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Can Longing Bitcoin and Shorting Oil Be a Viable Trade for 2020?

Bitcoin has made further progress over the weekend in a move back to resistance at $8,600. Gold prices moved upwards also but this time oil went in the opposite direction, could this...

Martin Young | 20 mins ago
3 reasons for bitcoin price weekend rally
Bitcoin Price

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Rallied This Weekend

Bitcoin and crypto prices are back in the green this Monday morning in Asia following a 5% gain from the king of crypto. BTC markets have been bolstered again and a couple of factors...

Martin Young | 8 hours ago
turkey bitcoin blockchain

First Private Bank Joins Turkey’s Digital Gold Blockchain...

Garanti BBVA has announced that it is the first and only private bank to join Turkey’s digital asset blockchain network. The BiGA Digital Asset Transform Platform was developed...

Emilio Janus | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin better than gold

No Bitcoin and Gold Prices are Not Correlated: Research

Bitcoin is often called ‘digital gold,’ which led many to assume that the two assets are correlated in some way, but recent research has debunked such theories. Whenever...

Ali | 2 weeks ago
Bitcoin Parabolic Growth Vs Peter Schiff's Gold Recommendation in 2011

Bitcoin Parabolic Growth Vs Peter Schiff’s 2011 Gold...

If you had to pick between gold and Bitcoin in 2011, at first the choice would look like a no-brainer. A beautiful physical metal, craved for millennia, or a just-starting thing called...

Christine Vasileva | 2 weeks ago
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The Recipe that Causes Bitcoin to Rise: Economic and Geopolitical...

As the world anxiously watched the turbulent events in the Middle East this week, investors have turned to the known safe havens for times of crisis. Throughout history, gold has been...

Bitcoinist | 3 weeks ago
5 Reasons Why Bitcoin's Correlation to SoV's is Incredibly Bullish

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Correlation to SoV’s is...

Recent events have undoubtedly solidified the store of value sentiment for bitcoin. Its price correlation with other safe havens such as gold can be quantified and that is extremely...

Martin Young | 3 weeks ago
bitcoin and oil traders

Bitcoin Traders Welcome Geopolitical Tensions, Oil Traders are...

Oil traders may be unconvinced from the asset rallying on the back of geopolitical tensions but the opposite is happening for bitcoin as new capital flows in. Bitcoin Rallies Are Real...

Martin Young | 3 weeks ago
bitcoin rallying amid Iran missile attacks
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin (BTC) Eyeing $8800 Next amid Rising Gold, Oil Prices

Twice within the past week bitcoin prices have reacted strongly to escalating geopolitical tensions reinforcing its status as a safe-haven asset. Bitcoin Surges 10% on Iranian Missile...

Martin Young | 3 weeks ago
Gold Price Dips as Iran Risk Subsides, Bitcoin Retains Value

Gold Price Dips as Iran Risk Subsides, Bitcoin Retains Value

Gold price seemed to react immediately to the lessened risk of tensions between the US and Iran today. Gold bullion has now dropped from its recent highest peak since 2013, as...

Christine Vasileva | 3 weeks ago
bitcoin price rise because us iran airstrike
Bitcoin Price

Is Bitcoin Surging Because of Tensions in Iran and the Middle East?

Bitcoin prices have jumped almost 6% over the past couple of hours as news emerges of a US airstrike on Iranian military personnel. Bitcoin Price Surges $400 A huge green candle has...

Martin Young | 3 weeks ago
bitcoin will finish federal reserve system

FED Prints 12.7 Million Bitcoin Worth as Repo Bailout Intensifies

The financial dominoes are stacked and seem ready to fall. US Federal Reserve banking bailouts are intensifying as the central bank adds the equivalent of 12.7 million bitcoin to the...

Martin Young | 2 months ago

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