Bitcoin Price Breaks Vital Support, TIme To Pray

Bitcoin Price Breaks Vital Support, ‘Time to Pray’ Says...

According to a recent statement by veteran trader Tone Vays, Bitcoin price is breaking one of its major supports, indicating that bad things are coming. Bitcoin price failed to impress...

Ali | 18 hours ago
first blockchain IPO

German Firm Raises €1.4 Million in First Blockchain IPO

A fundraising platform from Berlin, Neufund, just completed the first blockchain-based IPO for a company called Greyp, raising €1.4 million. The world’s first blockchain-based...

Ali | 7 days ago
ethereum classic could replace ETH 1.0

Ethereum Devs Decide to Increase Inflation, Delay Difficulty Bomb

Ethereum developers have agreed to postpone the difficulty bomb, thus increasing inflation when most coins are trying to reduce it. Ethereum Devs Delay Difficulty Bomb Again The recent...

Ali | 1 week ago
Bitmain US court motion to dismiss denied

Bitmain Lawsuit Heats Up, Plaintiffs Fight Motion to Dismiss

United Corp, a Florida-based cryptocurrency company that sued Bitmain in December 2018, contested the mining giant’s motion to dismiss the case in a US court this week.  A...

Ali | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin whale moves btc

Bitcoin Whale Moves 47,000 BTC ($338 Million) as China Cracks Down on...

China’s recent crackdown on cryptocurrencies may have caused Bitcoin whales to move huge quantities of BTC.  China’s recent praises of blockchain technology do not seem to...

Ali | 3 weeks ago
cz binance to sue the block
Bitcoin Exchange

Binance to Sue The Block for Damaging the Exchange’s Reputation

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, stated on Twitter that the exchange would sue The Block for false news reporting pertaining to a Chinese ‘police raid’ on the exchange’s...

Ali | 3 weeks ago
ethereum eth block rewards

Ethereum Block Rewards Reduced by 1000 ETH as Block Times Rise

The Ethereum network is now producing less ETH per day. Block rewards have reduced from around 13,500 coins to 12,500.  Ethereum is currently facing a situation where the block reward...

Ali | 3 weeks ago
Localbitcoins gains 135,000 users per month

LocalBitcoins Reports 135,000 New Customers Per Month

LocalBitcoins CEO recently revealed that the company is growing at a huge rate, stating that the platform still receives over 135,000 new users per month. The advancements of the...

Ali | 3 weeks ago
Top 3 Places to Buy Bitcoin in Britain

Top 3 Places to Buy Bitcoin in Britain

The United Kingdom was recently announced has having the most crypto users in Europe, but buying and selling Bitcoin is by no means an easy feat for its citizens. To help out, here are...

Ali | 3 weeks ago
bitcoin price at huge risk of crash to $7,300

Bitcoin Price at ‘Huge Risk’ of Crashing to $7,300

A recent prediction by veteran trader, Elixium, warns that Bitcoin is at a major risk of seeing yet another price crash. This time, towards the $7,300 level if bulls don’t push...

Ali | 4 weeks ago
IRS Refunds Crypto Tax Users
Bitcoin Taxes

IRS Refunds Tax-Paying Crypto Users

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has sent refunds to crypto users who had correctly reported their taxes with proof of trades and transactions. The matter of cryptocurrency-related...

Ali | 4 weeks ago
CFTC Chairman, America Should Lead Blockchain Space
News teaser

CFTC Chairman: America should Lead the Blockchain Space

The CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) Chairman, Heath Tarbert, wishes that the US would take a more active role in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space, although he recognizes...

Ali | 4 weeks ago

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