What Would it Cost to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig Today?
Bitcoin Mining

What Would it Cost to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig Today?

Poolin.com has put together an updated analysis of the present cost of putting together a profitable Bitcoin mining rig. This information provides a unique insight into the...

Trevor Smith | 2 days ago
bitcoin bull cycle 600 days

Will the Current Bitcoin Bull Cycle Run for Another 600 Days?

A case study on past behavior envisions 2020 as the start of a new Bitcoin bull cycle, possibly lasting up to another 600 days. Halving Marks First Phase of Bitcoin Bull Cycle A...

Christine Vasileva | 1 month ago
Icelandic Bitcoin Mining Giant Takes on UK Company in £6 Million Lawsuit

Icelandic Bitcoin Mining Giant Takes on UK Company in £6 Million...

A new lawsuit filed by London-based Digital Capital Ltd. accuses Icelandic Bitcoin mining firm, Genesis Mining Iceland EHF, of failing to pay for the development and maintenance of its...

Ali | 2 months ago
Poloniex wallets gutted after Circle acquisition

Poloniex Wallets Gutted After Circle Acquisition

The decision of Circle, Inc. to spin off the Poloniex business and abandon the US market has led to an exodus of deposits from the market’s wallets. BTC and ETH Left the...

Christine Vasileva | 4 months ago
bitcoin price usd 1 million
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $1 Million After ‘Two More...

Bobby Lee expects Bitcoin price to reach $1 million in five to ten years after a couple of more bubbles.  Ballet crypto wallet founder, and ex-CEO and founder of one of China’s...

Ali | 5 months ago
How Many People Actually Have At Least 1 Bitcoin?

Bittrex Leaves Malta Amid New AML Regulations, Coincidence?

Leading crypto exchange, Bittrex, announced that it was leaving Malta last week and setting up new headquarters in Liechtenstein. According to a market onlooker, the relocation has...

Anatol Antonovici | 5 months ago
china president bitcoin bullish on blockchain

China’s Blockchain, Tech Stocks Surge on Xi’s Comments

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pro-blockchain comments were credited as the main reason behind the crypto market rally that has defied all expectations since last Friday. However...

Anatol Antonovici | 5 months ago
crypto users in US have doubled since 2018
Bitcoin Investment

Crypto Owners in US Have Risen 81% YTD

Although the United States is far from being pro-crypto, it is the country that has the largest number of cryptocurrencies hodlers. Most notably, according to a study commissioned by...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | 5 months ago
cc forum london bitcoin debate
Bitcoin Conference

CC Forum London: Bitcoin Basher Nouriel Roubini At Work Again

Bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini, aka Dr. Doom, hasn’t changed his mind on the utility and intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies. Speaking today at the blockchain and AI-oriented CC...

Anatol Antonovici | 6 months ago
bitcoin's smallest unit satoshi
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin’s Smallest Unit ‘Satoshi’ Gets Added To...

It’s official – Satoshi, the smallest divisible unit of bitcoin, is now an English word. While it has been used for years among the crypto community, the Oxford English Dictionary...

Anatol Antonovici | 6 months ago
bitcoin sv, craig wright
Altcoin News

Twitter Mentions of Bitcoin SV Down 87% Since May Highs

Bitcoin SV, an offshoot blockchain project that self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright supports, is losing touch with its core audience on Twitter.  Cryptocurrency researchers...

davitbabayan | 6 months ago
revolut card crypto

Revolut Seeks 3,500 Staff in Push for VISA Partnership Expansion

The Revolut fintech app is on an expansion drive, adding 3,500 people to its staff in a bid to outcompete VISA. The challenger bank is also a crypto-friendly app allowing exchanges to...

Christine Vasileva | 6 months ago