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  • Workers Are Stealing Their Employers' Power to Mine Bitcoin Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Workers Are Stealing Their Employers’ Power to Mine Bitcoin

    Some reports claim that employers steal $15 billion from their employees annually by refusing to pay overtime or misclassifying workers. Now, employees are turning the tables and stealing their employers’ computing power to mine bitcoin. What’s Yours is Mine Mining bitcoin is a costly endeavor — so why not put those costs on your company’s electric bill? According to Nicole Eagan, CEO of cybersecurity company Darktrace, that’s exactly what thousands of employees are doing. The

    · April 14, 2018 · 9:00 pm
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    Russia’s Bitcoin Mining Industry Takes Root in Siberia

    One of the largest cryptocurrency mining farms in Russia is expected to start operations within a month at the “Divnyi” industrial park in the city of Divnogorsk, located in the remote Krasnoyarsk region. Russia’s Mining Industry Expands East Danil Zakomolkin, general director at BitBaza, revealed the plans on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on April 12th, according to Russian news agency TASS. He said: There will be a mining-farm, one of the largest in Russia.

    · April 13, 2018 · 3:00 pm
  • Chinese Cryptocurrency Mining Company Plans to File IPO Outside of China Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Chinese Cryptocurrency Mining Company Plans to File IPO Outside of China

    Canaan Creative, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer is planning to launch an IPO. A Bright Future for Cryptocurrency Mining They say a rising tide lifts all boats, and as the interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so too does the interest in cryptocurrency mining. As a result, GPU and ASIC equipment manufacturers have reported a drastic rise in demand. Following this trend, Hangzhou-based cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer Canaan Creative reported a surge

    · April 8, 2018 · 7:00 pm
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    Norway ‘Delighted’ to Welcome New Bitfury Mining Datacenter

    Bitcoin mining giant Bitfury has announced an “official partnership” with the Norway and local business leaders after meeting with government officials. Norway Partners with BitFury for Bitcoin Mining Bitfury, which develops both the software and the hardware solutions for mining businesses, has opened a new mining datacenter in the country of Norway. What’s more, Bitfury is planning on investing around $35 million USD worth into the project and  intends to hire about 30 local employees

    · March 20, 2018 · 7:00 am
  • MoonLite Confirms Power & Distribution for Massive Mining Operation in Iceland Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    MoonLite Confirms Power & Distribution for Massive Mining Operation in Iceland

    The MoonLite Project, which aims to dominate the cryptocurrency mining industry through the creation and operation of multiple industrial-scale data centers powered completely by green energy, has secured both power and distribution in a highly-competitive region of Iceland. Making Connections The MoonLite Project is based in the Keflavik — an area of Iceland which already houses a number of prominent data centers and is conveniently located near the main international airport. Securing energy in this

    · March 17, 2018 · 7:00 pm
  • Crypto Exchange Binance Goes Dark - 12 Hour Outage for Maintenance, System Upgrades Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Upstate New York Forcing Out Cryptocurrency Miners

    Looking to take advantage of low-cost electricity, cryptocurrency miners have set up shop in upstate New York — but municipal power authorities and locals aren’t welcoming them. On Thursday, the New York State Public Service Commission gave upstate municipal power authorities the power to charge higher rates to companies, which mine cryptocurrency. According to a release from the Commission, the ruling was a necessary measure to prevent the rise of local electricity prices for existing

    · March 17, 2018 · 4:00 pm
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    Marathon Launches Massive Bitcoin Mining Operation in Quebec

    Bitcoin mining operations have officially commenced today at Marathon Patent Group, Inc.’s new mining facility in Quebec, Canada.  Marathon, and a Sprint Marathon Patent Group, Inc. has commenced mining operations in Quebec. According to reports from NASDAQ via Globe Newswire, Marathon had previously announced the purchase of 1,400 Bitmain Antminer S9 miners — commonly known simply as Antminer S9s — on Feb. 8. A week later, Marathon announced that it had leased 26,700 square feet

    · March 12, 2018 · 11:30 am
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    Japanese Miners See Solar Energy as ‘Only Way’ to Stay Profitable

    Kumamoto-Energy, a local power producer in Japan, has announced that they will use solar energy for mining cryptocurrencies. Japan Looks to Greener Energy Cryptocurrency mining farms are trying to reduce costs and consume as less energy as possible, but sometimes the task is very difficult. Japanese miners are trying to consume renewable energy make mining activities more sustainable in the long term. Saburo Takashashi, a security analyst at Kansai Electric Power, says: This is a time for

    · March 10, 2018 · 3:00 pm
  • AsicBoost Halong's DragonMint Bitcoin Miner Set To Shatter Bitmains Mining Monopoly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Businesses, Bitcoin Technology, Mining, News, News teaser

    ‘Huge Development’: Overt AsicBoost Patent Crushes Bitmain Mining Monopoly

    Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Halong Mining has announced its AsicBoost patent has joined the Blockchain Defensive Patent License (BDPL) scheme. Bitcoin Network Gets ‘Friendly’ AsicBoost The highly-anticipated move, which challenges existing mining monopoly of competitor Bitmain, could revolutionize Bitcoin mining, with Litecoin creator Charlie Lee describing it as a “huge development.” Halong’s acquired patent differs from Bitmain’s “covert” AsicBoost technology, which caused outrage in Bitcoin circles last year, the patent representing a way of saving

    · March 7, 2018 · 8:30 am
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    Mapped: Cheapest & Most Expensive Countries To Mine Bitcoin

    Where you live in the world affects how profitable your Bitcoin mining operation is, according to an analysis of worldwide electric prices by lighting company Elite Fixtures. Bitcoinist reviewed the data and mapped the energy costs for mining 1 BTC across the globe. Electricity = Bitcoin Energy prices around the world vary depending on a range of factors, including government subsidies and access to natural resources. These same factors impact how much it costs to

    · March 6, 2018 · 2:30 am
  • MoonLite Aims to Dominate the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry with Green Energy Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    Moonlite.Io to Launch Completely Renewable Cryptocurrency Mining Operation

    Bitcoin mining has grown exponentially, and this has huge energy implications for the world. For mining to be sustainable into the future, renewable methods must be developed and used. The Time to Mine Crypto Has Passed for Many For many entering the cryptocurrency space, they come across the phrase “Bitcoin mining” and are immediately intrigued. Mining comes with the connotation of getting rich quick, striking a fortune, or getting lucky and earning a life-changing amount

    · March 1, 2018 · 4:30 am
  • Malaysian police arrest Bitcoin mining equipment thieves Bitcoin, Hardware, Mining, News, News teaser

    Malaysian Police Arrest Gang of Bitcoin Mining Equipment Thieves

    Police in Malaysia have arrested 9 individuals that were involved in the theft of Bitcoin mining machines, amounting to over $250,000 USD. Those that engage in the world of cryptocurrency have increasingly become the targets of criminals. The usual case of criminal mischief is of a person buying or selling virtual currency being robbed of the cash they’re carrying. Now it appears that Bitcoin mining equipment is no longer safe. Police in Malaysia have just

    · February 28, 2018 · 8:00 am
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    Louisiana Attorney General Fires Employees Over Cryptocurrency Mining

    Jeff Landry, Louisiana’s Attorney General, has opened a criminal investigation into the IT department of his own office. According to law enforcement officials, the investigation comes amid allegations of former staffers using state resources to mine Bitcoin. Landry’s office didn’t acknowledge the overhaul within its IT division for months, a move that resulted in the former director and a half-dozen employees being let go. No charges have been filed as of yet, but Landry confirmed that the

    · February 28, 2018 · 12:00 am
  • Bitmain Looking to Launch Canadian Bitcoin Mining Operation Bitcoin, Companies, Mining, News, News teaser

    Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Raked in $3 to 4 Billion in Profits Last Year

    It’s no secret that Bitcoin mining was a profitable business venture last year — but just how profitable was it? First to the Gold Rush 2017 was an extremely profitable year for Bitmain Technologies Ltd., a privately owned Bitcoin mining company headquartered in Beijing, China. In addition to operating several of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pools, Bitmain manufactures ASIC chips and the mining hardware that uses those chips. All total, the company raked in

    · February 25, 2018 · 3:00 pm
  • A Washington County is Taking Steps to Halt Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Bitcoin Mining is Booming in Iceland, But at What Cost?

    Bitcoin mining is booming in Iceland. Problem is, they don’t have enough energy to go around, and not everyone in the government is on board. Black Out Mining bitcoin – the process of confirming transactions across the blockchain – is an incredibly energy-consuming process. To meet the computational demands needed to actually turn a profit from cryptocurrency payouts, miners require top-tier hardware and cheap energy. Iceland provides the latter, but there isn’t enough for everyone.

    · February 13, 2018 · 12:00 pm
  • Russian Scientists in Top-Secret Warhead Facility Arrested for Mining Bitcoin Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Russian Scientists in Top-Secret Warhead Facility Arrested for Mining Bitcoin

    Scientists at a top-secret Russian nuclear research facility have been taken into custody after allegedly attempting to mine Bitcoin using a high-powered supercomputer. In Soviet Russian Nuclear Facility, Bitcoin Mines You Several scientists working in a top-secret nuclear warhead facility in the closed town of Sarov have been arrested by Russian authorities for allegedly attempting to mine Bitcoin with the facility’s supercomputer. “There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes

    · February 10, 2018 · 1:30 am
  • Bitcoin Has Triggered the Energy Arms Race Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Emerging Markets, Mining, News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    Bitcoin Has Triggered the Energy Arms Race

    4NEW, Powerledger, Wepower, Jibrell Networks, Earth Token, and KWHCoin are some of the players within the energy sector to have entered crypto over the past six months. One could argue that Bitcoin may have triggered the energy arms race as each company attempts to redefine how energy should be accessed by the community in the most scalable manner. Crypto-markets have experienced quite the turbulent journey over the past year. Not only has it risen sharply, it

    · February 9, 2018 · 7:30 pm
  • A Washington County is Taking Steps to Halt Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Cryptocurrency Mining Causing GPU Price Gouging, Even in Bundles

    You think Bitcoin miners are hurting these days? Ask PC gamers how they’re feeling! Buying in Bulk PC gaming enthusiasts looking to purchase top-tier GPUs to power their 4K and high frame-rate gaming experiences are quickly finding their dollars don’t quite stretch as far as they once did. GPU prices have skyrocketed well above their manufacturer’s suggested retail price — and it’s all thanks to cryptocurrency mining. Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is an incredibly taxing

    · February 9, 2018 · 1:30 am
  • Is Graphics Card-based Crypto Mining at Risk of Extinction? Bitcoin, Bitcoin Price, Markets and Prices, Mining, News, News teaser

    As Crypto Winter Continues, It’s Survival of the Fittest Among Bitcoin Miners

    As the price of Bitcoin continues its steep correction in 2018, Bitcoin miners find themselves fighting over scraps. Hunger Games The price of Bitcoin has fallen roughly 70% from its all-time high of nearly $20,000 in mid-December. Early Tuesday morning, the price of one Bitcoin nearly touched $6,000, before bouncing back to $7000. While this sharp decline in price potentially signals a buying opportunity for some savvy investors looking to grab some of the dominant

    · February 6, 2018 · 9:00 pm
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Businesses, Bitcoin Regulation, Mining, News, News teaser

    NY Power Authority CEO Wants to Give Cheap Electricity to Mine Bitcoin

    The New York Power Authority CEO has recommended that the organization approve a request for cheap energy towards Bitcoin mining in the town of Massena, New York. From Smokestacks to Server Racks The state of Washington immediately comes to mind when talking about bitcoin mining operations in the US. But New York? NCDC (North Country Data Center Corp), a subsidiary of Coinmint, is planning to set up a mining center at a closed site for

    · February 2, 2018 · 5:30 am
  • https://thumb9.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/3917828/758499382/stock-photo-bitcoin-close-up-on-keyboard-background-the-flag-of-ireland-is-shown-on-bitcoin-758499382.jpg Bitcoin, Bitcoin Education, Bitcoin Investment, Mining, News, News teaser

    How Does Bitcoin Work? Is It Really a Bubble?

    If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock. However, while many people know what Bitcoin is – and have even willingly put forward large amounts of their own money to invest in it, despite having heard of it for the first time yesterday – very few people know much more beyond that. You don’t need to know all the technical details behind Bitcoin to get started – that would

    · January 26, 2018 · 12:00 pm
  • Bonanza or Bubble? Insulate Yourself From Bitcoin Price Volatility Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser

    Bonanza or Bubble? Insulate Yourself From Bitcoin Price Volatility

    As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to languish far below its December high of around $20,000, speculation is rife as to whether this is the sound of the bubble bursting. The incredible recent volatility in BTC prices has in no way diminished the interest of investors, who are pondering what 2018 has in store for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Can it repeat 2017’s astonishing return? Are recent price swings based on the cryptocurrency’s actual utility and

    · January 24, 2018 · 5:30 pm
  • The Benefits Of Investing In The MoonLite ICO Altcoin News, Bitcoin, Mining, News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    The Benefits Of Investing In The MoonLite ICO

    As we’ve started seeing in recent years, blockchain technology genuinely has the potential to change the way we live, and hundreds of startups are spring from almost every corner with the promise of disrupting just about every industry. The success of bitcoin so far in making us how to rethink how we use money offers hope that, if the idea sounds good and it’s well implemented,  it’ll eventually become a success. Based on this fact,

    · January 18, 2018 · 2:15 pm