• Adblock Plus creators eyeo are out to put an end to misleading and false information online. Their new ‘Trusted News’ browser extension is aiming to take advantage of blockchain technology to create a decentralized database that classifies the integrity of information on the web. The Era Of ‘Fake News’ The past few years on the internet have been a tumultuous roller coaster ride which has ushered in waves of innovation and mass adoption around the globe.

    Adblock Plus Creators Enlist Blockchain To Fight ‘Fake News’

    | 2018/06/17 4:00 am
  • Due to the notorious volatility and unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies, many organizations and even governments are jumping on the bandwagon to ban them. As we move further into 2018, even the big tech firms are starting to put their foot down on crypto advertising. Such a huge widespread ban has the potential to severely hinder the future development of the crypto industry. Google and Facebook Have Banned ICO Advertisements Some of the Internet’s largest advertising platforms,

    What Does the Future of ICO Advertising Look Like?

    | 2018/06/14 10:00 pm
  • Keplertek has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm after selling all million of its pre-sale KEP tokens made available during within the first week of its launch. Each token is valued at $1.25 and the total supply is 100 million. The remaining tokens available for sale will be sold during the three stages of the initial coin offering. The first stage will offer a very generous bonus of 20 percent on all purchases, decreasing to 10 

    NASA Competition Winner to Join Keplertek’s Promising Project

    | 2018/06/12 12:00 am
  • The Catholic Church is probably not the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of blockchain. However, according to uCatholic, this is exactly where the technology could be heading to next. The term “Catholicism” may bring to mind images of dusty scrolls, solemn sermons, and centuries-old methods of performing tasks. But it seems as though those very scrolls could soon be moved onto a distributed ledger. Ok, that may be a bit of an

    Is the Catholic Church the Next Stop on the Blockchain Train?

    | 2018/06/09 11:00 pm
  • Keplertek recently finished its Pre-Sale, thus concluding the final stage of its Pre-ICO. In total, all of the pre-sale tokens sold out within the first seven days — an incredible achievement that the team is understandably proud of. There is more and more talk about this amazing project, and rightfully so — so let’s take a deeper look at what makes Kepler Technologies truly special.  Robotics and AI on the Blockchain Robotics and AI are

    Keplertek: How Robotics and AI on the Blockchain Will Change the Future Forever

    | 2018/06/09 8:00 pm
  • Understanding price movements in financial markets is all about sentiment. On the face of it that might be an odd statement to make because surely prices defend on more fundamental factors than mere sentiment? That’s true at one level. Whether a company is making a profit, how much revenue it is generating, how much free cash flow it has, what its earning per share are, winning a big new order, making new partnerships, take-off bids,

    Blockchain Makes Sentiment Analysis Made Affordable to All

    | 2018/06/09 5:00 am
  • Waltonchain is a project that aims to create a business ecosystem which successfully integrates blockchain-based technology and Internet of Things (IOT). The project gained further publicity as it was invited to a major blockchain conference in China and it announced the release of a mid-end infrared receiver chip key to the project.   Waltonchain attempts to combine blockchain-based technology with RFID chips in order to successfully realize the value of IOT in its real-world application. At

    Waltonchain (WTC) Price Climbs as Company Releases Key Product

    | 2018/06/07 11:00 pm
  • US-based financial corporation American Express is researching how blockchain technology can provide solutions to issues such as fraud and identity protection. More and more financial services companies are exploring how blockchain technology can make a difference, not only in their existing processes but also in providing improved user experiences for their clientele. Amex on Board the Blockchain Train Mastercard is turning to the crypto-supporting technology as is American Express. According to TechRadar, the latter will make

    American Express Could Use Blockchain to Protect Clients’ Identities and Combat Fraud

    | 2018/05/24 9:00 pm
  • Blockchain apps are an integral part of the sprawling tech landscape in South Korea. The technology behind Bitcoin is no longer the exclusive preserve of the finance world in the country. From gaming to fitness, app developers compete against each other to capture the attention and imagination of the public. Fierce Competition Among IT Giants Usually, startup enterprises are the heart of blockchain innovation with established firms seemingly slow to come to the party. However,

    Blockchain Apps Take Over South Korea

    | 2018/05/21 11:00 pm
  • The tech world moves at a breakneck pace, which means that talent development is a constant concern in Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs. Skills that may be relevant one day are obsolete the next. Though different sources disagree on the size of the tech worker shortage, everyone agrees that one exists, particularly in specialized skill areas. Plenty of people aspire to fill these roles, but they often lack the education or connections to do

    Why Cryptocurrency and Talent Development Go Hand in Hand

    | 2018/05/20 8:00 am
  • Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital is taking tokenization to the next level. The VC firm is set to convert paper shares of a company into digital token assets. These assets will then be issued to raise capital for the business. Somewhere Between an IPO and an ICO ICOs emerged as a fundraising revelation for startups in 2017. Many campaigns raised millions of dollars showing that perhaps VCs were a dying breed. However, government regulations seem to

    Tokenization of Shares – VC Firm Converts Company Stock to Cryptocurrency Token

    | 2018/05/20 6:00 am
  • As cryptocurrency interest and trading continues to grow in South Africa, some retailers are hoping to cash in. The country will soon be the second in southern Africa to launch a crypto ATM. After February’s election of Cyril Ramaphosa as South Africa’s new president, things seemed to be looking up. However, the country is now facing new challenges with the ongoing land reform debate as well as continued allegations of corruption in the country’s government.

    South Africa Gets Its First Multi-Currency Crypto ATM

    | 2018/05/19 4:00 am
  • Forget the Rocky Mountains. The US state of Colorado is hoping to make a name for itself as a blockchain hub in America. They’ve put through two bills supporting this, but only one has made it through the Senate gauntlet. Crypto regulations seem to be up in the air in most countries, but this hasn’t stopped certain US states from taking the initiative to actively be a part of the decentralized revolution. According to the

    Colorado: A Tale of Two Blockchain Bills

    | 2018/05/12 1:00 am
  • Bitmain, the Chinese chip maker, is manufacturing hardware and chips that deliver such hash power that those using them could end up controlling the Ethereum transaction confirmation process, obliterating small miners. As a result, Ethereum developers are fiercely working on countermeasures, such as Casper, to dramatically change the mining process. Ether Miners Are Facing Their Biggest Battle Ethereum developers are working full time on countermeasures against the advent of new and more powerful computer hardware

    The Rise of Computer Power Threatens Ethereum Miners

    | 2018/05/10 1:00 am
  • Power Ledger, the Australian-based blockchain startup is helping restore power to Puerto Rico. The U.S. commonwealth island was hit by severe hurricanes in September 2017. The devastation caused by the storms in addition to the loss of life and property also destroyed a significant portion of the country’s electrical grid. Power Ledger: Blockchain-powered Electricity Supply in Puerto Rico Power Ledger is partnering with local firms to establish the Island’s power infrastructure. Jemma Green, the company’s co-founder

    Power Ledger is Helping Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Electrical Grid

    | 2018/05/09 3:00 am
  • Secondary ticketing in the UK is a billion-dollar problem, one that Aventus hopes to solve with blockchain technology. Whether it’s your favorite football match or your music idol’s concert, front-row tickets are probably what you’re after. However, if they happen to be sold out by the time you can afford them, you might be tempted to purchase these tickets from unscrupulous secondary parties. Prepare to be met with counterfeit tickets and sky-high prices. According to

    Blockchain Technology to Combat Dodgy Ticket Resales

    | 2018/05/06 6:00 pm
  • Nikolai Nikiforov, the Russian Communications Minister, has said the government might ban Viber the same way it did Telegram. According to the minister, failure to comply with the request by the Federal Security Service (FSB) for encryption keys could see the app banned in the country. The FSB recently secured a court ruling prohibiting Telegram from operating in Russia. Viber May Be Banned If It Fails to Comply According to reports in the local media,

    Russia Targets Another Messaging App, May Ban Viber

    | 2018/05/04 10:00 am
  • Rod Garratt, a former Fed executive believes blockchain technology will soon kickstart a full-blown cashless economy in the United States. Cashless economy implementation has been a decidedly difficult task due to gross mistrust of the government by the American people. Garrett, however, believes that blockchain technology might hold the key to actualizing a truly cashless society in America. The Sweden Cashless Economy Example Garratt identified Sweden as an example of a functioning cashless economy. In

    Blockchain Technology Adoption could Kickstart Cashless Economy in the U.S.

    | 2018/04/28 7:00 am
  • The term ‘first-time-ever’ may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about a brothel. However, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada could definitely claim the term as it recently accepted its first Bitcoin payment. One of the benefits of Bitcoin is that it offers a high-level of anonymity and even though prostitution is legal in the US state of Nevada, paying customers might not want evidence of it in the

    Brothel Goes All the Way and Accepts Its First Bitcoin Payment

    | 2018/04/26 5:00 am
  • As interest in cryptocurrencies continues, so does FOMO. Mining is one way to get in on the action, but some cities aren’t taking too kindly to the high power consumption that goes along with it. Cryptocurrency is a billion-dollar industry, increasing in worth the greener the markets get. Mining is an essential part of this industry and offers cryptocurrency miners a chance to be a part of the crypto revolution. In addition to the right computer

    Crypto Mining Becoming a Concern in Some US Cities

    | 2018/04/25 1:00 am
  • March this year saw the US city of Atlanta faced with a ransomware attack. Even though the hackers didn’t get away with their $50k in bitcoins, the city did pay over $2.6 million to ensure that they won’t be vulnerable to a similar threat again. As we move towards a paperless society, governments rely more and more on online systems to make processes easier for themselves and the rest of the citizens. Cryptocurrencies are another

    Why Atlanta’s $50k Ransomware Threat Turned into a $2.6 million Cybersecurity Upgrade

    | 2018/04/24 10:00 pm
  • For many, the term “blockchain” may seem synonymous with bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general. It’s a logical connection to make, but blockchain technology is so much more than that. As a powerful distributed ledger technology, blockchain has the potential to positively transform many existing lines of business. One of the areas set to benefit the most from the burgeoning technology is advertising and marketing, especially in the form of influencer marketing. According to Werner Geyser,

    As Blockchain Becomes a Game Changer for Influencer Marketing, AdTech Platforms Wants to Lead the Way

    | 2018/04/23 8:30 pm
  • In an attempt to make it easier for their Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients to create blockchain-based solutions, the company introduced ‘AWS Blockchain Templates’. They will enable users to create and to launch their own blockchain networks. Launching a new inroad into the world of blockchain technology, AWS introduced the ‘instant’ blockchain templates. They allow users launch public and private networks based on Ethereum and private ones based on Hyperledger Fabric with ‘just a few

    Amazon Web Services Introduces Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchain Templates

    | 2018/04/23 1:30 am