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Bitcoin Whale Sends 5,500 BTC to Binance Worth $33.8M

Twitter bot Whale Alert reported that 5,500 Bitcoin was moved from an unknown wallet to Binance, prompting fears that the transaction might lead to a significant drop in BTC price...

Anatol Antonovici | 2 days ago
Bitcoin Exchange

Binance to Open Office in Shanghai – Yes, Really

It looks as if Binance has gone ahead and achieved the impossible. In a landmark move, CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced that Binance Academy will officially set up an office in...

Christina Comben | 5 days ago
Bitcoin Markets Shed $34B This Week, When Bull Run?
Bitcoin Price

Daring Analyst Calls Bitcoin Crash to $2.4K Soon

With market data showing a range of conflicting signals, one analyst has now made a bold prediction that Bitcoin will soon see its largest price collapse in over a year. Whereas...

Trevor Smith | 6 days ago
Binance US Considers 18 new assets

Binance Distributes ‘HIVE’ Tokens, Ignores Cease and...

Despite Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. requesting a cease and desist order to stop using its name, Binance has gone ahead and completed the distribution of ‘HIVE’ crypto...

Christina Comben | 1 week ago
Binance Just Moved $470.8M of Bitcoin For This Tiny Fee

Binance Just Moved $470.8M of Bitcoin For This Tiny Fee

It must be nice to hold the same amount of Bitcoin as the mightly Binance. The behemoth exchange just moved $470.8mn worth of BTC (76,125) for a minuscule $1.50 fee. Binance Moved 76K...

Christina Comben | 2 weeks ago
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Crypto Trader Gets $0.0001 LINK Order Partially Filled on Binance

A trader who placed an order for LINK on Binance in January 2019, got extremely lucky when the asset flash crashed today on Binance. The trader’s order partially filled allowing them...

Ricardo Martinez | 3 weeks ago
Chainlink (LINK) Suffers Devastating Correction, What Happened?

Chainlink (LINK) Suffers Devastating Correction, Here’s Why

As the crypto markets took another dip on Thursday, Chainlink (LINK) saw the most dramatic shift in sentiment. The asset, which until recently defied gravity, could not continue on its...

Christine Vasileva | 3 weeks ago
This One Crypto Coin Has Defied Today's Market Crash

This One Crypto Coin Has Defied Today’s Market Crash

The entire crypto market remains in the red, with Bitcoin (BTC) dipping under $8,000. Yet ChainLink (LINK) is at the peak of another rally, still looking bullish. LINK Defies Market...

Christine Vasileva | 3 weeks ago
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Binance Boss Responds to OKEx CEO’s Offer for...

Well, this is starting to get a little awkward. Binance went down once again today due to a “message broker issue.” As Binance developers furiously worked on fixing the...

Christina Comben | 4 weeks ago
steem hostile takeover

Steem Goes Down After Major Exchanges Hijack Consensus Mechanism

In a move that has both stunned and infuriated the Steem community, major crypto exchanges have used the voting power of their held tokens to restructure the platform’s consensus...

Trevor Smith | 4 weeks ago
Bitfinex Prepares to Go on Crypto Delisting Spree

Bitfinex Prepares to Go on Crypto Delisting Spree

Bitfinex crypto exchange has announced it will start an immediate delisting spree this Wednesday, removing pairs with extremely low volumes.  Bitfinex Delisted Only Illiquid Pairs...

Christine Vasileva | 1 month ago