• BEIJING: Several hundred people attended China’s first Bitcoin summit here, defying the government’s crackdown on the digital currency. Venture capitalist Li Xiaolai, who organised the conference this weekend, dismissed the suggestion that Beijing would ultimately outlaw the use of digital currencies in the mainland. “Thailand has already banned Bitcoin, so has Russia. But who cares if China bans it as long as everyone knows the whole world can’t ban it,” Hong Kong-based South China Morning

    Hundreds attend China’s first Bitcoin meet, defy government warning

    | 2014/05/11 11:40 am
  • So how does bitcoin smell to you? We know it is a dumb question as it is a virtual currency that has no smell. We from now on it kinda has with Bitcologne. According to BitCologne, an “aromatic blend of spicy, floral, oak and citrus notes.” Yes, bitcoin, the virtual currency accepted by everyone from gunmakers to members of Congress, has its own cologne. The above ad would be funnier in black and white, possibly with two half-naked

    BitCologne: Virtual Currency Now Has Its Very Own Fragrance

    | 2014/05/10 5:37 pm
  • The Federal Election Commission on Thursday approved the use of the alternative currency Bitcoin for political contributions with limits of $100 per donor per election cycle. The 6-member panel voted unanimously to allow the contributions, a move that could open the floodgates for donors to make political contributions with the digital currency in the upcoming midterm elections. The decision means that political groups or candidates can accept Bitcoin if they abide by the same guidelines

    Bitcoin OK for politics, with $100 limit

    | 2014/05/10 3:04 pm
  • SIX more days until #Bitcoin2014 and we have sold out of all 40 exhibits and have registered attendees representing over 49 countries! We are excited to meet and connect you to hundreds of attendees at the most international and influential Bitcoin conference yet! Here’s some important news and reminders: BITCOIN BOULEVARD AT THE HAGUE / If you arrive in Amsterdam a little early or need a great place to go on Friday night after the

    Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam in 6 days!

    | 2014/05/09 9:48 pm
  • Avalara makes sales tax and VAT transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fast and easy – whether in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, New York or Singapore. Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software that delivers a broad array of compliance solutions related to sales tax and other transactional taxes, announced today it has enabled the bitcoin module for its AvaTax™ compliance engine. Avalara is believed to be the first and only service provider to support

    Bitcoin Nears Final Step Towards Full-Fledged Business Platform with Real-Time Sales Tax Engine From Avalara

    | 2014/05/09 6:00 pm
  • On May 7th 2014, SEC, or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, released a warning about the dangers of Bitcoin, such as calling Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme. Now whether or not that is true is up for debate, and I believe many users would voice strongly against that. That doesn’t mean the SEC was full of gibberish however, such as stating that potential investors must watch out for scams that try to entice with high

    SEC warning to Bitcoin: “Scam, Ponzi Scheme”

    | 2014/05/09 2:51 pm
  • As Bitcoin had an ambitious dream to decentralize currency, MaidSafeCoin has an ambitious dream to decentralize the internet. The coin is only half the story, it is to be used in tandem with the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) network. Why should we decentralize Internet, it seems to be working fine right? Well for now, at least. According to MaidSafe’s whitepaper, datacenters that support the Internet’s backbone are having increasingly trouble to cope with the

    MaidSafeCoin: Decentralized Internet

    | 2014/05/08 6:00 pm
  • CryptoDepot, a website focused on allowing people to buy anything only with cryptocurrency. Accepted currently is Litecoin, Bitcoin, Vertcoin, and Dogecoin. They have recently released a browser extension for Google Chrome allowing you to instantly buy any product online with the aforementioned currencies. They do charge a 5% service fee for everything except gift cards, where then there is a 1% service fee. You can lower the service fee however in numerous ways, ranging from


    | 2014/05/08 9:51 am
  • Fidor Bank This is not the first time Fidor has delved into the world of cryptocurrency. In fact, last October they partnered with a cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. Fidor becomes first bank to use Ripple, a payment protocol. Fidor, a Munich-based bank. Fidor states that they are implementing Ripple as a way that will benefit the consumers, with faster and more affordable means of transferring money, not just inside Fidors banks, but also across other banks

    Bitcoinist News round up

    | 2014/05/07 9:35 pm
  • Vaurum, a startup that offers code that banks and other financial institutions can use to offer Bitcoins, raised a $4 million seed round of funding from venture investor Tim Draper, former AOL CEO Steve Case, Battery Ventures and others. The Palo Alto startup led by CEO Avish Bhama was picked as one of the best companies pitching at a Plug and Play Expo in December. Vaurum’s software helps financial institutions host their own Bitcoin exchanges. Bhama told me in

    Steve Case, Tim Draper back Bitcoin startup Vaurum in $4M seed funding

    | 2014/05/07 7:52 pm
  • Coinfinance.com is a new analytical and informative website about bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, DogeCoin, and AuraCoin. The platform currently supports 353 cryptocurrencies. The provided data allows visitors to have a clear outlook on an economy, based on bitcoin. The website is simple and clear to read and explore, where its front page has a chart that details the evolution of bitcoin’s price and compares it to the most popular exchange websites. It also includes

    CoinFinance Debuts Its New Website

    | 2014/05/07 12:17 pm
  • Only 24 days left till the conference takes place in Vienna, with admirable list of speakers and exhibitors! We all know that the next conference we are excited for will take place in Vienna, so let ́s make a summary of what can be expected from the conference. „We are definitely proud and excited to organize this event“ says event manager Andrej Sebesta and concludes „this will be a wonderful conference. I am very proud

    Vienna is getting ready to host the first Bitcoin conference in Central Europe!

    | 2014/05/07 10:04 am
  • Nick Spanos Nick Spanos is the founder of Bitcoin Center NYC, the city’s only brick-and-mortar organization dedicated to further adoption of Bitcoin.  From the center’s 40 Broad Street headquarters 100 feet from the NYSE, Nick directs all center functions including technology, finance, operations, and communications.  Nick’s prior experience runs the gamut of commercial fishing, entertainment, real estate, philanthropy, and politics.  Nick built his first computer in 1978 and is an Internet entrepreneur many times over. 

    Interview with the Founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC Nick Spanos

    | 2014/05/06 12:00 pm
  • What does bitcoin has to do with soccer? Well, It will be involved in the 2014 World Cup in Brasil as a donation form! This is how: Through this Bitcoin community donation program, you can help the important work of charities, scanning the QR code from a Fan in Brazil 2014 and give to a soccer FAN the possibility to win a free meal! Select a charity that you want to help and make your

    Bitcoin Brasil 2014 Donation World Cup

    | 2014/05/06 7:05 am
  • Rapper Nas invests into bitcoin startup Coinbase “Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (born September 14, 1973), better known simply as Nas  is an American rapper, songwriter and actor. Nas has released eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums and sold over 25 million records worldwide. Aside from rapping and acting, Nas is an entrepreneur through his own record label, retail sneaker store, and magazine publishing.” No surprise that he has been really interested in the crypto currency world along with his

    NAS invests into Bitcoin Startups

    | 2014/05/05 1:30 pm
  • If you have heard of the ominous Titan from KNC capable of hashing at 300 mh/s on scrypt, or perhaps the gridseeds or any other scrypt asics, a algorithm that was designed to be anti-asic and you’re a miner, you are most likely searching for the next coin to mine. Take Vertcoin into consideration as that coin. Here are some Vertcoin coin specifications. Vetcoins  has a 84 million Vertcoin max coin supply with block times

    Vertcoin: ASICs Beware!

    | 2014/05/05 7:18 am
  • Department of Defense to study bitcoin as possible terrorist threat! A division within the Department of Defense is investigating whether the digital currency bitcoin is a possible terrorist threat. The Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office is spearheading a program that will help the military understand how modern technologies could pose threats to national security, including bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the International Business Times reported. A memo detailing some of the CTTSO projects states, “The

    Bitcoin as a terrorist threat?

    | 2014/05/04 9:56 pm
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    It seems someone really wants LocalBitcoins users money or to take down their entire business… Here is LocalBitcoins press release: LocalBitcoins received a very dangerous attack against the site infrastructure on Saturday 3.5.2014. For now All user data and Bitcoins are safe; The site will be down for a while as the system is being rebuilt Details LocalBitcoins hosting provided received a request to restart the LocalBitcoins.com website server and give access to the server

    Attack against LocalBitcoins infrastructure 3.5.2014

    | 2014/05/04 1:09 am
  • If you are in the cryptocurrency scene you may have heard of this dark horse (no pun intended). Slowly chugging along at number 11 as of April 29, 2014, it has earned this spot with good reason.  What caused a price jump recently was the debut of Release Candidate one, or RC1 as its more commonly known by in the community, of their technology, Darksend. Before covering Darksend, it’s always good to know what the

    Darkcoin and Darksend: Why you should care…

    | 2014/05/03 11:04 am
  • Commercial Progression LLC, a drupal digital agency now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment allowing and encouraging electronic payments for web development, design, and strategic digital services. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that’s gaining traction nationally and within the State of Michigan. Commercial Progression is an active leader in the tech community, and seeing the growing interest with groups like the Michigan Bitcoin Consortium, the Ann Arbor Bitcoin Meetup, and the Troy

    Commercial Progression Now Accepts Bitcoin Payment

    | 2014/05/03 1:30 am
  • On May 2, 2014, Cloudhashing announced a merger with HighBitCoin, LLC. HighBitCoin provides advanced hardware solutions for Bitcoin mining. The two now unite under the banner of PeerNova, and are committed to providing distributed financial applications and transaction processing technology. Together, we will deliver a suite of applications based on the blockchain and related technologies. “We truly believe in a future where financial transactions are enabled by mutual trust in secure and proven algorithms. The bitcoin

    Cloudhashing and HighBitcoin announce a merger!

    | 2014/05/02 10:59 pm
  • SEATTLE — The first Bitcoin ATM has arrived in the northwest. Seattle-based Coinme fired up the ATM for public use Thursday afternoon at the Spitfire Grill in Belltown. The ATM was built by Robocoin, the main distributor of nine other Bitcoin ATMs scattered around the world, including one in California and another in Texas. It’s not your typical ATM, because this one allows users to buy or exchange Bitcoins for cash and vis versa.  New

    First Bitcoin ATM arrives to Seattle

    | 2014/05/02 1:30 pm
  • Here is an update on what is going on with the Bitcoin Foundation elections The Bitcoin Foundation  polls are closed now! The Bitcoinfoundation.org has updated as follows: Voting for the Bitcoin Foundation’s two open industry board seats ended last night at 11:59pm EDT. Results will be published here today at around 6:30pm EDT: https://vote.heliosv…_industry2014-3. “We had a great turnout for this round of voting and want to thank our industry members for getting so involved! Nearly 75% of

    Bitcoin Foundation elections

    | 2014/05/02 11:08 am