This Former Crypto Survivor Is Now The Biggest Top 20 Loser
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This Former Crypto Survivor Is Now The Biggest Top 20 Loser

With market values collapsing, Chainlink (LINK) has now experienced the greatest loss of any top platform. Its ability to defy the crypto winter baffled analysts and demonstrated the...

Trevor Smith | 2 weeks ago
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Crypto Trader Gets $0.0001 LINK Order Partially Filled on Binance

A trader who placed an order for LINK on Binance in January 2019, got extremely lucky when the asset flash crashed today on Binance. The trader’s order partially filled allowing them...

Ricardo Martinez | 2 weeks ago
Chainlink (LINK) Suffers Devastating Correction, What Happened?

Chainlink (LINK) Suffers Devastating Correction, Here’s Why

As the crypto markets took another dip on Thursday, Chainlink (LINK) saw the most dramatic shift in sentiment. The asset, which until recently defied gravity, could not continue on its...

Christine Vasileva | 2 weeks ago
This One Crypto Coin Has Defied Today's Market Crash

This One Crypto Coin Has Defied Today’s Market Crash

The entire crypto market remains in the red, with Bitcoin (BTC) dipping under $8,000. Yet ChainLink (LINK) is at the peak of another rally, still looking bullish. LINK Defies Market...

Christine Vasileva | 3 weeks ago
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Chainlink Integrates Real World Assets Into DeFi On Ethereum

Developments in decentralized finance are coming thick and fast as the ecosystem evolves. The latest offering from Chainlink and DMM acts as a bridge between Ethereum crypto assets and...

Martin Young | 4 weeks ago
This Top Altcoin is the Only Survivor of Today's Red Market

This Top Altcoin is the Only Survivor of Today’s Red Market

Cryptocurrency prices have slid across the board today, but the market always holds surprises. One leading altcoin in particular has managed to avoid the crash unscathed.  Market...

Christine Vasileva | 4 weeks ago
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Price Pain Predicted for Top Performing Crypto Asset Tezos

There is no doubting that Tezos has been one of the best performing crypto assets over the past year. Following a recent all-time high, one prominent analyst has predicted a big...

Martin Young | 1 month ago
Bitcoin Rally Stalls, Bullish Recovery Depends On These Levels

Bitcoin Rally Stalls, Bullish Recovery Depends On These Levels

Analyst Josh Rager has identified price points that could determine the movement of Bitcoin over the next few days.  Bitcoin Price Hangs in the Balance Rager notes that Bitcoin is...

Trevor Smith | 1 month ago
Chainlink (LINK) to Hit a New All-Time High Soon, Analyst Calls

Chainlink (LINK) to Hit a New All-Time High Soon, Analyst Calls

Chainlink (LINK), a project that joined the crypto market relatively late, is on an expansion again, promising to break its all-time record. LINK Rally Conquers $3 Key Level with...

Christine Vasileva | 2 months ago
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Research Reveals Which Top Altcoins Are Still Not Making Returns

Altcoins are still in the depths of crypto winter no matter which way you look at it. A handful have performed better than others, and new research has revealed which ones would have...

Martin Young | 2 months ago
binance partners with Chainlink DeFi

Binance Partners With Chainlink For ‘Next-Gen DeFi...

Cryptocurrency exchange operator Binance have announced a new collaboration with Chainlink. The partnership will see Binance connecting its crypto data to other blockchain platforms...

Anatol Antonovici | 5 months ago
bitcoin price holds $9000
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Chainlink and Basic Attention Token Survive Today’s Red Market

The entire crypto market has turned red today, with Bitcoin (BTC) triggering a slide across most altcoins. But there are two curious exceptions – Chainlink (LINK) and Basic...

Christine Vasileva | 5 months ago