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  • Lightning Network RC1 Release 'Completes Bitcoin Mainnet Transactions' Bitcoin, Bitcoin Technology, Blockchain Technology, News, News teaser

    Lightning Network RC1 Release ‘Completes Bitcoin Mainnet Transactions’

    Lightning Network transactions have successfully deployed on Bitcoin’s mainnet, marking the first step in a tech upgrade, which will likely transform user experience.  Lightning Hits Bitcoin Mainnet As cryptocurrency trader and commentator Vortex noted on Christmas Day, Lightning’s RC1 has had a tentative release and “mainnet (transactions) have been completed.” The Lightning Network is perhaps the most hotly-awaited so-called ‘layer two’ upgrade for the Bitcoin network. Once active, users will be able to send BTC

    · December 26, 2017 · 12:30 pm
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    BitPay Backpedals on Payment Limits

    Online Bitcoin payments provider BitPay announced last week that the minimum accepted payment would be $100. This was in response to escalating Bitcoin transaction fees during the big sell off. However, just two days later, the provider backpedaled to restore the previous minimum of $5. Last week saw Bitcoin’s biggest selloff this year, even bigger than the Chinese ICO ban in September. The crypto coin dumped 40% of its value in a matter of days,

    · December 26, 2017 · 6:30 am
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    SegWit, Tony? BitPay CEO’s Fee Estimates ’20x Too High’

    BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi has received widespread condemnation after complaining non-SegWit Bitcoin fees were too high. Newbery: Customers Should Vote With Their Feet In a series of tweets, Gallippi, whose payment provider is yet to implement SegWit, implied Bitcoin was unspendable by over half of wallets. He had used a fee estimate “20x too high,” responses then retorted, with engineer John Newbery pointing out that fees for three previous blocks were 22 satoshis/ byte or

    · November 17, 2017 · 6:00 am
  • Coinbase 100% Overspends On Fees, Loses Up To '15 BTC Per Hour' Bitcoin, Companies, News, News teaser

    Coinbase 100% Overspends On Fees, Loses Up To ’15 BTC Per Hour’

    Coinbase has been described as “hemorrhaging money” this week after data showed it had been paying double transaction fees. Fees Glitch Adds To Coinbase Woes The overspending, likely due to a software problem, is the latest in a series of technical mishaps for the exchange and wallet provider. BitGo engineer Jameson Lopp originally raised the alarm Friday noting “something weird” was occurring on the Bitcoin network, tweeting: 12 hours ago an entity began sending BTC transactions

    · July 16, 2017 · 9:30 am
  • Bitcoin Fees Fall 34% As Bloated Mempool Deflates Bitcoin, News, News teaser

    Bitcoin Fees Fall 34% As Bloated Mempool Deflates

    Amid anger and even despair over Bitcoin’s fees, the recommended rate per transaction has quietly dipped by 34% amid a drop in mempool size. Bitcoin Fees Fall But Delays Stretch On From a recommended 450 satoshis per byte, figures this week have fallen to just 300 according to unnamed sources quoted by crypto angel investor Alistair Milne. Headlines you don't see: "Recommended Bitcoin transaction fees crash 33% in 24hrs" … down from 450sats/byte to 300 and

    · May 19, 2017 · 11:17 pm
  • Bitcoin Transaction Fees Surpass $1 For First Time Ever Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Transaction Fees Surpass $1 For First Time Ever

    For the first time in Bitcoin’s spectacular and controversial history, the cost of doing a Bitcoin transaction has easily passed the $1 mark, limiting the effectiveness of using Bitcoin for many transactions. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin. Whether it is Bitcoin acceptance in Japan, or Bitcoin’s market cap approaching $30 Billion, or the Bitcoin price nearing the $2000 summit. As we let the good time roll, no one is bringing up the creature in the

    · May 12, 2017 · 12:00 pm