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    Hong Kong Traders Prefer Regulated US Markets for Bitcoin Futures

    Bitcoin futures traders in Hong Kong are turning away from the autonomous territory’s unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges, flocking instead to regulated US markets. Safety First December saw the launch of Bitcoin futures on both the CBOE and CME. Since then, trading volume has steadily increased as traders in Hong Kong turn their backs on their less secure domestic exchanges in favor of regulated US markets. TD Ameritrade CEO Gary Leung claims his is one such firm

    · February 12, 2018 · 6:30 pm
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    Scammers Sending Fake Emails to Spread Cryptocurrency FUD

    The crypto sphere is certainly no stranger to cryptocurrency FUD. Social media platforms and groups are awash with the stuff, so much so that it is becoming increasingly harder to find any reliable information on them. In the latest twist, bogus emails have been sent out to US media organizations over an alleged crackdown on cryptocurrency in China and Hong Kong. The mainstream media needs no encouragement for its ongoing denigration of Bitcoin and its

    · February 7, 2018 · 7:00 am