• Of all extant cryptocurrencies – over 1,500 – those restricted to mobile platforms, wallets, and exchanges comprise a fairly small portion. Yet despite ERC20 and utility tokens’ dominance in the ICO landscape, there is a high potential for mobile-only cryptocurrencies to democratize mining and dramatically decrease transaction costs. Potentially, this makes mobile-based cryptocurrencies, in aggregate, a foundation for tangible and tractable work to reverse the remaining and foundational problems seen with dominant cryptocurrencies today. The

    Mobile Crypto Mining Democratizes Cryptocurrency for Everyone

    | 2018/04/20 4:30 am
  • Telegram, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, has been shut down by the Russian government.  “Privacy Is Not for Sale” A recent Forbes article has reported that the Russian government has moved on shutting down Telegram, the major messaging platform, in Russia. The FSB, Russia’s main intelligence agency, requested the encryption keys for the app multiple times, but the messaging platform refused to hand them over. The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov,

    Telegram Could See Its Token Benefit from Russian Ban

    | 2018/04/18 10:00 am
  • Eligma is a cognitive commerce platform which aims to change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online by utilizing both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Bitcoinist sat down with CEO Dejan Roljic to learn more about the Eligma platform and how it will change the way consumers and merchants interact and do business. Bitcoinist: Eligma aims to disrupt e-commerce. What is the biggest problem with the industry today, and where does Eligma

    Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic: Blockchain and AI-Based Platform Will ‘Transform the Commerce Industry’

    | 2018/04/17 11:00 pm
  • Samsung Electronics Co. is the latest big name to show a keen interest in the powers of blockchain technology, specifically, how it can be incorporated into their supply chain management processes. Even though cryptocurrencies may still be getting critiqued, it’s supporting technology is being more readily adopted. The advantages of blockchain such as security and immutability, are major drawcards for companies that rely heavily on record keeping, such as healthcare, finance, and even art. Blockchain to aid

    Samsung Delves Deeper into Crypto Exploring Blockchain for Its Logistics

    | 2018/04/16 5:00 pm
  • Mastercard has their hiring eye on blockchain specialists. The massive corporation seeks to further incorporate the technology into their company and needs skilled help to do it. Long gone are the days when “blockchain” was a term synonymous only with cryptocurrencies. Yes, it is the supporting technology for digital currencies. However, its benefits have far-reaching implications, and not just in the financial industry. Sectors like healthcare and supply chain management can capitalize on this type

    Blockchain Experts in Demand at Mastercard

    | 2018/04/14 5:00 am
  • Days before the crowdsale starts, blockchain startup Eligma presented the development process of their AI-driven platform. After having presented the solution and the plan to enable cryptocurrency transactions for everyday shopping with their system Elipay, the Eligma team presented the alpha version of their AI-driven category predictor – a module that presents the basis for their innovative discovery feature. They also made the code available on their GitHub. In order to be able to further

    Eligma Is the AI Project to Impact the Online Shopping as We Know It

    | 2018/04/06 9:00 pm
  • As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate, an issue has become clear across the board: there is a severe shortage of skilled engineers to keep up with the pace. According to The Asahi Shimbun, this is one of the reasons given by Coincheck for their devastating hack in January. The exchange’s CEO, Koichiro Wada, explained: We were aware we didn’t have enough people working on internal checks, management and

    Engineers in Short Supply for Japan’s Red Hot Crypto Market

    | 2018/04/06 7:00 pm
  • Waves’ new framework – WavesGo – makes it faster and easier than ever to deploy gateways for new cryptocurrency coins. The Waves Ecosystem Continues to Expand The Waves ecosystem already offers the fastest blockchain in the world, a safe and secure multifunctional wallet, a decentralized exchange, and the ability to issue your own tokens. Now, Waves continues to benefit the cryptocurrency community as a whole by making the creation of gateways easier and more seamless

    WavesGo Lets You Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Gateway

    | 2018/04/02 7:30 pm
  • Blockchain technology is slated to help secure and verify election results in Russia, as well as the United States. Blockchain Choose You In an effort to provide a more safe and secure system for voters, Russia’s Central Election Commission is planning on implementing a blockchain-based voting system protected against hacking, rigging, and other forms of election fraud. Russian politician Ella Pamfilova declared on the Moscow Calling radio station earlier this week: I will discuss this

    Russia Plans on Securing Elections with Blockchain Technology

    | 2018/03/31 10:00 pm
  • Cyber attacks already take a heavy toll on companies the world over, and things are only going to get worse. However, R3Sec offers a solution to minimize intrusion time while making life miserable for would-be cybercriminals. Cyber Attacks Cost Companies Billions Cybersecurity threats can cost companies millions of dollars. To date, $1.2 billion has already been stolen from cyber attacks, and threats to cybersecurity may cause an estimated $6 trillion per year in damages by

    Taking Cyber Security to the Next Level with R3Sec

    | 2018/03/31 7:00 pm
  • A patent application filed by Ford describes a Cooperatively Managed Merge and Pass (CMMP) system that would allow drivers needing to travel quickly to use less congested lanes, and travel more freely, by paying other drivers in cryptocurrency. Other road users would move to slower moving lanes and allow a paying driver to merge or pass. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Cooperation to Marshal Traffic Primarily, the patent, filed on September 16th, 2016, describes a system for “vehicle-to-vehicle cooperation

    Could Ford Enable Drivers to Pay in Crypto for Freedom of the Fast Lane?

    | 2018/03/31 4:00 am
  • Cryptocurrencies are all over the news these days, but we also hear a lot about the underlying technology: blockchain. Regulators and traditional financial gatekeepers are some of the first to speak critically of bitcoin, yet highly of blockchain, but why is that? Why are businesses interested in the technology driving the majority of cryptocurrencies? We hear about blockchain in the news all the time, but not everyone in the crypto world can point to some

    IBM’s New ‘World’s Smallest Computer’ is Built for Blockchain

    | 2018/03/30 1:00 pm
  • The US state of West Virginia has become the first state to test a blockchain-based mobile app for voting. This project will initially only be available to out-of-state military personnel. The benefits of blockchain technology have been widely publicized, especially after cryptocurrencies started stealing the headlines last year. Core characteristics such as immutable records, security, and efficiency means that it can be integrated into a wide variety of industries, such as supply chain management and

    West Virginia Leads the Blockchain-Based Voting Pack in the US

    | 2018/03/30 5:00 am
  • Investment trade enhancement company, Capitalise.AI is launching a Beta group to test its unique DIY platform that translates plain text English into executable algorithmic programs. These programs or “fully working automatic trading” are plugged directly into exchanges, identifying trends and executing trades according to the strategies of their owners. The Growing Trend of Automated Trading The use of algorithmic executions in the form of trading bots to manage digital asset portfolios is growing in popularity. Both

    Capitalise Launches Beta Group for Translating Plain Text English to Crypto Trading Bots

    | 2018/03/21 4:00 pm
  • The team behind Eligma, an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform, announced the first of many features, which they will start testing in the first Bitcoin city this April. The Elipay system, platform’s cryptocurrency transaction system, is set to enable cryptocurrency transactions for all users – be it online or offline. In their early development and testing phase and during the crowdsale campaign, which Eligma is currently running, they are planning on showcasing the usability

    ELIpay Enabling Crypto Transactions in the First Bitcoin City

    | 2018/03/16 5:00 am
  • Thomson Reuters is set to track and analyze mentions of Bitcoin – the dominant cryptocurrency by market capitalization – across hundreds of social media and news websites. Mainstream Analysis Canadian multinational mass media and information firm Thomson Reuters is to track and analyze conversations about Bitcoin across hundreds of news and social media websites, in an effort to help keep investors interested in the dominant cryptocurrency ahead of the curve. As reported by Reuters, this

    Thomson Reuters Now Tracking Bitcoin Sentiment

    | 2018/03/12 9:30 pm
  • Finding and selling the right product online is a chore in and of itself, with what feels like an infinite number of online shops, vendors, and loyalty programs wasting your time and keeping your personal information far from secure. Luckily, Eligma is about to change all that. Every Household is a Business Eligma is a cognitive commerce platform which aims to change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online by utilizing both

    Eligma – a Cognitive Commerce Platform

    | 2018/03/08 5:00 pm
  • The moment that the Neurocontrol community has been waiting for is finally here. Neurogress has made its source code publicly available, proving once and for all that their vision and technology are the real deal. Neurogress is a decentralized platform of neural control systems based on AI-driven software and user-driven algorithmic training, which allows for the control of electronics, software, and hardware to feel more natural than ever before. Neurogress’ mission is to build a

    Neurogress Begins Shaping the World by Sharing its Source Code

    | 2018/03/08 9:30 am
  • The concept of “social physics” was first defined in the 19th century by Auguste Comte as “science which occupies itself with social phenomena, considered in the same light as astronomical, physical, chemical, and physiological phenomena, that is to say as being subject to natural and invariable laws, the discovery of which is the special object of its researches.” Social physics uses mathematical tools drawn from physics to gain insight into the behavior of human crowds.

    What Do Social Physics, AI, and Blockchain Have in Common?

    | 2018/03/07 10:30 am
  • Serial entrepreneur Chris Snook says that it’s still not too late to jump on the blockchain boat as the new tech leads the way into a token economy. If there’s one thing that wakes up investors in the middle of the night with a cold sweat is the fear of missing out (FOMO). Not recognizing revolutionary new technology or seeing an upcoming economic seismic change is a fear that practically every investor has. It’s true

    Serial Entrepreneur: Not Too Late to Get on the Blockchain Boat

    | 2018/03/05 3:00 am
  • Innovative companies are rushing to create real-world business applications that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. For example, JD.Com, the largest retailer in China, recently launched a new accelerator, AI Catapult, to build new businesses and applications using AI and blockchain technology. Separately, Porsche is introducing various blockchain and AI solutions into its smart cars. The Benefits of Combining AI and Blockchain Academia and the business world are focusing on the fantastic benefits that

    The Awesome Power of Combining AI and Blockchain

    | 2018/03/03 3:30 pm
  • Porsche is officially the first automobile manufacturer to both implement and successfully test the blockchain directly in vehicles, thanks to Berlin-based start-up XAIN. Blockchain. There is No Substitute. In the race to implement blockchain technology into consumer automobiles, Porsche is firmly in the lead. According to the company’s official newsroom, the German automobile manufacturer tested remotely locking and unlocking vehicles via a blockchain-powered app, as well as temporarily granting access authorizations. Additionally, Porsche is testing

    Porsche Leads the Pack in Race for Automotive Blockchain Integration

    | 2018/03/01 3:00 pm
  • Car owners in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates will soon be able to track their vehicles entire life history, thanks to a government-backed blockchain platform. What’s Your Car’s Story? According to Arabian Business, the transportation authority of Dubai has unveiled plans to create a blockchain-based vehicle management system, allowing owners to track their vehicle throughout the duration of its existence — from its construction to its destruction. Initially, the blockchain-powered platform will only track

    Dubai to Launch Blockchain-Powered Automobile Tracking Service

    | 2018/02/28 7:00 pm