Fed reserve repo market

When Fed is Out of its Mind, Bitcoin is the Answer

It took the sudden emergence of a pandemic to demonstrate how pathetic the global financial system really is. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is now doing a live demo on how to print...

Anatol Antonovici | 12 mins ago
How Much Bitcoin You'd Get If All 21 Million Were Distributed Worldwide

How Much Bitcoin You’d Get If All 21 Million Were Distributed...

It is not a secret that Bitcoin is one of the scarcest assets out there. But have you wondered how rare the largest cryptocurrency really is? There Is So Much Room for Bitcoin Adoption...

Anatol Antonovici | 1 month ago
Fed reserve repo market

Repo Markets Gain Another $70 Billion, USD Continues to Weaken

The New York Fed provided another massive cash injection into the repo market, this time adding over $70 billion. According to recent reports, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York...

Ali | 4 months ago
tom lee bitcoin price prediction

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: 99% of USD is Speculative, Why Discredit...

Bitcoin critics say that the cryptocurrency should never be regarded as a means of exchange because it’s mostly used for speculation. Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee disagrees with this...

Anatol Antonovici | 5 months ago
Bitcoin btc us stocks rally
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Screams Buy As US Dollar, Stocks Rally

All’s well that end’s well. The US stock market seemed to have followed the message in spirit as it started the week and ended the month today on a ‘green...

Himadri Saha | 6 months ago
world reserve currency bitcoin

Will The Next World Reserve Currency Be a Crypto?

The US-China trade war could become dire at any point and the two largest economies might weaponize their national currencies through devaluation. But does this inspire any confidence...

Anatol Antonovici | 7 months ago
bitcoin trader

‘10K Is The New 6K,’ Says Popular Bitcoin Trader

As bitcoin prices continue to post strong rallies, traders are looking at higher potential valuations for BTC/USD on a long-term trend basis.  Not surprisingly, many of these...

Richard Cox | 7 months ago
bitcoin price will boost from federal reserve
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin to Benefit From Federal Reserve’s Aggressive Easing

The US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) aggressive easing might support Bitcoin’s bullish price trend at least up to 2020. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency might also get a parallel boost from...

Anatol Antonovici | 7 months ago
Bitcoin trading Asia
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Traded Most With Asian Fiat Currencies: Report

There are many metrics to ascertain the popularity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading in different geographic regions across the world. One of them is the most traded fiat...

Martin Young | 7 months ago

Bitcoin Cannot be Banned, But Can it Be…?

On Tuesday, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo said that the US couldn’t technically ban Bitcoin, given that it is a global innovation. However, in theory, there does exist...

Anatol Antonovici | 8 months ago
Tom Lee Bitcoin ETF Price $150K

Tom Lee Expecting Bitcoin Bull Run as USD Weakens

Bitcoin has been consolidating for most of the week, range bound between $10.2k and $9.6k. The monthly trend is still down but some industry experts foresee renewed action this weekend...

Martin Young | 8 months ago