Bitcoin Wallet

There are a number of options when selecting a bitcoin wallet and finding the best one can be a challenge. The most popular, but probably the least secure, are exchange based hot wallets. These are part of your account at the bitcoin exchange, and where you store the BTC you buy and trade. The exchange can control your crypto as it holds the private key while you hold the public key. Exchanges can and do get hacked so hot wallets are not the best bitcoin wallets. Other wallets are from third party providers and can hold bitcoin and other crypto assets. Again the provider is responsible for the wallet so you are still reliant upon them and their integrity. Hardware bitcoin wallets are some of the best options. They enable you to store bitcoin and crypto assets offline in a cold wallet. Two of the most popular on the market today are from Ledger and Trezor though there are alternatives. Some smartphones such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 has bitcoin wallet functionality and the options will grow as the industry does. Bitcoinist researchers have tried and tested some of the top bitcoin wallets so we can recommend only the best ones.

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