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Jack Dorsey Stays as Twitter’s CEO, Good News For Bitcoin

Twitter has come to an agreement with activist investor Elliott Management, in which Jack Dorsey retains his position as CEO. This announcement represents a major victory for Bitcoin...

Emilio Janus | 3 weeks ago
jack dorsey bitcoin

Could Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Be Replaced By a Bitcoin Detractor?

If anti-Bitcoin billionaire Paul Singer manages to have Jack Dorsey replaced as head of Twitter by a Bitcoin non-believer, it could have huge implications for cryptocurrencies...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | 4 weeks ago
XRPTipBot Gets Banned on Twitter Over 'Impersonation' Claims

XRPTipBot Gets Twitter Ban Over ‘Impersonation’ Claims

Twitter has banned the XRPTipBot account again this week, claiming its impersonating another account. Ripple and TipBot developer Wietse Wind, assured users that funds are safe, and...

Emilio Janus | 2 months ago
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Ethereum Price to Set New 6-Month High: Crypto Analyst

Ethereum price was recently on its way back to $200 until it met strong resistance and was subsequently driven back beneath $140. One analyst however, believes that a much stronger...

Ali | 2 months ago
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Jack Dorsey-Supported African Crypto Startup Hits $1M Volume

Bit Sika, a Jack Dorsey-approved crypto remittance startup from Africa, has already hit $1 million in transactions after launching only four months ago. Jack Dorsey’s African...

Ali | 3 months ago
Elon Musk Whips Up Frenzy with Innuendo-Filled Bitcoin Tweet

Elon Musk Whips Up Frenzy with Innuendo-Filled Bitcoin Tweet

Elon Musk is at it again. Dropping an innuendo-filled tweet that instantly riled up Crypto Twitter. Just six short words were enough to flurry up a tweetstorm as the founder of SpaceX...

Christina Comben | 3 months ago
PayPal Expands With $4 Billion Honey Acquisition

PayPal Expands With $4 Billion Honey Acquisition

PayPal has finalized the purchase of the Honey deal finder startup, for a consideration of $4 billion. This latest move pushes the payment processor well ahead of crypto-friendly...

Christine Vasileva | 3 months ago
Bigtech companies say Bitcoin is empowering
Bitcoin Technology

BigTech Companies See Bitcoin Technology as Empowering

Social media giants are no longer opposing the power of decentralization and bitcoin technology. Instead, they are embracing it to solve the problems of a centralized Internet and put...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | 3 months ago
jack dorsey twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey Funds Development Of Decentralized Social Media Standard

Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, has just announced that Twitter is funding a small independent team to develop an open and decentralised social media standard. The ultimate aim...

Emilio Janus | 4 months ago
jack dorsey twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Sees Big Future for Bitcoin in Africa

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently published a tweet in which he announces his move to Africa, as he believes that the continent will ‘define the future.’ Africa has always...

Ali | 4 months ago
jack dorsey twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Sets Sight on African Bitcoin Market

Twitter and Square chief, Jack Dorsey, is meeting with African tech entrepreneurs as the bitcoin bull sets sight on the continent’s growing crypto industry. Twitter CEO Heads to...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 5 months ago
Max Keiser Missing in Action after 1 month off twitter

Where’s Max Keiser? 4 Weeks and No Twitter Activity

Vocal Bitcoin champion, permabull and early adopter, Max Keiser, has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter as of late. The self-proclaimed ‘tweet poet’ appears to have...

Emilio Janus | 5 months ago