• Dish Network to Accept Customer Bitcoin Payments DISH internet provider has announced that they will begin to accept bitcoin and they have chosen Coinbase as their bitcoin payment processor. This would make DISH the largest company and first subscription model pay-tv provider to accept bitcoin. [quote]“We always want to deliver choice and convenience for our customers and that includes the method they use to pay their bills” said Bernie Han – DISH executive vice president

    Bitcoin Takes Over Another Fortune 500 Company

    | 2014/06/04 7:16 pm
  • Vienna Diesels – die Bar im Dritten on Rennweg 72, 1030 Vienna. Has announced that they are THE first bar that accepts Bitcoin in Vienna. Just in time for the Central European Bitcoin Expo last saturday. Bitcoinist was in Vienna for the conference so it was obvious to go and check out the place. We were lucky to meet the owner and also the Bitcoin enthusiast friend of his who actually convinced to make a

    Diesels Bar In Vienna now accepting Bitcoin

    | 2014/06/04 8:33 am
  • UPDATED! Please click here to read / watch the review! Are You thinking of mining some bitcoins? If so here is a Company that you can trust for sure! We first met with the Spondoolies-Tech team back at the 2014 Amsterdam Conference. They had a nice booth and they brought their miner the SP10 Dawson with them to present it to the attendees. It has a 1.4TH/s ± 10% Effective Hash Rate! We were really curious

    Spondoolies-Tech SP10 Dawson

    | 2014/06/03 4:30 pm
  • It was really unfortunate that we had to stop Live Streaming Because of Richard Stallman at CEBEXPO. He literally freaked out when he was told that we would like to Stream Live his speech. He has problem with any non free software and mp formats and with a lot more… We do respect everyones view but the way you communicate is really important in todays world. He was yelling at us pretty badly. So his

    Richard Stallman Speech On Digital Freedom

    | 2014/06/03 11:16 am
  • Mistakes: Interview with the Man that sent 800 BTC to Mt.Gox Quite recently, a man that goes by the Reddit handle of TheDJFC, mistakenly sent 800 BTC to the same address which he sent 300 BTC earlier this year. At current prices, this sums up to around $688,600 for 1100 BTC. The man has evidence to back his story up; transaction can be seen on the blockchain. He reached out to the Bitcoin Community over

    Mistakes: Interview with the Man that sent 800 BTC to Mt.Gox

    | 2014/06/02 11:31 pm
  • Those who attended on the Central European Bitcoin Conference or watched our live Stream were lucky to see Charlie Shrem. Charlie told some really nice stories on how bitcoin can connect people even with totally different believes, religions and backgrounds. He also told us how much he likes Europe and especially Vienna.  Now you have a chance to watch the full footage. Enjoy :) P.s.: Charlie shows some extraordinary strength even in tough times which is

    Charlie Shrem webinar at CEBEXPO 2014.06.01.

    | 2014/06/02 10:27 pm
  • ShirtWasCash, a completely (Almost) Vertical Bitcoin Company        You are hearing more often than before about people taking partial payments in Bitcoins for their salary, but I bet you haven’t heard much of companies where everything that can be paid for in Bitcoin, is paid in Bitcoin.      Meet ShirtWasCash where rent, salary, and supplies are paid in Bitcoin. Anon does liquidate some Bitcoin due to the volatility of Bitcoin, but he also

    Interview with ShirtWasCash, A Fully (Almost) Vertical Bitcoin Company

    | 2014/06/02 12:00 pm
  • Potential for increase is incredibly high in the altcoin market these days. You just have to play it smart and ride with the “whales”. This past week we saw some nice rises by many coins, from 100% to 1000%, therefore, let’s recall some of the ones I find most noteworthy: MastiffCoin MastiffCoin is a coin I had personally recommended as a buy when it was at 3000 satoshi through my twitter account. The reason why

    The AltCoin Roundup: Mastiff, Boost, and X11Coin

    | 2014/06/02 4:37 am
  • Many have questioned the legitimacy of players in the Bitcoin enterprise and there is no doubt that some firms and individuals have blighted the industry with their actions. When it comes to Bitcoin mining, you want someone trustworthy, someone who knows what they’re doing, someone who has been in the business for a while. Someone like CloudHashing.com. CloudHashing is a US based company, governed by US laws and regulations, if that brings any piece-of-mind. I

    CloudHashing – The Easiest Way to Earn Bitcoins

    | 2014/05/31 7:11 am
  • The Bitcoin Foundation Canada welcomes the publication of a report on Bitcoin regulation in Canada, entitled “How should Bitcoin be regulated?”  The growing interest of Canada’s economic community towards Bitcoin is proof that this new technology provides a credible alternative to traditional monetary and banking systems. Government intervention is not required for Bitcoin to develop and become accepted by the Canadian public. The Bitcoin network is completely decentralized and it simply cannot be subjected to

    Bitcoin regulation: Bitcoin Foundation Canada comments Montreal Economic Institute report

    | 2014/05/30 11:23 am
  • All Eyes on Vienna! Vienna is getting ready to host the first Bitcoin conference in the region and at the same time becoming part of Logos Ecosystem! Get your ticket to the conference in the next 24 hours and gain 50 euro in Logos coin! With less than two days to go before the start of the Central European Bitcoin Expo at Technical University in Vienna, Austria, the organizers are proud to announce a brand

    All Eyes on Vienna!

    | 2014/05/29 5:07 pm
  • Did You just make some money with that price swing?  In bitcoin or in Darkcoin? It does not really matter how you made that… With 120BTC you can now buy a water front Luxury apartment in Cyprus. Your neighbors will be also bitcoin enthusiasts for sure so you will have a great company and a beautiful home or just a place for vacations to spend your summer or winter time. It can also be a

    Luxury apartment in Cyprus from 120BTC

    | 2014/05/29 4:55 pm
  • Bitcoin-only casino generates over 3,000 BTC (~$1,400,000) in turnover in its first 3 months. BitCasino.io, the first ever licensed bitcoin-only casino has grown to a player base of 7,000 users betting over 3,000 BTC (~$1,400,000) since February 2014.  “Our live dealers have been the main attraction and they continue to bring in hundreds of players each day. When I mention that our bitcoin software is integrated with a live casino environment they’re stunned – our

    $1,400,000 Turnover in Bitcoin Online Casino

    | 2014/05/28 12:09 pm
  • OrangeCoin is a PoW/PoS coin that was released 3 weeks ago. It works with a 2 week mining phase, which has elapsed, and has a total coin count of 200 million.  OrangeCoin can be bought at Bittrex at the moment at around 300 satoshi. I would also like to note that it is in cryptsy voting as well at the 6th position which is fairly good. The OrangeCoin team has been pushing towards having their

    OrangeCoin: A Community and a Working Developer

    | 2014/05/27 10:22 pm
  • Bitcoin Price and the 700 BTC sell wall If you have been following Bitcoins price, you have noticed that it’s risen from its price of around $450 to as of now, around $580. This is a 33% increase in price and the sudden explosion of growth as many people scratching their heads. One of the most prominent news that first got things in the motion was the buying of a 700 bitcoin sell wall. In

    Bitcoinist News Round Up

    | 2014/05/27 2:00 pm
  • Good news for Bitcoin just keeps rolling in. Now it is that Bitcoins in the near future will overtake Paypal in transaction volume, with Bitcoin transaction $300 million worth daily as of now. With PayPal totaling in at around $315 million, Bitcoin isn’t far behind. With this much cash flow, even eBay has admitted that Coinbase and Bitpay, two major bitcoin payment processors, are some of eBay’s biggest e-commerce competitors. If this keeps up, sooner

    Bitcoin Transaction now reaching $300 million daily!

    | 2014/05/27 10:00 am
  • Quickcoin, a San Francisco based startup company has plans on bringing Bitcoin to the mainstream by an online web-based “social wallet” that lets users transact Bitcoin easily. At first, they plan on integrating it with Facebook, to get the most users as if it will go viral; this is where it will most likely happen. Considering Facebook has 1.28 billion users (as of March 2014) Quickcoin will be able to receive a lot of feedback.

    Social Bitcoin? Facebook to have Integrated Wallet

    | 2014/05/27 6:53 am
  • Bitcoin has been noted in glowing terms by industry moguls, lets take a look of what they had to say about it… Bill Gates “A technological Tour De Force”     David Marcus Pay Pal CEO  “We are considering using bitcoin as a funding instrument”     Gottfried Leibbrandt SWIFT CEO  “Don’t see why we could not send transactions in Bitcoin as a currency”     James Turk Gold Money chairman “Bitcoin is money and

    Industry leaders about Bitcoin

    | 2014/05/26 8:38 am
  • Bitcoin was up 30% the past week. Long awaiting but finally it has broken through the psychologically important US$500 mark. The price has been stagnating between $400 and $500 in the past month. Bitcoin price is really volatile but lets hope that this volatility happens over $1.000 really soon. In the cryptocurrency world everything is around the exchange rates. The segment leaders and the economist are being asked about prediction at all times about the

    Potential Value of one bitcoin!

    | 2014/05/25 8:14 pm
  • We had a chance to interview Tuur Demeester at the Amsterdam conference. We were really lucky because he has decided to take a break from the cryptocurrency segment for a little bit and will focus on philosophy and self knowledge. He  is  the author of the financial newsletter MacroTrends which goes to investors in the Netherlands and Belgium.  He has also co-founded two private schools in Belgium and also in the Netherlands. Bitcoinist.net As an economist, what do you

    Tuur Demeester Interview

    | 2014/05/25 6:48 pm
  • Introduction Appcoins. What a great way to fund an open source project, right? The idea began with Mastercoin, but seems to have jumped from there to become its own meme. You just create an app, and then make it less convenient by creating a cryptocurrency (or “appcoin”) that is required to use it, some of which you sell to investors to pay for development of the app. There’s no way that couldn’t work! It’s just like selling

    Appcoins Are Fraudulent

    | 2014/05/24 3:30 pm
  • AUSTIN, Texas – Voice & Exit, an event aimed to spark innovation, returns to Austin, Texas on June 21, with a lineup that includes Cody Wilson, co-creator of Dark Wallet. Bitcoin will be a hot topic among speakers and attendees, as it plays a central role in several speakers’ projects.This year’s event will also offer a breakout session on crypto-innovations featuring Wilson, Michael Goldstein and Chuck Grimmett, making it a natural draw for Texas’ growing Bitcoin community.

    Dark Wallet co-creator Cody Wilson to speak at Voice & Exit

    | 2014/05/24 11:46 am
  • After partnering up with the Vienna University of Technology, Cebexpo is changing the place of the conference from ACV to TU Wien. Bitcoin conference will take place on 31. May – 1. June on the grounds of the 200 years old University of Technology right in the “heart of Vienna”. “Many attendees suggested the conference should have a better location in the city. We also tried to find a place that would be closer to

    Central European Bitcoin Expo Will Take Place at Vienna University of Technology

    | 2014/05/23 5:56 pm