Bitcoin Education

Bitcoin education is paramount for those new to the concept of blockchain and digital currencies. At Bitcoinist we can offer educational material on all aspects of bitcoin and its underlying technology. Our team of researchers, analysts, journalists, business leaders, traders, and programmers has been working in the crypto space for years. Through a bitcoin education network we aim to offer up-to-date materials on a wide range of subjects in the field of bitcoin and blockchain. There is a lot to learn about bitcoin, from its early beginnings just over a decade ago when it was swapped for fun between cypherpunks, to the wild rides on volatile trading markets across the globe today. Bitcoin is more than just the blockchain, through an education network you can gain knowledge of its proof of work consensus mode, cryptography and merkle trees, possible methods of network attacks, and transaction protocols such as UTXOs. Bitcoin education can also extend to developments and improvements in the network such as the Lightning Network, Segregated Witness and different scaling solutions.

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