Bitcoin Beats Traditional Financial Market Investments On ROI

The monumental performance of bitcoin in 2019 has not gone unnoticed by those who invest in traditional assets. BTC has outperformed pretty much all of the other financial investment...

Martin Young | 6 days ago
jerome powell thinks bitcoin is store of value like gold
Bitcoin Politics

Fed Chairman Powell: Bitcoin Is A Store of Value Like Gold

Cryptocurrencies took the center stage again during Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s second day of testimony before the U.S. Senate. Today, lawmakers expressed their concerns...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | 1 week ago

Bitcoin ‘Will Hit $1 Trillion Market Cap’ By 2025, Willy...

Bitcoin is on course to hit a $1 trillion dollar market cap in its current cycle, and next time will beat gold, Willy Woo has said. Woo Stands By 2013 BTC Prediction Speaking on an...

Anja van Oosterhout | 2 weeks ago
peter schiff gold bitcoin

Peter Schiff Admits He Owns Bitcoin, Shares BTC Address For More

There are two distinct sides of the coin when it comes to attitudes towards Bitcoin. There are those that clearly detest it, most of whom do not understand the technology and those...

Martin Young | 2 weeks ago
Bitcoin bubble

Predictable Bitcoin Bubble Rants Begin Again as BTC Booms

Nothing grabs the attention more than an epic price pump of any asset. Bitcoin is no different; however the groups of those against it, probably because they don’t comprehend it, are...

Martin Young | 3 weeks ago
Bitcoin better than gold

Why Bitcoin Excels Over Gold as a Store of Value

There is no doubting the king of crypto has been on a roll over the past few weeks. This month alone Bitcoin has surged 26% from mid $8000 to over $10,000. With political and economic...

Martin Young | 4 weeks ago
Federal reserve
Bitcoin Price

The Federal Reserve Could Be Helping Bitcoin to $100K

Many factors are contributing to Bitcoin’s renewed trajectory towards its USD 100,000 target. One of them is increasingly gaining prominence: The U.S. Federal Reserve. Fed Interest...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | 4 weeks ago
bitcoin bull market
Markets and Prices

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Targets $100 Trillion, Surpassing Gold

According to the stock-to-flow model, bitcoin market cap is aiming for $100 trillion after 2028. So says Bitcoin market analyst, planB, anyway. Bitcoin: Stock-To-Flow Periodic Table...

Emilio Janus | 1 month ago
bitcoin invest piggy
Bitcoin Investment

What Is Bitcoin And Why Is It Valuable? Three Viewpoints

Apparently, there must have been some confusion on what makes Bitcoin valuable. Because three prominent voices on Crypto-Twitter recently sought to clarify the matter. Let’s see...

Emilio Janus | 2 months ago
peter schiff gold bitcoin

Kraken Proves Gold-Bug Peter Schiff Wrong, Pays Employees in Bitcoin

Peter Schiff claims that there is “no way that people are going to work for salaries paid in bitcoin”. But over a quarter of staff at Kraken do… and they aren’t...

Emilio Janus | 2 months ago

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