• The global unbanked have been frozen out of most economic ecosystems, but Paxful is changing this through the selling of gift cards on their cryptocurrency exchange. The rich and elite have a lot of options when it comes to economic decisions. They can invest in gold, stocks, bonds, precious gems, artwork, real estate, automobiles, and cryptocurrency. The only snag they face is the wait to convert the value of one asset into another, but such

    Gift Cards and Paxful Offer Economic Options to the Global Unbanked

    | 2018/03/18 1:00 pm
  • France’s financial markets authority AMF has created its own blacklist of cryptocurrency websites, which unlawfully target French investors. Lawbreakers Yesterday, France’s financial market authority AMF published its list of 15 websites, which unlawfully ask individuals in the European country to invest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Additionally, the AMF has reminded potential investors that digital-currency-related businesses are subject to Sapin II law and that the following websites listed are not compliant. The AMF names the

    France Publishes First Cryptocurrency Black List

    | 2018/03/16 9:00 pm
  • Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has claimed that the real “winners” in the cryptocurrency space are lawyers. Lawyers are licking their chops As Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) continue to bombard cryptocurrency investors left and right, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has stated that entrepreneurs issuing digital tokens would be wise to “save some of those proceeds” for impending lawsuits. Garlinghouse told CNBC at Singapore’s Money 20/20 conference: Entrepreneurs need to be [going in with their] eyes wide

    Ripple CEO: ICOs Better Save Money For Lawyers

    | 2018/03/16 7:00 pm
  • SportyCo remains top of the log when it comes to chasing success. The last few months have shown that the platform is serious when it comes to reaching its goal of becoming the world’s leading decentralized sports investment ecosystem. Their newest member, Kevin Harrington, is here to help them achieve that goal. This year is shaping up to be one full of exciting new changes for SportyCo. First, there was their successful rebrand, then the

    SportyCo Ups Their Game with the Addition of Kevin Harrington

    | 2018/03/16 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin prices continue to feel pressure as ICOs see their first fall and the industry claims better  regulation will initially keep growth down. ICO ‘Wild West’ Gets Tamed As BTC/USD hovers just above $8000 Friday, increasing scrutiny on cryptocurrency in general from regulators around the world is producing mixed market sentiment. In the US in particular this week, senior lawmakers are debating how best to control the potentially destabilizing impact of ICO offerings launching in

    Amount Raised By ICOs Drops For The First Time in 6 Months

    | 2018/03/16 9:00 am
  • Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Google has announced it will ban cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) promotional material from its ad platform. Google Cracks Down on Sketchy ICOs & Crypto Ads Alphabet Inc.’s Google explained the new policy will go into effect in June of this year, affecting its search engine, advertisements on YouTube, and and its display-ads network. Google’s crackdown is intended mainly to “prevent consumer harm” and follows Facebook, which adopted a

    Google Bans Cryptocurrency Ads, But Bitcoin Not Affected

    | 2018/03/14 4:15 am
  • A Japanese government official has revealed that the country will ask G20 members to strengthen security measures in an effort to prevent money laundering by way of cryptocurrency. Whether or not Japan will get help from its G20 counterparts, however, remains to be seen. Japan Wants Help, but Probably Won’t Get It Japan will ask its G20 counterparts for help in the fight against digital currency-utilized money laundering, according to a government official with direct

    Japan, France & Germany to Ask G20 for Help Regulating Bitcoin

    | 2018/03/13 7:30 pm
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) claimed Bitcoin is “not the answer to a cashless society” March 13 while also casting doubt on bank-issued digital currencies. Bitcoin ‘Spotlights System Failures’ In an “opinion piece” co-authored by Benoît Cœuré, ECB board member and chair of the Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS) Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures, as well as chair of the BIS Markets Committee Jacqueline Loh, the bank argues Bitcoin represents a “challenge” due to

    European Central Bank: Bitcoin ‘Not The Answer To Cashless Society’

    | 2018/03/13 1:30 pm
  • Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has claimed the successful launch and sale of Petro — the first ever state-issued cryptocurrency. Petro Cryptocurrency Sale Reportedly Tops $5 Billion Petro is the first cryptocurrency which is purportedly backed by natural resources. According to Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, the sale of his pet cryptocurrency has raked in over five billion dollars during its pre-sale period. The cryptocurrency has also reportedly received 186,000 certified purchases. If true, Petro could potentially

    Venezuela Sold $5 Billion in Petro Cryptocurrency, Claims President

    | 2018/03/12 9:30 am
  • Bitcoin’s popularity is soaring in South Africa where it is being viewed as a safe-haven from increasing political and economic uncertainty. South Africa: Economic Uncertainty Boosts Bitcoin The issue of land reform in South Africa has become a source of concern following the election of new president Cyril Ramaphosa last month. It remains a highly-politicized topic along racial lines even twenty years after apartheid ended. Now Ramaphosa’s party, the ruling African National Congress (ANC), has vowed

    Bitcoin Popularity Surges in South Africa Amid Political, Economic Turmoil 

    | 2018/03/12 7:00 am
  • Since the first diamond was excavated from the ground, the diamond industry has been shrouded in mystery. Only professionals know the actual value of a given stone, and it’s extremely difficult to successfully purchase or sell diamonds at their legitimate market value. CEDEX adds much-needed transparency to the traditional diamond industry. Turning an Opaque Industry Transparent CEDEX is engineering a revolution in the diamond industry by allowing the precious stones to be traded just like

    CEDEX is Transforming Diamonds into a New Asset Class

    | 2018/03/12 1:00 am
  • Election history was recently made as Sierra Leone became the first country to use blockchain technology to verify voting results in their presidential election. Sierra Leone Region Makes History The application of blockchain technology recorded another milestone recently. While the innovative technology has made tremendous strides in business, it is now putting its stamp upon the political sphere. The country of Sierra Leone has the distinction of being the first to feature blockchain-verified voting in

    Sierra Leone Becomes First Country With Blockchain-Verified Election Voting

    | 2018/03/11 7:00 pm
  • While most people associate cryptocurrency investment with the younger half of the generational spectrum, reports have shown that seniors in South Korea are going significantly harder in the digital paint than younger investors. Respect your elders According to a survey of 2,530 adults by the Korea Financial Investors Protection Foundation conducted last December, older investors are getting involved in cryptocurrency much more aggressively than younger investors — though the latter is more active when it

    Older South Koreans Are The Biggest Investors in Cryptocurrencies

    | 2018/03/11 1:00 pm
  • Kumamoto-Energy, a local power producer in Japan, has announced that they will use solar energy for mining cryptocurrencies. Japan Looks to Greener Energy Cryptocurrency mining farms are trying to reduce costs and consume as less energy as possible, but sometimes the task is very difficult. Japanese miners are trying to consume renewable energy make mining activities more sustainable in the long term. Saburo Takashashi, a security analyst at Kansai Electric Power, says: This is a time for

    Japanese Miners See Solar Energy as ‘Only Way’ to Stay Profitable

    | 2018/03/10 3:00 pm
  • SportyCo’s decentralized sports investment ecosystem gives up-and-coming athletes a way to get the funds they need to ensure their athletic success. The decentralized sports investment ecosystem has been getting a lot of positive press lately and the successful launch of their beta release is just one more reason why people are talking. The beta release of SportyCo allows talented prospective athletes to receive donations from fans and supporters. When the actual release version launches later

    SportyCo Announces Launch of Sports Investment Platform Beta Release

    | 2018/03/07 10:00 pm
  • Where you live in the world affects how profitable your Bitcoin mining operation is, according to an analysis of worldwide electric prices by lighting company Elite Fixtures. Bitcoinist reviewed the data and mapped the energy costs for mining 1 BTC across the globe. Electricity = Bitcoin Energy prices around the world vary depending on a range of factors, including government subsidies and access to natural resources. These same factors impact how much it costs to

    Mapped: Cheapest & Most Expensive Countries To Mine Bitcoin

    | 2018/03/06 2:30 am
  • As individuals continue to lose faith in Equifax and traditional credit-tracking agencies, blockchain credit applications are proving to be far more attractive options. Blooming on the Blockchain Last week, the massive consumer credit reporting agency Equifax announced that its equally massive 2017 data breach was actually worse than everyone thought. According to Equifax’s new estimations, 147.9 million people have been affected by their failure to protect individuals’ information – which is 2.4 million more than originally

    Equifax Data Breach Opens Door for Blockchain Credit Apps

    | 2018/03/05 10:30 pm
  • Iryo is unleashing the value of medical data for the new decentralized healthcare economy. Instead of opting to be powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Iryo has opted for the more advanced EOS, which brings with it many benefits. EOS is set to be the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications, supporting thousands of commercial-scale DApps while allowing for parallel execution, asynchronous communication. When deployed this summer, EOS will be by far the most flexible and

    Iryo Will Look to EOS to Build Its Distributed Network

    | 2018/03/05 5:00 pm
  • A recent poll by the Pew Research Center found that we are nearly at full capacity when it comes to cell phone usage. The survey, published in early February, found that 95% of Americans own a cell phone and 77% of those phones are smartphones. This trend reflects our growing desire for continuous connectivity. According to data compiled by Statista, nearly half the world’s 7.5 billion people are regularly accessing the internet. As consumers access

    Your Data Shouldn’t Be Free – It’s Time to Flip the Script

    | 2018/03/05 10:00 am
  • Taiwanese airline FAT Taiwan Inc. (Far Eastern Air Transport) recently announced that it will accept bitcoin payments, becoming the first airline in the country to accept cryptocurrency for tickets in a growing trend. Taiwanese Airline Wants Your Bitcoin FAT’s announcement on February 28th states that the airline will accept cryptocurrency payments, namely Bitcoin, for tickets and related travel services as it looks to become a pioneer in cryptocurrency adoption within the country’s aviation industry. Passengers

    Taiwan Airline Accepts Bitcoin Seeing ‘Bright Future’ for Tourism Sector

    | 2018/03/05 9:00 am
  • Venezuela issuing its Petro cryptocurrency has inspired Cambodia to release its “own cryptocurrency,” according to the local Blockchain industry. Entapay ‘Can Replace VISA’ for Cambodia A press release for the country’s forthcoming ASEAN 2018 BlockChain Summit, which will take place in the capital Phnom Penh March 7, tells readers to expect a “notable” announcement regarding a new payment medium called Entapay. According to organizers, the project, once launched had the potential to “replace” payment giants

    Cambodia Expected to ‘Follow Venezuela’ With National Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/05 7:00 am
  • Serial entrepreneur Chris Snook says that it’s still not too late to jump on the blockchain boat as the new tech leads the way into a token economy. If there’s one thing that wakes up investors in the middle of the night with a cold sweat is the fear of missing out (FOMO). Not recognizing revolutionary new technology or seeing an upcoming economic seismic change is a fear that practically every investor has. It’s true

    Serial Entrepreneur: Not Too Late to Get on the Blockchain Boat

    | 2018/03/05 3:00 am
  • Dubai continues to lead the way in adopting blockchain technology, as the city seeks to keep itself 10 years ahead of the rest of the world. Democratizing Tourism in Dubai Dubai has officially announced its intention to democratize tourism by creating a virtual business-to-business marketplace for the travel industry, with an additional distribution channel for hotels within two years. According to Arabian Business, tourism chiefs in the United Arab Emirates’ largest and most populous city hope

    Dubai Continues to Embrace the Blockchain, Announces Plans to Democratize Tourism

    | 2018/03/04 3:00 am