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Crypto Criminals Are Still Trying to Dump Thousands of Ethereum From a 2019 Hack

In November, Upbit, a popular Korean crypto asset exchange, lost $50 million worth of Ethereum, 342,000 ETH coins, from the exchange hot wallet in a seeming hack. It was then one of...

Nick Chong | 8 months ago
South Korean Crypto Exchanges Aid Police in Child Porn Investigation
Bitcoin Exchange

South Korean Crypto Exchanges Aid Police in Child Porn Investigation

South Korea’s four major cryptocurrency exchanges, Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit, reportedly stated that they would support the local police in investigating the so-called...

Anatol Antonovici | 10 months ago
crypto north korea

Chinese Citizens Launder $100M for North Korean Crypto Hackers

In a case that reveals the extent to which North Korea has been using crypto to circumvent international sanctions, two Chinese nationals were charged with laundering more than $100mn...

Christina Comben | 11 months ago
upbit to freeze crypto accounts

Upbit Continues to Freeze Crypto Withdrawals For Foreign Users

South Korean crypto exchange, Upbit, started to block withdrawals for its foreign users back in December 2019. Initially it was thought to be in response to the hack that took place...

Ricardo Martinez | 11 months ago
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Upbit Exchange Execs Cleared of Fraud Charges in South Korea

The Seoul Southern District Court has acquitted senior executives at Upbit crypto exchange of fraud charges. Insufficient Evidence Against Upbit Chiefs Delivering judgment on the...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 12 months ago
South Korean Gov't Faces Public Hearing Over 2017 Crypto Ban

South Korean Gov’t Faces Public Hearing Over 2017 Crypto Ban

The South Korean crypto ban placed back in 2017 was a breach of fundamental rights, holds the arguments in a recent public plea. South Korean Government Placed Multiple Restrictions on...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
Upbit Exchange to Re-Open XRP, LTC and EOS Trading

Upbit Exchange to Re-Open XRP, LTC and EOS Trading

The Korean Upbit Exchange plans to reopen deposit wallets for its leading assets, including XRP, EOS and Litecoin (LTC). Upbit Wallets Reopen for XRP, EOS, LTC, and ETH Upbit, which...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
IRS crypto tax

South Korea Confirms No Income Tax on Crypto Profits

According to the South Korean Ministry of Finance’s new announcement, the country’s current tax laws do not include the taxation of profits made through trading crypto. The...

Ali | 1 year ago
2000 Ethereum from Upbit Hack on the move

2,000 Ethereum From Upbit Hack on the Move

Funds from the recent theft from the Upbit exchange are on the move, according to a Whale Alert tweet. A transaction of 2,000 Ethereum shows that the hacker keeps trying to obfuscate...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
Bitcoin cash custody bank frick

DXM Partners With Ledger to Launch Institutional Custody Solution

DXM, the cryptocurrency branch of the Korean market operator Dunamu, will offer custodial services in partnership with the French hardware firm, Ledger. Upbit Safe Service to Use...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
IDAX CEO Goes Missing, Takes Cold Wallet Keys

BREAKING: IDAX Admits CEO Has Vanished With Cold Wallet Keys

The International Digital Asset Exchange (IDAX) admitted the news that its CEO went missing, locking the exchange out of the cold storage wallets. Reports of Missing CEO Turned Out...

Christine Vasileva | 1 year ago
Breaking News

Upbit Reports ‘Irregular Withdrawal’ of $51 Million in Ethereum

Upbit, one of the ‘big four’ South Korean crypto exchanges has reported an irregular 342,000 Ethereum (ETH) withdrawal from its wallet. While details remain sketchy as to the...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 1 year ago

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