unveils New Detailed Cryptocurrency, ICO Regulations

    | 2018/06/10 11:00 am
  • After a week of boring sideways trading, the cryptocurrency market has made its decision — solidifying that sellers are firmly in control.  Sea of Red The last 24 hours have been a bloodbath for cryptocurrencies across the board after a week of prolonged sideways trading kept sellers firmly in control. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen from roughly $340 billion at 01:30 CET to nearly $320 billion at 10:00 CET — with the majority

    Cryptocurrency Market Suddenly Drops $20 Billion (And Counting) — But Why?

    | 2018/06/10 8:00 am
  • U.S. government officials have ordered multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to fork over comprehensive trading data in order to aid in their investigation of whether or not cryptocurrency markets are being manipulated. ‘Required to Share Information’ Four major bitcoin exchanges have been ordered to turn over comprehensive trading information to U.S. government investigators, following fears of bitcoin futures-driven market manipulation. The report comes from The Wall Street Journal, which spoke to individuals close to the matter. The

    4 Bitcoin Exchanges Must Turn Over Comprehensive Information in Manipulation Investigation

    | 2018/06/10 5:00 am
  • Scalability is a term that we see increasingly being used in the community, especially in times of considerable demand. Scalability, Decentralization, and Security When the average transaction fee for Bitcoin steadily rose, questions were raised concerning Bitcoin’s ability to scale. Similarly, Ethereum’s scalability issues were made very clear when the viral success of CryptoKitties slowed down the entire Ethereum network. Scalability, in the context of blockchain architecture, can be looked at alongside ideas of decentralization

    Breaking Down the Blockchain Scalability Trilemma

    | 2018/06/10 2:00 am
  • The Catholic Church is probably not the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of blockchain. However, according to uCatholic, this is exactly where the technology could be heading to next. The term “Catholicism” may bring to mind images of dusty scrolls, solemn sermons, and centuries-old methods of performing tasks. But it seems as though those very scrolls could soon be moved onto a distributed ledger. Ok, that may be a bit of an

    Is the Catholic Church the Next Stop on the Blockchain Train?

    | 2018/06/09 11:00 pm