Ethereum’s Rocketing Funding Rates a Grave Sign for Its Ongoing Rally

Ethereum has been severely underperforming Bitcoin in recent times, but this appears to be shifting as the cryptocurrency posts a breakout rally while BTC declines This uptrend has...

Cole Petersen | 4 hours ago
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Ethereum Just Breached a Crucial Level, and That Means Bitcoin May Rip Higher

After days of stagnating, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have registered strong gains over the past 48 hours. While it is normally BTC leading the pack, this time, it’s ETH. The...

Nick Chong | 12 hours ago

Ethereum Forms 90% Correlation to Bitcoin; Here’s Why This Is Bearish

Ethereum and Bitcoin have formed a striking 90% correlation to one another throughout the past couple of years This correlation has grown in recent times, despite many altcoins being...

Cole Petersen | 1 day ago
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How to Trade Ethereum Online

Ethereum is a hot asset today. The high volatility of this cryptocurrency offers more opportunities for profitable trade hunts. Last week, ETH bounced back above $200 with a 3.5%...

Bitcoinist | 3 days ago

Ethereum’s Macro Bear Structure Strengthens as Analysts Eye a Massive Decline

Ethereum has been able to maintain above $200 despite the recent turbulence seen within the aggregated crypto market This outperformance of Bitcoin has allowed it to gain some strength...

Cole Petersen | 4 days ago

Investors are Heavily Accumulating Ethereum Despite Gloomy Outlook

Ethereum has been seeing some incredibly lackluster price action throughout the past several weeks and months, setting a series of lower lows while losing ground against Bitcoin...

Cole Petersen | 5 days ago
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Ethereum Traders Are Extremely Bullish Despite Multiple Looming Storm Clouds

Ethereum and the rest of the cryptocurrency market have experienced a healthy retracement over the past five days after weeks upon weeks of rallying. From the monthly highs, ETH is...

Nick Chong | 6 days ago

Ethereum Is Pushing Key Resistance Levels — and It’s Unlikely to Break Through

It’s been a tough week for all cryptocurrencies, Ethereum included. Investors at the start of this week were expecting this nascent market to push to new yearly highs, but their...

Nick Chong | 7 days ago

Ethereum’s Price Action Could Resemble a “Car Crash” if it Breaks Below $190

Ethereum has once again declined back down to its long-held consolidation channel around $200 The cryptocurrency is now showing some signs of weakness as it continues performing poorly...

Cole Petersen | 1 week ago
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Ethereum 2.0 Is Casting Big Doubts on ETH’s Value as an Investment: Fund Manager

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a strong uptick in excitement about the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. The excitement is surrounding the improvements the upgrade is expected to have...

Nick Chong | 1 week ago

Reddit’s New Ethereum Token Has Reached 10K Fortnite Users Since Rollout

Earlier this month, the popular online community Reddit launched two types of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens to its users. The token specifically designed for players of the pop...

Tony Spilotro | 1 week ago

Trader Claims Ethereum May Soon See a 45% Drop: Here’s What’s Behind the...

Ethereum has been able to gain some ground against Bitcoin throughout the past several days This slight uptrend may not last for too long, however, as analysts are noting that the...

Cole Petersen | 1 week ago