3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Is Heading Towards $10k
Bitcoin Technology

3 Major Developments That Will Change How You Use Bitcoin

For all of its revolutionary potential, Bitcoin remains a work in progress. Its long, and often contentious development has been the subject of immense debate among both supporters and...

Trevor Smith | 7 months ago
bitcoin price bright future

Visa Head of Crypto Sees Bright Future for Bitcoin

Cuy Sheffield, Head of Crypto at credit card giant Visa, envisions Bitcoin Sats as the internet native unit of account for purchases less than one cent. He sees this as the main use...

Ricardo Martinez | 8 months ago
Bitcoin Lightning Torch #2 Has Been Stolen 4 Times Already

Bitcoin Lightning Torch #2 Has Been Stolen 4 Times Already

The second iteration of the famous Bitcoin Lightning Torch has not been as successful as its first go-around last year. In just 8 days, the torch has already been stolen 4 times by...

Ricardo Martinez | 9 months ago
bitcoin liquid lightning

Bitcoin Scaling: How Liquid Sidechain Could be Better Than Lightning

It is painfully clear that bitcoin needs to scale in terms of transactions if it is ever to be mass adopted as a peer-to-peer currency. Two solutions currently address the issue, the...

Martin Young | 9 months ago
Bitcoin Worth Nearly $450 Million Moves For 25 Cents

Bitcoin Worth Nearly $450 Million Moves For 25 Cents

Bitcoin showed just how inexpensive it can be as a tool for transferring value this morning. A 51,511 BTC transaction, worth almost $450 million, was sent for a fee of under 25 cents...

Emilio Janus | 9 months ago
Classic Pyramid Scheme

Here’s Why Bitcoin is Not a Pyramid Scheme

Lending Tree Chier Economist, Tendayi Kapfidze recently commented on Bitcoin, calling it a pyramid scheme, so here is why his view may be wrong. Over the course of the last 11 years...

Ali | 10 months ago
bitcoin btc future prediction

Bitcoin Developer Throws Light on BTC’s Upcoming Future

Bitcoin (BTC) attracts the most attention with its price action. But the technological capabilities of the leading coin should not be underestimated. Bitcoin Network Evolves with...

Christine Vasileva | 10 months ago
bitcoin price usd 1 million

3 Things Stopping Bitcoin From Returning to $20k

Bitcoin is known for its meteoric rises and plummeting dips, but the price has not seen much upward momentum over the past few months. Ever since Bitcoin topped $20k in December 2017...

Matthew Hrones | 11 months ago
Lightning network conference 2019
Press releases

Lightning Conference 2019 Highlights

The inaugural Lightning Conference was held in Berlin, Germany on the weekend of October 19/20, 2019. It was the first global conference exclusively focused on the Lightning Network...

Bitcoinist | 12 months ago
Man who lost 4 BTC on Lightning network is lying

4 Bitcoin ‘Loss’ On Lightning Network is FUD, Says Community

A reported loss of 4 bitcoin on Lightning Network has been blamed on either user-negligence or FUD-spreading. Community members variously described the user as ‘an idiot’...

Emilio Janus | 12 months ago
Bitcoin could be recoverable says blockstream CEO

Lost Bitcoin Could Become Recoverable, Blockstream CEO Confirms

Blockstream CEO, Adam Back, says that the company is looking at implementing a method by which lost bitcoin will become recoverable. But before you stop trawling through the tip for...

Emilio Janus | 1 year ago
lightnite bitcoin game
Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin-Integrated Battle Royale Game Lightnite Lets Players Earn BTC

Multi-player battle gaming can now happen on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, courtesy of Satoshis.Games. The platform, introduced during the latest LN conference, allows players to earn...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago

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