Decentralized Exchanges Can’t Escape the SEC, Warns its Cyber Chief

Decentralized Exchanges Can’t Escape the SEC, Warns Its Cyber Chief

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges in the first-ever case involving a decentralized...

Melanie Kramer | Nov 10, 2018 | 21:00
Press releases

ExCraft Launches First DAO, User-Governed Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hong Kong, 10 August 2018 – ExCraft...

Bitcoinist | Aug 09, 2018 | 22:30
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DApp Updates: Most Interesting Concepts of 2018

2017 was the year blockchain broke through into the...

Bitcoinist | Jul 07, 2018 | 02:00
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3 Reasons Why You Need Tkeycoin in Your Portfolio

Tkeycoin DAO is a decentralized global ecosystem meant...

Bitcoinist | Apr 30, 2018 | 12:30
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DAOstack – The ‘WordPress’ for DAOs

DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) might...

Bitcoinist | Apr 20, 2018 | 12:30

Ethereum Classic Next Currency to Gain Private Investment Fund

2017 seems to be the year decentralized digital...

Evander Smart | Mar 07, 2017 | 07:00

AirBitz and WINGS Partnership Secures Future of DAOs

Bitcoin wallet and security solutions provider Airbitz...

Ryan Strauss | Nov 02, 2016 | 14:33

Ethereum Nodes Crashing, Under Possible Attack

The Ethereum community is reeling after what appears...

Jon Southurst | Sep 18, 2016 | 21:05
Altcoin News

YoCoin Becomes an Ethereum-Based Asset for ‘Smarter’...

YoCoin, a peer-to-peer digital currency, has announced...

Bitcoinist | Aug 29, 2016 | 18:00
brian armstrong coinbase

Coinbase AMA: ‘ETC Was Replay Attacked on Coinbase’

In the wake of the DAO hack, which had dire implications for the Ethereum blockchain, multiple...

Justin OConnell | Aug 11, 2016 | 14:09
TAO network
Bitcoin PR Buzz

TAO Network Launches Crowdsale for DAO Development Platform

The TAO network has announced the launch of a public crowdsale for its tokens. Calling itself a...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | Aug 04, 2016 | 17:40
Breaking News

Anonymous Figures OfferHelp to Ethereum DAO Exploiter

In light of the recent Ethereum hard fork, a collection of anonymous figures, or Ethereum Whales...

Trevor Hill | Jul 26, 2016 | 00:37

Charles Hoskinson of Ethereum: ‘I Didn’t Realize [Dash]...

What is “cryptocurrency 3.0?” According to developer and cryptocurrency enthusiast...

Amanda B. Johnson | Jul 22, 2016 | 05:00
Breaking News

DAO Wars Soft Fork Makes Ethereum Blockchain Vulnerable

The Ethereum community has a lot to decide lately as...

Jamie Redman | Jun 28, 2016 | 14:35

How Does the Dash DAO Work?

All decentralized, blockchain-based networks are DAOs...

Amanda B. Johnson | Jun 23, 2016 | 05:00

Bitcoin Price Suffers Nasty Plunge, but It’s Too Early to Panic

Some unfortunate news is in the bitcoin books...

Nick Marinoff | Jun 22, 2016 | 09:00
Breaking News

Exiting The DAO is a 67-Step, 48-Day Ordeal

In light of certain developments regarding...

Tyson O'Ham | Jun 20, 2016 | 02:00

How the Verge Totally Misrepresented the DAO, and Bitcoin

According to The Verge’s Russell Brandom, The recent...

Tyson O'Ham | Jun 19, 2016 | 05:00

Dash: The Original DAO

The rise of Ethereum’s The DAO is certainly cause...

Bitcoinist | Jun 01, 2016 | 14:26

The Seven Sins of the DAO

A new revelation about the DAO has come in from the...

Jamie Redman | May 28, 2016 | 06:22
Bitcoin PR Buzz

HashFlare Offers ‘Cheapest’ Ether Cloud Mining Contracts

Cloud mining service provider HashFlare has announced...

Bitcoin PR Buzz | May 19, 2016 | 07:46
Bitcoin Industry Report
Bitcoin Technology

Industry Report: Bitcoin Hears Thunder, Ethereum’s Biggest... plans to make Bitcoin transactions faster, crowdfunding gets bigger, and Kaspersky...

Nick Marinoff | May 19, 2016 | 05:00
DAO Bitcoin

Bitcoin Is the Original DAO

Decentralized autonomous organizations have received much attention in recent weeks since Ethereum...

Justin OConnell | May 17, 2016 | 10:15

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