Casino reviews

Online gambling became wildly popular back in the 1990s when the internet really started to take off. The industry is now worth in excess of $45 billion in the US and is expected to double in the next five years. Bitcoin, as a decentralized payment layer for the internet, is the next step in the evolution of casinos. Bitcoin casinos are springing up at a remarkable rate. The allow operators to avoid the rafts of regulations that are required by traditional casinos. With Bitcoin’s partially anonymous nature anyone can play whether gambling is legal or not in their own country, no bank account is necessary. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations as fraudulent bitcoin casinos flood the scene. Getting the best bitcoin casino reviews then becomes a paramount part of your digital gambling experience. At Bitcoinist we only review the most reputable bitcoin casinos to ensure you can make a more informed choice. Trustworthy bitcoin casino reviews can potentially save you satoshis so read on to find out more.