Bloomberg: Futures and Fund Flows Show Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold

The Bitcoin as digital gold narrative is suddenly taking on such significance, hedge funds, corporations, and institutional investors have begun reallocating a portion of their gold...

Tony Spilotro | 2 hours ago
bitcoin price discovery

Bloomberg Analyst: Bitcoin Is “Tiny” Now, But “Price Discovery Stage” Is Here

Bitcoin is now worth nearly a full $15,000 more than it was during March of this year. But the events of Black Thursday and the realization that the world was forever changed, it has...

Tony Spilotro | 3 days ago
bitcoin market cap all time high sats compared

How Sats Stack Up: Comparing The Milestone $335B Bitcoin Market Cap

The latest Bitcoin rally, combined with the increase in circulating BTC since 2017, has resulted in a new all-time high in the cryptocurrency’s total market capitalization. $200...

Tony Spilotro | 4 days ago
bitcoin crypto bank fomo adoption btc

FOMO Begins: Bitcoin Adoption Explodes To Highest Level Since Previous Parabolic Peak

2020 was undeniably the year of Bitcoin. No financial assets have acted as a better safe haven, insurance policy, protection against inflation, and more – all while being the...

Tony Spilotro | 5 days ago
bitcoin profitable

Ten Days Remain Where Buying Bitcoin Was Unprofitable

Believe it or not, Bitcoin price is now trading at over $17,000, even though earlier this year it crashed to under $4,000. From low to high, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap...

Tony Spilotro | 6 days ago
bitcoin friday the 13th

Friday The 13th: How Superstition Could Impact Bitcoin Trend Changes

Today is Friday the 13th and only the second occurrence of the eerie date in what has been a cataclysmic year. As the clock turned to the new day, Bitcoin price action retreated...

Tony Spilotro | 1 week ago
bitcoin ban crypto

Five Reasons Why Governments Won’t Ban Bitcoin And Can’t Stop Crypto

The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund and macroeconomic genius Ray Dalio recently revealed his concerns over governments banning Bitcoin. In response, we’re...

Tony Spilotro | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin bloomberg nasdaq

Bloomberg Analyst: Bitcoin’s Link With Nasdaq Being Broken Favors Continuation

Bitcoin has given a powerful buy signal that demanded the financial world begin paying closer attention to cryptocurrencies. The recent momentum has also caused the top crypto asset to...

Tony Spilotro | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin Microsoft

Engineer Uses Bitcoin to Defraud Microsoft of $10M, Evade Taxes

Bitcoin is regularly blasted by regulators and the IRS for its use in illicit crime such as money laundering or tax evasion. Unfortunately, a story involving a former Microsoft...

Tony Spilotro | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin coin with money

Stock Market Sees Largest Surge Since V-Shaped Recovery, Another Leg For Bitcoin?

On the heels of positive vaccine news and a winner finally being declared in the US presidential election, major US stock indices like the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial...

Tony Spilotro | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin paypal mastercard jp morgan chase market cap banks

Bitcoin Overtakes PayPal Market Cap, Sets Sights On VISA, Mastercard, And Big Banks Next

Ever since news broke that PayPal would be supporting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the future, the price per BTC and the asset’s overall market cap has ballooned. And...

Tony Spilotro | 2 weeks ago
bitcoin train

Top Bitcoin Expert Claims “The Train Has Left The Station” With $14K Broken

Bitcoin price is now trading at just under $15,000, less than 24 hours after resistance at $14,000 was broken. One of the cryptocurrency’s top fundamental experts, says that this...

Tony Spilotro | 3 weeks ago

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