coinbase ceo crypto 2020

Coinbase CEO Gets Payment Blocked By US Bank, Crypto Fixes This

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong took to Twitter to complain about his recent user experience with two popular legacy fiat payment apps. Armstrong reportedly tried to send a payment to a...

Ricardo Martinez | 5 days ago
Coinbase CEO Says Consider Crypto

‘Consider Crypto’ Says Coinbase CEO as US Debt Skyrockets

Coinbase CEO  Brian Armstrong has recommended crypto-assets, once again, as the solution to economic woes, debt-monetization, and other problems facing the global economy. Armstrong...

Ricardo Martinez | 3 weeks ago
coinbase ceo crypto 2020

Coinbase Boss Thinks This Will Happen to Crypto in 2020s

Crypto is entering its second decade, after 10 years of highly dynamic development. Brian Armstrong, CEO, and co-founder of Coinbase revealed his expectations for the coming decade...

Christine Vasileva | 1 month ago
coinbase batch transactions bitcoin
Bitcoin Businesses

Coinbase CEO Confirms Batched Transactions Coming ‘in a Few...

If we wanted to create a list of culprits slowing down Bitcoin adoption for all, Coinbase would rank pretty high. However, in a tweet yesterday, CEO Brian Armstrong finally confirmed...

Christina Comben | 9 months ago

Former Hacking Team Members Will ‘Transition Out’ of...

In an attempt to rectify the ongoing public relations nightmare for Coinbase, CEO Brian Armstrong has stated that former members of Hacking Team will be transitioned out of the...

Georgi Georgiev | 12 months ago
changpeng zhao binance
Bitcoin Exchange

Binance CEO Says ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be a Competition’...

Upon the news that crypto to crypto trading is now live on Coinbase, TheCryptoDog blockchain investor and commentator announced that the competition was officially on between Coinbase...

Christina Comben | 1 year ago
Venezuela Coinbase

Coinbase Slammed For Venezuela ZCash Airdrop Being an...

US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has received intense criticism for giving Venezuelan families a grand total of $1 per day – in altcoin ZCash, which it added to its books days...

Esther Kim | 1 year ago

Coinbase Says Top Executive Adam White Is Leaving the Company

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase says Adam White, who leads the institutional platform group, is leaving the company. White was the fifth employee of Coinbase. A top Coinbase...

Kevin O’Brien | 1 year ago

$8 Billion Coinbase Now Has More Users Than 21 Million Bitcoins

US cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase now has more users than the total supply of Bitcoin, new data reveals. Novogratz Hails Coinbase as Crypto ‘Poster...

Wilma Woo | 1 year ago
Coinbase Brings on Charles Schwab Exec to Expand Influence

Coinbase Brings on Charles Schwab Exec to Expand Influence

Coinbase recently announced that a Charles Schwab board member would be joining the exchange’s board of directors. Coinbase is also reportedly looking to close what could be a $500...

Kevin O’Brien | 1 year ago

Coinbase Doubles Staff, Aims to Become the NYSE for Cryptocurrencies

Leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has reportedly managed to double its staff members, thus hitting its 2018 target. At the same time, the company revealed its intentions to...

Georgi Georgiev | 1 year ago

Market Lows: High Time For Facebook To Buy Coinbase?

New rumors are circulating that social media giant Facebook has plans to purchase the US’ biggest digital currency exchange, Coinbase, as part of an apparent U-turn on...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago

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