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Interview: Bitcoin Gambling Guide, Review Website for Gambling

BitcoinGG Bitcoin

Interview: Bitcoin Gambling Guide, Review Website for Gambling


Bitcoin Gambling Guide, or BitcoinGG for short, is a website with one sole purpose: provide a single location to where anyone can read an unbiased review about the top Bitcoin gambling websites. Established in 2013 by Chris Evans and another developer that is working behind the scene, I had the opportunity to talk to Chris Evans about his project.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide

1. In your own words, what is Bitcoin Gambling Guide?

Bitcoin Gambling Guide is the number 1 source of information and market review for players, operators, content providers and regulators. We have the deepest and most updated information for the market from different aspects of it. ( and its my project :) )

2. Why do you think it took so long for something like this to occur; why has no one in the bitcoin space done this before?

There is competition and there are other marketer doing nice stuff. Bitcoin Gambling Guide advantage is the focus, we focus on the market itself. We are not affiliates and we do not rank operators because they are paying us to rank them high. Our ranking system is based on players reviews, complaints ( open or closed ) and information sharing by the operators. This way we ensure legit, objective and transparent listing. Disclaimer – we do see ad spots via our partner agency – CoinPoint.

3. How does your review process work?

In order to review new game, slots provider, live dealers providers or an operator we basically do three things: 1. We talk to the operator, ask them questions, seek for information, tackle the live support and more. 2. We play some, especially at the unique games ( since many games we already know ) 3. We provide the platform for the operator to add info. In our system, the casino representative for example have access to his page, he can add bonuses, review, news and more. This is his platform to market his business.

Thanks for your time Chris.

For more information:

Do you use Bitcoin Gambling Guide? Now that you know about it, will it become a resource you use when reviewing gambling websites? Let us know in the comments below! 

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