Bitcoin Analyst Reveals What's Holding Price Above $10K: Its China

Bitcoin Analyst Reveals What’s Holding Price Above $10K: Its China

Bitcoin has shown an extreme resilience against bears that want to crash its spot rate below $10,000. And an on-chain analyst explains why. Forex professional Cole Garner issued a...

Yashu Gola | 5 months ago
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Bitcoin Price

Crypto Finance Company: Bitcoin Could Boom as China Stocks Pass 2015 Highs

Bitcoin’s price action may be weak, but not the same can be said about the stock market. Ahead of Monday’s open, the futures of the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and other...

Nick Chong | 8 months ago
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Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Bull Case Swells as White House Mulls China Sanctions Over Hong Kong

One of the biggest narratives in the Bitcoin market in 2019 was, tensions between China and the U.S. were pushing the cryptocurrency higher. As tensions between the two global...

Nick Chong | 9 months ago

China’s Civil Law Could Enable Citizens to Inherit Bitcoin

China’s Inheritance Law might soon be updated to include internet property and cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. The draft bill is currently being reviewed by the government. New...

Anatol Antonovici | 9 months ago

Wealth Manager Advises Against Investing in Bitcoin. Billionaires Beg to Differ

Aside from the recent downturn, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have done extremely well over the past two months. From the March lows of $3,700, BTC has rocketed as high as $10,100...

Nick Chong | 10 months ago
What happened in bitcoin and Crypto Markets Last Week? eToro Analyst Sheds Light

What happened in Crypto Markets Last Week? eToro Analyst Sheds Light

There was chaos on the commodities markets last week as the price of oil took a nosedive, with prices entering into negative territory for a while. Many investors flocked to cash as a...

Bitcoinist | 10 months ago

Bitcoin Going Viral on ‘Chinese Twitter’ Is a Big Boost Ahead of Halving

According to multiple estimates based on mining factors, in approximately 20 days Bitcoin will see its next block reward reduction. With this, the 12.5 coin reward that is minted...

Nick Chong | 11 months ago
crypto yuan china

China’s Crypto Currency Currently the First, but Fears Remain

There was a biggie last week with the leaking of China’s much anticipated Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The leak revealed extensive details of how the accompanying app works...

Bitcoinist | 11 months ago

China Crypto Insider Releases More Details About PBOC’s Digital Yuan Project

Yesterday, the crypto community was shocked when local reports suggested that the Agricultural Bank of China — one of the nation’s biggest commercial banks, which is coincidentally...

Nick Chong | 11 months ago
cash handouts Asia

Growth Addicted Asian Nations Hand Out Free Cash as Economies Crash

Nations across Asia are scrambling to prop up their deteriorating economies as the Coronavirus continues to spread. Some are so obsessed with growth that they are handing out free cash...

Martin Young | 1 year ago
Coronavirus Stalls China's Progress with Central Bank Digital Currency

Coronavirus Stalls China’s Progress with Central Bank Digital Currency

The coronavirus outbreak is reportedly delaying progress on China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) project. However, officials say Beijing is keen to see the pilot test happen...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 1 year ago
blockchain future of money

JPMorgan: Blockchain Is Laying the Bedrock for Digital Money

JPMorgan released a report last Friday, detailing the global enthusiasm for blockchain technology in the financial sector. In the 74-page report, JPMorgan described several projects...

Luke Whelan | 1 year ago

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