Brad Garlinghouse Ripple CEO

Ripple Lawsuit Plaintiffs Put CEO in the Crosshairs

Plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint against Ripple Labs in their two-year long lawsuit against the blockchain-based company. The modified lawsuit puts new pressure on Ripple...

Trevor Smith | 8 months ago
garlinghouse ripple xrp
News teaser

Ripple CEO Voices Outrage Over Fake XRP Scams

When the co-founder of SPQR Media (and presumably Ripple supporter) alerted Brad Garlinghouse of a fake YouTube account using his name, the Ripple CEO lost his calm. He took to Twitter...

Christina Comben | 8 months ago
bitcoin energy

Ripple Chief Critical of Bitcoin, Ethereum ‘Wasteful’ Energy Consumption

As if there wasn’t enough tribalism within the crypto community already, Ripple’s CEO has blatantly bashed bitcoin and Ethereum for their energy consumption and carbon foot print...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
Ripple Returns XRP Tranche Days After Escrow Release

Ripple Locks Up 90% of Latest XRP Escrow Release

Ripple continues to follow its policy of holding back most XRP tokens from its escrow account. This time, 90% of tokens were returned to the locked address. Most of This Month’s...

Christine Vasileva | 9 months ago
Ripple Launches New XRP Fraud Reporting Procedure

Ripple Launches New XRP Fraud Reporting Procedure

The company has created a page on its website where foul-play can be reported. This move represents the increasing attempts by Ripple to establish itself as a key player in global...

Trevor Smith | 10 months ago
garlinghouse ripple xrp
News teaser

Ripple to Become the Amazon of Crypto By 2025: Brad Garlinghouse

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple took to the airwaves and spoke with CNN’s Julia Chatterly about the current state of Ripple, XRP, and the company’s plans for 2020. Garlinghouse...

Ricardo Martinez | 10 months ago
garlinghouse ripple xrp

Ripple CEO Boasts Of Huge XRP Gains In 2020

Responding to critics, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has drawn attention to XRP’s impressive gains during the first few weeks of this year. Although the platform is clearly having a...

Trevor Smith | 10 months ago
Ripple's XRP 'Expected to See a Major Devaluation': Boom Bust Anchor

Ripple’s XRP ‘Expected to See a Major Devaluation’: Boom Bust Anchor

In a recent episode of Boom Bust, anchor Christy Ai, stated that we’re “expected to see a major devaluation” of Ripple’s XRP asset, following a discussion about...

Christine Vasileva | 10 months ago
Ripple IPO could affect XRP

Will a Ripple IPO Spell Doom for XRP Prices?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal at Davos 2020, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse pretty much-confirmed intentions to take the company public. The effects on XRP as an...

Martin Young | 11 months ago
3 Positive Takeaways From the Crypto Market Meltdown

3 Reasons Why XRP is Climbing Right Now

Ripple’s XRP is booming at the start of the new year, suddenly spiking by 8% on January 6. In the past few days, the coin started showing signs of a revival, and has now returned to...

Christine Vasileva | 11 months ago
garlinghouse ripple xrp

Ripple CEO Predicts Market Migration Toward ‘Quality Cryptocurrencies’

A recent episode of The Ripple Drop saw executives give their predictions on the state of the crypto world in 2020 and beyond. Ripple Team Looks to the Future Ripple has recently...

Ali | 11 months ago
ripple xrp adoption
Altcoin News

Ripple Secures $200 Million to Increase XRP Adoption

It seems Ripple is pretty serious about pushing XRP adoption in a massive way. The San Francisco based fintech firm announced a $200 million funding on Thursday for the same.  Ripple...

Himadri Saha | 12 months ago

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