• Kodak and Long Island Iced Tea have both been criticised recently for loony pivots towards the blockchain to attract feverish cryptocurrency investors. But, can you blame them when shares for the former rose as much as 90% after announcing their new KodakCoin, and the latter share-price spiked 289% after changing their name to Long Blockchain Corporation. Consequently, a cacophony of warnings about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies has arisen as similarities between the dotcom

    Pivots Towards the Blockchain – Loony or Smart?

    | 2018/01/23 12:30 pm
  • An op-ed in the New York Times theorizes that the IRS fears Bitcoin due to tax evasion. What actions could the IRS take to combat this? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one of the most feared federal agencies in the United States. They can garnish wages, levy fines, put liens on personal property, and even send you to jail for failing to pay the appropriate taxes. Which is why it’s interesting to see an

    Does the IRS Fear Bitcoin?

    | 2018/01/23 11:00 am
  • South Korea lawmakers have confirmed cryptocurrency exchanges will become de facto legal January 30 as they enact new laws about anonymity in trading. 6 Banks On Board For Change In its most recent statements, the country’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) confirmed that exchanges must only permit trades from customers whose name matches their bank account. Foreign citizens, both native and non-native, will not be allowed to trade. “Establishment of the system for ‘real name verification of

    South Korea ‘Legalizes’ Cryptocurrency Trading, Bans Anonymity

    | 2018/01/23 8:30 am
  • Big data is big money, and corporations such as Google and Facebook have made billions out of your personal information. Medical and genetic data is worth even more, and companies may be profiting from it whenever you take a genetic test. The solution in giving people back control over their genetic and DNA data is the blockchain. According to reports, consumer genetic testing saw unprecedented public demand last year.  Companies, such as AncestryDNA, carried out

    DNA Data Marketplace on the Blockchain

    | 2018/01/23 6:30 am
  • China attracts businessmen and women from around the world with tremendous growth potential. However, this market requires scrutiny. Sharing their experiences from their recent roadshow, Storiqa’s co-founders explain what to expect from the Asian market’s investors and look forward to collaborating with partners from all over the world to grow and develop e-commerce. Storiqa launched its token sale on November 28, 2017. The company is developing a marketplace on a scale similar to that of

    Lessons Learned on the Roadshow – Attracting Investors: 4 Types of Asian Tigers

    | 2018/01/23 4:15 am
  • Governments across the world are either opening their doors to crypto or closing them. Exchanges need to keep up with this fast-paced ecosystem and seek out friendly nations and markets. Japan is still a haven for crypto and Tokyo exchange BitFlyer has recently gained approval to operate in Europe. According to Coinmarketcap, BitFlyer is the world’s fourteenth largest exchange with a 24-hour volume in the region of $300 million. More significantly, it carries 80% of the

    Tokyo Crypto Exchange BitFlyer Approved for Europe

    | 2018/01/23 2:00 am
  • Devery.io, the developers of the Devery Protocol, is set to provide a decentralized verification platform, marking and tracking items over the Ethereum blockchain. Their Token sale reached their hard cap funding target within 17 seconds of lifting the individual cap. Devery.io, founded by Andrew Rasheed, held their token sale on January 12 this year and was able to reach their targets without any institutional funding whatsoever, something they actively rejected as being unfair to the

    Devery.io Token Sale Reaches $10 Million Target Within 17 Seconds

    | 2018/01/22 11:45 pm
  • Even though India is straddling the regulation fence when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the country’s major banks have taken the decision to temporarily close the accounts of a few of India’s top Bitcoin exchanges. According to the Economic Times, The State Bank of India, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank are a few of the financial institutions that have provisionally shut down accounts of some top-performing exchanges. Anonymous sources have said that

    Alleged Suspicious Activities Lead to the Suspension of Top Indian Exchanges

    | 2018/01/22 9:30 pm
  • One of Blockchain’s more bizarre fringe benefits is still seeing huge success as companies make millions just for changing their name. (Company Name) + Blockchain = Bank The latest in a string of shrewd corporate moves to profit from the craze associated with the technology, UK company Stapleton Capital announced it had renamed itself to Blockchain Worldwide – making its share price jump 160% Monday. Previously trained on acquiring UK telecoms companies, its focus will

    What’s In a Name? Lots of Cash: Companies Rebrand to ‘Blockchain’ and Profit

    | 2018/01/22 7:00 pm
  • An older Bitcoin conspiracy has resurfaced in which the 16th century seer Nostradamus supposedly foresaw Bitcoin. It seems that a day can not pass in the last week without another Bitcoin conspiracy raising its head. First, we had the co-founder of Kaspersky Labs say that the cryptocurrency was created by US intelligence agencies. Then we had a UFO-themed YouTube channel claim that a rogue AI created Bitcoin, which was followed by another video saying that

    Forsooth! Was Bitcoin Foreseen by Nostradamus?

    | 2018/01/22 4:30 pm
  • Feeling lucky? We certainly were when Bitcoinist had the opportunity to sit down with the team behind the hot new blockchain-based international lottery, BitPlay.Club. The crypto community is abuzz about BitPlay.Club, the new blockchain-based lottery players are flocking to in droves, thanks to an easy to use interface, better odds than many traditional lotteries, and an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability. Bitcoinist sat down with the platform’s team to learn more about what makes

    An Exclusive Interview with Blockchain-Based Lottery BitPlay Club

    | 2018/01/22 2:00 pm
  • Bitcoin will “most likely” cost over $50,000 in 2018 as a new mathematical study attempts to get a logical prognosis for its price. Cautious Optimism For A Fivefold Increase In results published by data scientist Xoel López Barata who conducted the investigation, Bitcoin appears set to hit $55,530 by the end of this year. “I’ve simulated the bitcoin price for the whole 2018. You won’t believe the result!” by Xoel López Barata https://t.co/3QRuVjUgwT pic.twitter.com/50mIhQedkU —

    Bitcoin To $55k? Mathematical Study Suggests It’s ‘Most Likely’ In 2018

    | 2018/01/22 12:00 pm
  • The Lightning Network (LN) mainnet has almost doubled its node count and capacity in days as Bitcoin users rapidly switch on to its benefits. Lightning: Core Enthusiasm Yet To Become Ubiquitous Data from monitoring site #recksplorer shows 107 active nodes, 237 channels and a total Bitcoin load worth just over $19,000 – marking considerable growth since Bitcoinist last reported the statistics late last week. Despite reservations from some well-known Bitcoin industry figures such as Bitcoin.org

    Lightning Network Crosses 100 Nodes, SegWit Nears 20% Dominance

    | 2018/01/22 9:30 am
  • The lack of volatility in global markets is leading investors to seek riskier investments with increased rewards. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are being used to feed this increased investor appetite.  Analysts at Deutsche Bank have asserted that there is a correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the volatility index (VIX). The analysts backed up their  argument saying that the first three weeks of 2018 so far show “correlation between Bitcoin and VIX has increased dramatically.”

    Bitcoin’s Wall Street Combo Of Greed and Volatility

    | 2018/01/22 7:30 am
  • The number of applications for blockchain technology is simply staggering, and new ones are being launched every day. The latest development for implementation of the blockchain is a gaming platform whereby users can resell digital titles in a decentralized marketplace. Steam is the dominant force in PC games today, and the online marketplace has over 18 million users at peak times, according to its stats page. There are over 1,600 games available for sale and

    Ready, Player One! Crypto Solution for PC Game Resales

    | 2018/01/22 5:00 am
  • Crypto traders can be a fickle bunch as  last month’s hero can quickly become this month’s zero. Altcoins can go out of favor just as fast as they came into it and can rapidly slide down the market capacity charts in favor of a shiny new contender. One stalwart of the crypto world that has suffered this fate lately is Litecoin, and many are speculating about the effect the actions of its founder have played

    The Life of Litecoin Without Lee

    | 2018/01/22 2:30 am
  • California-based technology company NVIDIA has asked retailers of its graphics cards to prioritize sales to gamers over cryptocurrency miners. The Rush for Graphics Cards Despite the cryptocurrency market’s recent drop, cryptocurrency miners are still able to produce a sizeable profit. In 2017 the global cryptocurrency market grew at an exceptional rate and this also caused a huge spike in cryptocurrency miners. Currently, cryptocurrency miners can receive a fast and relatively high ROI on their mining

    NVIDIA Asks Retailers to Sell Graphics Cards to Gamers Over Cryptocurrency Miners

    | 2018/01/21 9:30 pm
  • Ellcrys is an up and coming blockchain network that aims to revolutionize the way developers work together. In addition to trying to revitalize collaborative efforts, the company has an ICO that promises to make the mining and distribution of its native cryptocurrency fairer and more accessible. A Growing Problem Technology has infiltrated every part of our everyday lives leading to a surge of products and services and, along with it, the demand for people to

    Ellcrys is a Breath of Fresh Air for Open Source Collaborators

    | 2018/01/21 6:00 pm
  • The Abyss is a next-generation digital distribution platform with the vision to create a crypto reward ecosystem for millions of gamers and developers. January 11, 2018 — The Abyss, the next generation digital distribution game platform, today announced the intent to launch a pioneering DAICO, a reinforced version of ICO merged with aspects of Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). The DAICO fundraising model was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, earlier this month as a

    The Abyss Aims to Conduct the World’s First DAICO, A New Protection Mechanism for ICO Contributors, Raised By Vitalik Buterin

    | 2018/01/21 3:00 pm
  • A new Bitcoin conspiracy theory has emerged online, claiming that the cryptocurrency was created by a rogue artificial intelligence. Prowl the dark corners of the internet and you’ll stumble across some pretty wild ramblings. The net has allowed people who once had their opinions confined to friends and family the ability to broadcast their beliefs to the entire world. The world of cryptocurrency has now been submerged into the fantastical world of conspiracy theories. An

    Judgement Day! Conspiracy Group Claims Bitcoin Created by Rogue AI

    | 2018/01/21 12:00 pm
  • Each country has its own systems for tax evaluation and collection, and some countries are stricter than others. One of the major issues governments have with cryptocurrencies is the difficulty in taxing profits made on trading. The United Kingdom’s HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs department) found this out the hard way. Finance experts have warned that a loophole which reduces crypto gains to zero can be exploited on tax returns in the UK. It

    Tax Loophole Found for UK Crypto Profits

    | 2018/01/21 9:00 am
  • Blockchain technology is no longer limited to innovative startups with grand intentions of changing the world. Massive multinationals are also looking to use the technology to improve their operations and boost productivity. The latest in the lineup to get on board the blockchain train is petro corporation Shell. According to industry portal OilPrice, the energy giant has bought up a minority share in Gartner-listed startup Applied Blockchain. Details of the deal have yet to be

    Oil Giant Shell Buys into Blockchain

    | 2018/01/21 6:00 am
  • Several South Korean exchanges have announced that they will ban foreign residents from trading cryptocurrencies.  Tighter Cryptocurrency Regulations The South Korean government was the cause of major turmoil in the global cryptocurrency market as rumors spread that they were planning to ban cryptocurrency trading across the country. Soon after the news was released, the total cryptocurrency market valuation dropped by almost 50%, causing major financial losses for a lot of traders worldwide. Later, government officials

    South Korean Exchanges Are Barring Foreign Residents from Trading

    | 2018/01/21 3:00 am