bitcoin hard drive fire

Lost And Found: Man Recovers Bitcoin From Hard Drive Burned In A Fire

Bitcoin is once again in the news, the subject of internet chatter, and watercoolor talk. It is for the first time also the darling of Wall Street, beating out every other financial...

Tony Spilotro | 13 mins ago
bitcoin hack

Bitcoin Wallet Maker Ledger Woes Worsen With Rogue Shopify Data Theft

Bitcoin hardware wallet maker Ledger has recently put a spotlight on personal financial security after hackers leaked the details of thousands of customers online. Those who sought to...

Tony Spilotro | 1 week ago
Cryptocurrency Wallet Platform Introduces Pool Mining Solutions
Press releases

Cryptocurrency Wallet Platform Introduces Pool Mining Solutions

Aberdeen, Hong Kong, June 2, 2020. – A Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency wallet provider has introduced a range of services that allow its users to earn passively from mining and...

Bitcoinist | 8 months ago
Locacoins: Turning On Profit with Available Coins
Press releases

Locacoins: Turning On Profit with Available Coins

We would like to tell you about an unusual service which is unique in its own way. The name of this service is Locacoins. Through the wallet, one can receive or send crypto currencies...

Bitcoinist | 8 months ago
ethereum metamask 1 million users

Ethereum Browser Wallet Metamask Hits a Million User Milestone

Ethereum browser wallet Metamask has surpassed one million users of its Google Chrome extension. The milestone comes as ETH prices hit a seven month high. Ethereum Network Fundamentals...

Martin Young | 11 months ago
How Many People Actually Have At Least 1 Bitcoin?

How Many People Actually Have At Least 1 Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has consolidated above $10,000 this week. This is a pretty decent amount for one coin, so you might wonder how many people hold at least 1 BTC. Only About 2% of Addresses Hold...

Anatol Antonovici | 11 months ago
Business Club crypto

Business.Club: The First Crypto Wallet with Built-In Social Network and a Debit Card

The crypto space is full of new innovative platforms, but one that truly stands out is Business. Club. This crypto wallet firm is also the first to issue debit cards and to offer...

Bitcoinist | 1 year ago
CRYPTOTAG Bitcoinist Review

CRYPTOTAG Zeus Starter Kit Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

CRYPTOTAG, a company that specializes in high-end crypto backup solutions, has just launched its new compact Zeus Starter Kit product for serious crypto hodlers. Here at Bitcoinist, we...

Ollie Leech | 1 year ago
bitcoin segwit
News Faces Pressure To Offer 31M Bitcoin Wallet Users SegWit

Bitcoin and altcoin wallet provider is facing fresh pressure for forcibly making its users pay higher transaction fees. Reddit Mod Decries 31 Million New Legacy Bitcoin...

Anja van Oosterhout | 1 year ago
liquid bitcoin

Blockstream Releases ‘Friendly’ Liquid Sidechain Wallet For End Users

Bitcoin infrastructure developer Blockstream has rolled out a user-geared wallet for its Liquid sidechain asset, Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), the company confirmed on March 11.  Liquid...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago
s10 blockchain keystore

Your Move Apple: Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals ‘Keystore’ Crypto Wallet

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has appeared to expand its faith in cryptocurrency by adding wallet and storage features for its upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone. Ex-Central...

Esther Kim | 2 years ago
no user data

Unknown Vendor Creates a One-to-One Fake Copy of Trezor One

Imposter copies of the popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet Trezor One have purportedly been spotted on the market. The company makes it clear how to spot the fakes from the...

Georgi Georgiev | 2 years ago

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