• The European Union has agreed to a cryptocurrency clampdown to combat money laundering, tax evasion, and financing of terrorism. For a number of years, countries have grappled with ways to regulate cryptocurrency. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin over the course of 2017 has pushed such regulatory concerns to the forefront. Now the European Union (EU) has agreed to a cryptocurrency clampdown that will impact exchanges and wallets in order to combat terrorism, tax evasion, and

    Cryptocurrency Clampdown Approved by EU to Fight Terrorism

    | 2017/12/16 8:00 am
  • An Italian woman was sentenced to six years in a Danish prison for hiring a hitman with Bitcoin to murder her boyfriend. We truly live in an age of convenience. One can order clothes, food, and entertainment online with extreme ease. Of course, this also means that it’s becoming that much easier to purchase unsavory things online, such as illicit narcotics, stolen passwords, and even a murder or two. Which is what happened when an

    Italian Woman Jailed for Bitcoin Murder Plot

    | 2017/12/16 5:30 am
  • TD Ameritrade, like many other titans of the financial world, is also jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Indeed, the giant securities brokerage services provider will start trading Bitcoin futures when the financial markets open on Monday, December 18, 2017. The Volume of Bitcoin Futures Trading To Surge For some time, Ameritrade had been monitoring whether there were sufficient liquidity and market efficiency for Bitcoin futures. Ameritrade leadership believes that these parameters are now optimal. According

    TD Ameritrade Starts Trading Bitcoin Futures on Monday

    | 2017/12/16 3:30 am
  • The world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency bank, AriseBank, announced that they have reached an agreement with a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured bank that has been in operation in the US for over a century. The acquisition, in addition to a partnership with Bitshares, will occur before the end of the year. The FDIC is an independent agency created by the US Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system. By

    World’s First Crypto Bank AriseBank Announces BitShares Partnership, Acquisition of FDIC-Insured Bank

    | 2017/12/16 1:30 am
  • Bitcoin has remained relatively stable this week, slowly heading up from $16,500 to around $17,500 where it currently trades. Action is likely to heat up over the weekend as two more US exchanges launch their BTC futures contracts. This week has also shown some clear winners in the altcoin race, and one of them has been Ripple. Ripple (XRP) has shown little movement over the past three months trading in a channel between $0.18 and

    Facebook Exec Joins Ripple Team

    | 2017/12/15 11:30 pm
  • BitPay is one of the most popular Bitcoin payment processing companies in the world. Today, they announced support for more cryptocurrencies, starting with implementing Bitcoin Cash to their payment platform and debit cards. BitPay is a point-of-sale company that allows traditional businesses to accept Bitcoin. They provide an easy to use means for users to pay with the popular digital currency, which is especially attractive to businesses that have customer bases that may not be

    BitPay to Add Support for Bitcoin Cash, Other Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/12/15 9:15 pm
  • The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is showing a keen interest in monitoring crypto trading in the country through blockchain-based technology. SARS has a fickle relationship with the people of South Africa, which is quite common between the average person and the tax man. South African citizens have to submit a (hopefully) true and honest financial declaration, which could result, depending on the information given, in said citizens paying SARS a certain amount of money. However,

    South African Revenue Service Has Their Eye on Your Bitcoins

    | 2017/12/15 5:30 pm
  • A woman in Long Island has been arrested and charged for sending about $150,000 to the terrorist group ISIS. Of that amount, roughly $60,000 was in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies offer people an economic system that lies outside the purview of national governments and banks. As with any other means of economic capital, virtual currencies can be used for things that are good and those that are bad. A mark

    Woman Arrested for Sending $60,000 in Bitcoin to ISIS

    | 2017/12/15 2:30 pm
  • Goldman Sachs is asking traders to provide 100% margin on the bitcoin futures positions it’s clearing, reports suggest. Reports have hit the press this week that Goldman Sachs is demanding that certain clients stump up 100% margin on their bitcoin futures positions, with the potential for volatility in the underlying asset cited as the driving force behind the decision. On December 10, CBOE Global Markets Inc., which is one of the world’s biggest regulated exchanges,

    Goldman Sachs Won’t Offer Margin To Some Bitcoin Futures Traders

    | 2017/12/15 11:45 am
  • Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency topics are getting more and more attention. Day by day, more people are getting interested and involved in crypto. The geeky community that supported crypto through the first steps is being joined – and possibly supplanted – by ordinary people that don’t have a deep understanding about blockchain technologies and have either come to this space for speculative purposes or followed a new project whose ICO they

    NAGA Wallet: Cryptocurrency Solutions for your Success

    | 2017/12/15 11:30 am
  • Zen Protocol is a platform built for finance. We designed Zen to solve a real problem: trading assets without relying on third parties. Our team is based in Tel Aviv, with backgrounds in maths, finance, design, and marketing. Some of us have been involved in the Bitcoin space since 2011, and we’ve been creating tools to make Bitcoin better since 2013. In 2016, we began work on Zen Protocol. When Ethereum’s “theDAO” contract was hacked,

    Zen Protocol – Redefining Asset Trading and Crypto Finance

    | 2017/12/15 10:00 am
  • As Estonia rolls out the public-private program to launch its cryptocurrency and fund its ambitious blockchain program via a TGE, Chronobank joins as a partner and an advisor, helping the Baltic state to tokenize its labor relations. Helmed by Sergey Sergienko, Chronobank has two key roles in Estonia’s new crypto-economy. First, Sergienko, Chronobank’s CEO, is now a part of the board of directors of TokenEST OU’s, the commercial and operations arm of the newly created

    Chronobank Makes Time For Estonia’s Crypto Effort

    | 2017/12/15 8:30 am
  • A Danish Bitcoin billionaire has signed a sponsorship deal with a Danish ice hockey club, where one player will become the first to receive his salary in Bitcoin only, as the team’s venue will get renamed to Bitcoin Arena. Out With Rungsted, In With Bitcoin As the Swiss crypto platform confirmed Wednesday, Bitcoin Suisse’s Niklas Nikolajsen has entered into a three-year package with Rungsted Seier Capital, replacing previous sponsor, Bitcoin-friendly Saxo Privatbank. “The sponsorship is

    Danish Hockey Player Becomes First Pro Athlete to Get Paid in Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/15 8:00 am
  • Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Steven Nerayoff has joined the RCN global lending project as a lead advisor. Through his venture capital firms Maple Ventures and Alchemist Ventures, Nerayoff founded several blockchain-based companies. However, he is perhaps best known as the co-creator and token sale architect of the Ethereum project from its infancy. Nerayoff is now part of the RCN team, whose core members are the same talent behind Ripio, the crypto company that was founded

    Ethereum Co-Creator Steven Nerayoff Joins RCN Advisory Board as Their Global Lending Ecosystem Expands Towards Asia

    | 2017/12/15 6:30 am
  • Cryptocurrencies are one thing keeping Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz “awake at night,” he has admitted. Poloz: Bank-Issued Cash ‘Only Risk-Free Means Of Payment’ Speaking during a talk at the Canadian Club on various issues causing him unease at the present time, Poloz described the unregulated nature of Bitcoin and altcoins as making them “closer to gambling than investing.” “There is one more thing keeping me awake at night that perhaps is worth

    Bank Of Canada Governor: Cryptocurrency ‘Keeps Me Awake At Night’

    | 2017/12/15 5:00 am
  • WikiLeaks has long relied upon donations in order to keep exposing government and corporate secrets and corruption. Now another avenue of support is open as Julian Assange announces that WikiLeaks now supports Bitcoin SegWit addresses. WikiLeaks has tirelessly worked to analyze and publish restricted and censored data that exposes corruption and other organizational secrets. In its 10 years of existence, it has amassed a database of over 10 million documents that shed light on things

    WikiLeaks Now Supports Bitcoin SegWit Addresses for Donations

    | 2017/12/15 3:00 am
  • As governments across the world continue to make moves to censor and control the flow of digital data across the internet, there a rising tide of concern over net neutrality. Blockchain solutions could be the answer for those seeking more freedom on the internet. A report in Thursday’s New York Times stated that the Federal Communications Commission has voted to dismantle rules regulating the companies that connect users to the internet. This would effectively yield

    Crypto Solutions Tackle Web Censorship Concerns

    | 2017/12/15 1:30 am
  • As the Bitcoin boom continues, the big boys are finally taking notice. Most of the banking bigwigs would prefer to publicly denigrate it as it poses a threat to their business model, which largely revolves around making money off other people’s money. As prices started to soar, mainstream investors and financial institutions started to pay attention to Bitcoin and its brethren. According to a Fortune report, Bloomberg is the latest to acknowledge the prevalence of cryptocurrencies

    Bloomberg Bright on Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/12/14 11:30 pm
  • The year 2017 has been a remarkable year for Bitcoin, particularly in the world of finance. Bitcoin was rightfully accepted as mainstream in the financial world, and achieved astonishing growth, both in value and adoption. Next year, Bitcoin’s battlefield will most likely move into the U.S. Congress, where a bill has been introduced that allegedly could stifle innovation by burdening the crypto ecosystem with unnecessary, confusing, and even redundant regulatory obligations. The U.S. Congress to

    Bitcoin’s Next Battlefield: The U.S. Congress

    | 2017/12/14 9:00 pm
  • Crowd Genie, a fully operational Singapore-based peer-to-peer digital lending platform licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has been selected by the token holders of the ICOS platform as the latest promising project to hold its own ICO. Unlike most projects contemplating an ICO, Crowd Genie is not a startup but rather a debt-based lending platform that has been in operation for more than 12 months. It is one of only four P2P lending

    Crowd Genie Asset Exchange to Hold ICO

    | 2017/12/14 7:15 pm
  • The UAE and Saudi Arabia are teaming up to create a cryptocurrency for cross-border transactions. The adoption of cryptocurrency in the Muslim world and – in particular – the Middle East, has been the subject of heated debate over the last few months. This week, however, it seems as though two of the most influential and powerful entities in the region have taken steps towards validating the technology and its place in regional and international

    UAE and Saudi Arabia Just Announced Joint Cryptocurrency Effort

    | 2017/12/14 5:30 pm
  • ICOBox, the world’s biggest provider of SaaS ICO solutions, is about to add an exciting new innovation to its already impressive list of services. The week of December 18, 2017, it will unveil its Token Store. The Store will be a marketplace that sells the tokens of interesting ICO projects to participants at a 30-75% discount. There will be no upper or lower limits on the number of tokens that can be acquired by users.

    ICOBox Token Store Readies for Rollout

    | 2017/12/14 3:00 pm
  • A New Jersey man learned that the contents of your crypto wallet can be stolen in more than one way as he is kidnapped at gunpoint and then robbed of $1.8 million in Ether. When one normally hears of a crypto wallet being emptied, it’s because of some nefarious hack, such as what hit NiceHash about a week ago. Yet there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so they say. A man in

    Man Robbed of $1.8 Million in Ether at Gunpoint

    | 2017/12/14 1:00 pm