• Tezos, the startup whose recent ICO raised $109 million in less than 15 hours and a total $232 million in just three days, has announced its plan to open a $50 million venture fund. The $232 Million ICO With the recent hype surrounding ICOs, more and more startups are trying to raise money through token sales. This July, the U.S.-based startup launched its initial coin offering and was able to raise $232 million, which at this

    Tezos to Open $50 Million Venture Fund After Raising $232 Million

    | 2017/08/14 4:00 pm
  • Student work marketplace bitJob have this week announced a collaboration deal with BCB ATM UK. This will effectively provide a convenient ‘Point Of Exit’ for students (in the UK at least), wishing to cash out their earnings for jobs undertaken through the service. So What’s a bitJob? In an ever more competitive job market, University leavers need relevant work experience just to get a foot in the door. Not to mention the fact that some

    Student Job Market Startup bitJob Connects with UK ATM Company

    | 2017/08/11 11:00 am
  • Blockchain-powered ad exchange AdEx will partner with video entertainment platform Stremio to deploy its solutions in the platform’s application. AdEx to Team Up with Stremio AdEx is an ad exchange that offers blockchain solutions for the entire online advertising industry. It seeks to entitle end users to decide which ads to see by specifying their preferences and to ensure transparency and fairness for advertisers and publishers. Stremio, on the other hand, is a semi-open source

    Blockchain Ad Platform AdEx to Partner with Video Entertainment Platform Stremio

    | 2017/08/10 1:00 pm
  • Law makers from both sides of the political divide have called upon the Reserve Bank of Australia to embrace blockchain technologies. This follows yesterday’s all time high Bitcoin price of over $3400. Liberal senator Jane Hume from the ruling coalition and Labour senator Sam Dastyari have formed the Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald. They claim that failing to capitalise on the potential of crypto-currency could put the future of Australia’s

    Australia Latest Country to Push for National Cryptocurrency

    | 2017/08/08 12:15 pm
  • Hong Kong based Bitcoin Entrepreneur James Bang announces CashCow ICO designed to increase Indonesian cattle farmers’ profits from the sale of their cows from 20% to 33%. The South China Morning Post reported on Bitcoin entrepreneur and investor James Bangs’ desire to revolutionize the cattle financing model, specifically in Indonesia where the large population of farmers is unable to buy their cattle assets outright. Businessman turns to cryptocurrency to help Indonesian farmers https://t.co/eqS0kaNl7T pic.twitter.com/KP7kr6sgwQ —

    CashCow ICO Looks To Boost Indonesian Cattle Farmers’ Profits

    | 2017/08/07 4:00 pm
  • John McAfee, Chairman and CEO of MGT Capital Investments and Co-Founder of McAfeeXL, has been confirmed as a featured speaker at the Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit.  The event, which will be held on September 10, 2017, in Beijing, China, will focus on the current state of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as well as how each one will impact the future. According to the Summit’s web site, McAfee is scheduled to begin his presentation

    John McAfee to Join Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing

    | 2017/08/07 2:30 pm
  • The prominent blockchain-based digital asset management startup Po.et has announced its partnership with the global content studio Blink. Proof of Existence 2.0 Po.et is a very young blockchain startup that aims solve multiple problems in the digital content industry. The Singapore and Los Angels-based project utilizes blockchain technology in order to create a platform that makes publishing, licensing and distribution of digital assets easier. The Po.et platform would essentially use blockchain technology and smart contracts to

    Po.et Partners With Blink To Automate Licensing Digital Content To Major Media Companies

    | 2017/08/06 6:15 pm
  • Bank of America has filed three new blockchain-related patents geared towards data authentication and identity verification. The new patents are the latest in a growing number of blockchain patents filed by the financial services giant. Creating Innovation With Blockchain Financial services company Bank of America has submitted three new blockchain patents that focus primarily on authenticating information as well as those who handle it. According to the official website of the United States Patent and Trademark

    Bank of America Files Three New Blockchain Patents

    | 2017/08/04 5:45 pm
  • Russian Economic Development minister, Maxim Oreshkin brands Bitcoin “a pyramid scheme” as the country’s largest banks including Sberbank PJSC and VTB Group look to a modified Ethereum blockchain to provide safer and faster payments. What appears to be mixed messages coming out of Russia, where both a Bitcoin pyramid scheme warning and a veritable big bank endorsement of Ethereum based blockchain technology have been issued in the same week, proves indicative of the approach taken by

    Russian Economic Minister Cautions Against Bitcoin ‘Pyramid Scheme’ As Russian Banks Adopt Blockchain Technology

    | 2017/08/02 5:30 pm
  • Blockchain technology is getting rapidly more popular for startups, and Asian countries are going to greatly benefit from it. Entering the Game In the last couple of years, the number of blockchain and Bitcoin startups have rapidly risen in Asia. Since smart contracts have become a powerful blockchain tool, many new Asian startups have developed services and platforms that efficiently utilize blockchain technology for problem-solving. Some of the most promising Asian startups that are using blockchain technology

    Could Blockchain Technology Breathe New Life into Asian Economy?

    | 2017/07/31 3:30 pm
  • Blockchain’s ‘killer app’ might not just be smart contracts, but big data. Blockchain technology can drastically change the way how big data is handled and analyzed. Taking Big Data to the Next Level Smart contracts have been the main “vehicle” that drives blockchain innovation to new heights. The most common use of smart contracts are Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and they have proven to be an extremely safe and effective method for fundraising. But smart

    When Blockchain and Big Data Come Together It’s Going to Be a Game Changer

    | 2017/07/30 10:45 pm
  • EY is hosting its first Hackathon in Mumbai on July 28, 2017. The three-day event will focus on creating prototypes and finding solutions using the blockchain ecosystem. Following in the footsteps of tech giants such as Microsoft and IBM, EY now plans to hold such blockchain centric events in various offices across the world. Meanwhile, India is seeing a rising number of blockchain Hackathon events which further validates the veracity of the ‘blockchain revolution’. What

    EY to Host 3 Day Blockchain Hackathon in India

    | 2017/07/28 11:30 am
  • Crypviser has recently finished the token distribution process, allowing the CVCoin token to be traded on the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange. Plans for centralized exchanges have also been revealed. Crypviser, CVCoin and the ICO Online privacy is one of the most pressing issues of today’s internet. Although access to privacy-oriented tools continues to improve over time, other applications that do not focus on privacy often present themselves as a more intuitive alternative. Blockchain technology has been

    Crypviser’s CVCoin Trades on OpenLedger; Bigger Exchanges Coming

    | 2017/07/25 1:00 pm
  • The New York-based cryptocurrency trading platform, LedgerX, announced its plan to create Bitcoin options contracts. LedgerX Receives CFTC Approval On July 24, the cryptocurrency trading platform LedgerX, officially got approval by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, to operate as a federally-regulated exchange and decided to announce its plans to offer Bitcoin options contracts. In an official press release, the New York-based platform explained in detail its plan to create one to six month Bitcoin options

    LedgerX Receives CFTC Approval, Introduces Bitcoin Options Contracts

    | 2017/07/25 11:15 am
  • The Singapore-based startup proposes a solution to convert virtual currencies into cash swiftly through the use of its prepaid Visa card. This real time conversion raises the potential for cryptocurrencies to be used an actual currency in the real world rather than just an investment tool, and it comes as no surprise that TenX received close to $80 million worth of funding through a token sale.

    TenX Visa Card Offers Way to Use Cryptocurrencies in Everyday Life

    | 2017/07/24 9:30 am
  • In a meeting at Microsoft’s headquarters in Beijing, China, AntShares, China’s first open-source blockchain platform, announced their future development plans.  The Meeting In late July the AntShares team hosted a conference at Microsoft’s headquarters in Beijing, China. 200 people from different organizations, including investors, industry specialists and representatives of the Chinese financial and mainstream media attended the event. Founded by Onechain, the Chinese blockchain platform announced major plans to rebrand the platform from Antshares to

    China’s First Blockchain Platform AntShares Rebrands to NEO

    | 2017/07/23 8:30 pm
  • The Blockchain Summit, held on British billionaire Sir Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island, is hosted by the Bitfury group and Bill Tai. Credit China Fintech is also listed as providing special support. Now in its third year, the annual event is being held for key global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion, and innovation. It will be held from July 25-29, 2017 on Sir Branson’s private Necker Island. It is not open to the public which,

    Bitfury to Host Upcoming Blockchain Summit on Sir Richard Branson’s Private Necker Island

    | 2017/07/22 11:30 am
  • The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has deployed an information network based on blockchain technology, according to a recent press release. This is intended for use in a wide range of “modern and advanced” scenarios in both the banking world and further afield. Practical Applications The network is initially to be used as a register of bank guarantees and their issuance. Belarusian banks will soon be able to transfer verifiable records of such, enabling

    State Bank of Belarus Builds on Blockchain

    | 2017/07/19 1:00 pm
  • Blockchain industry executives and experts reveal how blockchain technology can affect our everyday lives ten years from now. How will the blockchain change our everyday lives in 2027? If you’re into crypto, then you’re probably aware of how it is changing your quotidian. For starters, you’re probably checking price charts every so often. But other than that, blockchain technology is slowly creeping into our everyday lives and becoming a vital piece of it. From online

    Industry View: How Will The Blockchain Change Our Lives in 2027?

    | 2017/07/19 10:00 am
  • Over 500 people attended a panel discussion to hear Microsoft officials discuss blockchain’s potential for industry disruption. Leading the Blockchain Industry On July 12, Microsoft organized a panel discussion to explain its ambitions for blockchain technology. Two leading Microsoft officials, Yorke Rhodes, global strategist for blockchain, and Craig Hajduk, a principal manager for blockchain engineering, discussed how Microsoft is aiming to be the leading provider of blockchain enterprise services. Over the past two years, the famous

    Microsoft Reveals Ambitious Blockchain Strategy

    | 2017/07/15 6:30 pm
  • In September, Bitcoin and blockchain experts and industry leaders from around the world will gather in Beijing, China to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as well as how each will impact the future. The 2017 BTC & Blockchain International Summit will be held on September 10, 2017, at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel in Beijing, China. Attendance is expected to be well into the thousands and includes prominent members of the

    2017 BTC & Blockchain International Summit Date Announced

    | 2017/07/13 6:00 pm
  • Earlier this week, Israeli-based startup Matchpool released its much-anticipated blockchain-based matchmaking platform, currently in its alpha stage of development. Connecting People on the Blockchain Initially created to be a dating platform, Matchpool has grown to become the first community and incentive driven social network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The ambitious project combines the best features of social platforms like Slack, Facebook, and popular online dating apps to provide a way to bring together

    Matchpool Launches Alpha Release of Its Blockchain-based Matchmaking Platform

    | 2017/07/13 5:00 pm
  • Logistics company A2B Direct, currently operating in Eastern Europe, announced the launch of its Ethereum-backed ICO. Beginning on July 12th, 2017, the campaign is scheduled to last for one month and seeks to raise between €500,000 to €3,000,000. The platform was first introduced in late 2016 and became widely known as a “freight Uber.” The service provides direct interaction between freight forwarders and cargo owners, ensuring 24/7 communication with the driver, and taking care of all involved

    A2B Direct to Launch Blockchain Platform and Hold ICO

    | 2017/07/12 3:00 pm