A Crypto Trader Thinks Ethereum Could Plunge Towards $300 as Momentum Slows

After Bitcoin and Ethereum attempted to surge past $12,000 and $400, respectively, the momentum has tapered off. Over the past day, the leading cryptocurrencies have plunged lower...

Nick Chong | 30 mins ago
Altcoin Price

The Stars are Aligning for Ethereum’s Price; But Will Bears Prevail?

Ethereum has been struggling to garner any further upwards momentum in recent times This comes as the cryptocurrency struggles to break above the heavy resistance that has emerged...

Cole Petersen | 6 hours ago
Altcoin Price

Ethereum Reaches a Turning Point; Here’s What Could Reverse Its Uptrend

Ethereum has been consolidating alongside Bitcoin throughout the past several days, struggling to break above the heavy resistance that has been formed at $400 This consolidation phase...

Cole Petersen | 1 day ago
Altcoin Price

Here’s Why Analysts Are Expecting For Ethereum To Drop Back Towards $370

Ethereum, following Bitcoin’s lead, is effectively flatlining into the week’s close around $390. This is above critical support levels, though bulls are not yet convinced...

Nick Chong | 2 days ago
ethereum altcoin
Altcoin Price

Ethereum May Be Forming a Textbook Top Despite Bounce From $360 Lows

On Friday, Ethereum plunged lower as the price of gold and stocks dived. The markets were hurt by news that the plan for the next U.S. stimulus bill fell through, though President...

Nick Chong | 3 days ago
Altcoin Price

Analysts Fear an Ethereum Drop to $300 As Price Becomes “Heavy”

Ethereum has begun to drop over the past 24 hours as the asset was once again rejected at $400. $400 is a psychological and technical resistance for the leading cryptocurrency, which...

Nick Chong | 4 days ago
Altcoin Price

Ethereum is Showing Early Signs of Weakness; Is the Top in?

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is facing a bout of consolidation as it trades below its crucial near-term resistance This level has held strong throughout the past several days, and each...

Cole Petersen | 4 days ago
Altcoin Price

Here’s Why One Analyst Expects Ethereum to Tap $275 Before Pushing Any Higher

Ethereum has been struggling to break above $400 for the past several days The selling pressure here is quite significant, and a sustained break above this level would be a highly...

Cole Petersen | 5 days ago
ethereum price
Altcoin Price

After Surging 60% in Two Weeks, Ethereum Just Printed a Reversal Sign

Even factoring in the flash crash on the weekend, Ethereum is still up by approximately 60% in the past two weeks. ETH is printing a reversal sign after this extremely strong rally...

Nick Chong | 6 days ago
Altcoin Price

Despite Recent Strength, Ethereum has Yet to Break Above One Critical Level

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is currently flashing some immense signs of strength as it pushes past $400 The resistance at this price level remains heavy, so buyers must continue propelling...

Cole Petersen | 6 days ago
Altcoin Price

Here’s Why Traders are Growing Cautious About Ethereum’s Uptrend

Ethereum has witnessed some incredibly mixed price action throughout the past few weeks After rallying up to highs of $415, it has been struggling to recapture this momentum as it...

Cole Petersen | 1 week ago
makerdao ethereum

Ethereum DeFi’s Flagship Coin, MakerDAO, Is Down 55% Against ETH in 2020

Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has undergone parabolic growth over the past few months. The value of coins locked in DeFi protocols has surged to a cumulative...

Nick Chong | 1 week ago

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