Dogecoin was introduced as a joke cryptocurrency way back in 2013. It rapidly developed its own community following which found affinity for the Japanese Shiba Inu dog from the "Doge" Internet meme that became its logo. As many others that followed have done, Dogecoin touted itself as a decentralized, fun and friendly internet currency. Its appeal for many stems from this community ethos of looking at the lighter side of things, unlike other crypto clans there is very little infighting or disputes for this Doggy friendly asset. DOGE spiked to $0.018 with a $2 billion market capitalization during the crypto peak of early 2018. There are currently 120 billion coins in circulation and Dogecoin has remained in the top thirty cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bitcoinist covers the latest Dogecoin news from developer updates, to new partnerships, crypto exchange listings and of course all Dogecoin technical analysis and price predictions.

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