XRP falls behind Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin
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XRP Falls Behind Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin in Active Addresses

Evidence suggesting a change in investor behavior continues to grow as XRP and a handful of other projects see serious declines in crypto wallet addresses over the past 4 weeks.  XRP...

Trevor Smith | 14 hours ago
bitcoin price $100k
Bitcoin Price

Why The Bitcoin Halving Will Change Everything

In six weeks the number of Bitcoins produced with each block will be reduced to 6.25. This reward halving has long been predicted to put upward pressure on the price. One analyst is...

Trevor Smith | 18 hours ago
Did Somebody Turn Off the Bitcoin Cash Transaction Generator?
Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin Network Activity Has Plunged, What is Going On?

The crypto market is recovering from the price drop earlier this month, yet the daily number of Bitcoin transactions continues to decline. This data anomaly reflects changes underway...

Trevor Smith | 2 days ago
3 Reasons Why bitcoin Markets Have Crashed Today
Bitcoin Acceptance

3 Ways Bitcoin Will Emerge Stronger After the Economic Crisis

The world is now facing its worst financial crisis in decades, with fears growing that a years-long recession may have begun. However, this economic turmoil will also play a key role...

Trevor Smith | 2 days ago
Bitcoin Enters Most Bullish Yearly Quarter, Will 2020 Deliver?

Bitcoin Enters Most Bullish Yearly Quarter, Will 2020 Deliver?

With the global disruption lately, you may not have noticed that Q1 is coming to an end. But tomorrow kicks off the start of the second quarter–traditionally bullish for Bitcoin...

Christina Comben | 2 days ago
Does Bitcoin Price Follow a '4-Year Cycle'?
Bitcoin Price

Does Bitcoin Price Follow a ‘4-Year Cycle’?

Bitcoin and crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen has released a video that takes issue with the cyclical price theories held by many crypto advocates. By examining Bitcoin’s four-year price...

Trevor Smith | 4 days ago
blockchain covid 19 coronavirus

Will Blockchain and Crypto Be Used Against Us After Covid-19 Clears?

More than a decade ago, Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled an intelligent virtual money system based on blockchain, which could be adopted globally without the fear of government or corporate...

Anatol Antonovici | 7 days ago
Former Locke Lord Attorney Faces OneCoin Laundering Charges

Feds Battle OneCoin Launderer’s Acquittal Motion

Federal prosecutors have replied to Mark Scott’s attempt to have his OneCoin fraud convictions dismissed. Last year a jury found Scott guilty of laundering USD $400 million for the...

Trevor Smith | 1 week ago
Gaming ripple

Ripple-Backed Forte Adds 5 More Gaming Partners

Ripple partner Forte announced that it had teamed up with five game developers to leverage its blockchain platform for mobile and PC games. Forte Partners with Makers of Power Rangers...

Anatol Antonovici | 1 week ago
tezos bull market begun
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Tezos Lawsuit Nears Conclusion, XTZ Bulls Eye $2

After more than two years of litigation the Tezos Foundation has agreed to settle the USD $25 million lawsuit levied against it by several early investors. This move could open the...

Trevor Smith | 1 week ago
NEO Developer Account Unlocks 1.6 Million Tokens

NEO Developers Unlock 1.6 Million Tokens, Huge Crash Incoming?

The leading Chinese-based platform, NEO, could see a jump in volatility as over USD $11 million in tokens is set to be dumped on the market. The amount represents 2.3 percent of the...

Trevor Smith | 1 week ago
BitMix.Biz bitcoin mixing service

Bitcoin Mixer BitMix.Biz Helps Crypto Users Who Value Privacy

Privacy is of the most valued features of Bitcoin, but AML/KYC requirements are making it less relevant. Fortunately, BitMix.Biz can help you move your crypto funds without being...

Bitcoinist | 1 week ago