• Similiar to for example Yahoo Answers, but for actual bits instead of “points”. Another way Bitcoin ability for microtransactions opens up new business models and tipping. Today is the launch day of Earnabit as well, the first 300 users will get a 1000 bits on signing up as well! 1. What sparked the idea of Earnabit? I noticed that a lot of very technical or very niche questions on sites like stackoverflow.com often get ignored. You

    Earnabit: Get paid to answer questions!

    | 2014/07/13 10:25 pm
  • A company out of Finland has created a way for people to connect to the Bitcoin Network without the internet. According to their website, Kryptoradio is a: “bitcoin data transmission system” that Transmits bitcoin transactions, blocks and currency exchange data in real time Uses terrestrial television transmitters (DVB-T) around the world Finnish quasi-national cryptocurrency FIMKrypto has struck a partnership deal with Koodilehto, a Finnish software company, in order to launch world’s first development project that aims to

    Kryptoradio Lets You Connect To Bitcoin Network Without Internet

    | 2014/07/13 2:31 am
  • Introducing the Great San Francisco Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Decipher clues, explore the city, find Bitcoins – no this isn’t the next Nicolas Cage movie – a mystery donor by the name of  @SFHiddenBitcoin took to twitter today and transformed San Francisco into a gigantic interactive Bitcoin scavenger hunt. The “wallets” look like black credit cards with shiny letters and a QR code, a bitcoin address, and the hunt’s twitter handle. Each wallet reportedly contains 0.0333 bitcoin, or about $20.

    The Great San Francisco Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

    | 2014/07/13 1:48 am
  • HolyTransactions is a wallet that not only supports multiple currencies, it allows you to send it to your non-crypto oriented friends through Facebook,Linked, twitter, and even email. They are constantly striving to be better, with even plans to include fiat currencies in later iterations. How did the idea of a wallet to hold many coins appear? Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, but there are more than 300 cryptocurrencies in existence already. They all need ecosystem

    Exclusive Interview with Holy Transactions: Multi-Currency Wallet

    | 2014/07/11 5:32 pm
  • After the stunning presentations and the panels of the first day, we are here to stream you the best quotes and events of the 2nd Day of Coinsummit in London! We really enjoyed the first day of the conference, the presentations were incredible and we were able to meet the cream of the Bitcoin industry. Last night, we had an incredible coctail party sponsored by SWARM great night and we looking forward to check todays

    Coinsummit London – Day2 – LIVE

    | 2014/07/11 11:26 am
  • Now with Bitcoin becoming adopted by more and more companies, people need an easy way to buy products that accept Bitcoin. That way is here, meet Spendabit. 1. What sparked the idea of spendabit? I’ve long noticed a lack of quality Bitcoin directories. Traditionally, most of the directories have been sparse and/or outdated. The long-standing “Trade” page at the Bitcoin.it wiki was the best source for quite a while, but it has long since outgrown

    Spendabit: Bitcoin Search Engine!

    | 2014/07/11 12:40 am
  • Lately, most of the new startups I have heard of have been in the Philippines, but we can’t forget about the other countries, with startups like CryptoPick pushing Bitcoin adoption. Canada is a great place for Bitcoin, with one of the more open regulations regarding Bitcoin ventures. Subsequently, more merchants and other Bitcoin related events occur here. 1. What is CryptoPick? Cryptopick represents a small group of Bitcoin miners from the early days. Most of

    CryptoPick: Pushing Candian Bitcoin adoption!

    | 2014/07/10 7:18 pm
  • With innovative features like B.Y.O.E and “Project X”, ARAWR isn’t your run-of-the mill mining company. If your looking for up to a terahash of cloud mining at a competitive rate, consider ARAWR. 1. What sparked the idea of your company? I started mining back in 2010, and have been addicted ever since. I guess you could say that this is what started the idea for Arawrmc.com 2. History of Development? We started off rather humbly mining

    ARAWR Mining Company: Exclusive Interview

    | 2014/07/10 6:02 pm
  • We were headed to London to attend the CoinSummit Bitcoin conference! CoinSummit London is a two day event connecting virtual currency entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors, hedge fund professionals and others who are looking to learn and network in the virtual currency industry. We can’t wait to tell you more about the topics! Live updates from the conference Tweets by @Bitcoinistnet Instagram updates [simply_instagram endpoints=”users” type=”recent-media” size=”standard_resolution” display=”10″]

    Coinsummit London Live

    | 2014/07/10 12:03 pm
  • Firstly, what’s ZipZap? ZipZap is a payment network through which people can buy bitcoins with cash and some other payment methods. Personally, any way to spread bitcoin to more people is great in every way, and more so when you give them easier ways to access bitcoin. From the website, it says that the team behind ZipZap expects digital currency to reduce poverty, create jobs, improve healthcare, and a couple more. I was able to

    Interview with ZipZap CEO Alan Safahi

    | 2014/07/10 8:08 am
  • If your looking for a “to the moon experience” some may turn to drugs such as tobacco. But there’s a new kid on the street, vapes. And now you can pay for it in Bitcoin. I met “R” through another interview I did with CCA regarding Arbitrage , and it turns out that he is very close with them. Small world indeed.  1. Why did you make Cloud99Vapes? My two partners and I, we all vape.

    Cloud99 Vapes: Now Accepting Bitcoin!

    | 2014/07/10 2:12 am
  • In the first ever operation, French police have shut down an illegal Bitcoin exchange, and in the process seizing 328 “virtual currency units” worth around 200,00 Euros, or $272,800 at current exchange rates. According to Reuters, two people in the Riveria coastal cities of Cannes and Nice were placed under investigation Friday, under the suspicion they were running a website that illegally sold and lent Bitcoin to its users. In a raid that happened last week

    French police dismantle illegal Bitcoin exchange, seize Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/08 6:10 pm
  • Instead of being paying the same miner fee every time, the new Bitcoin wallet promises smart fees by examining how long transactions take to confirm, even sending them for free if it belives it will transact and confirm freely.  Below is a graph of how it works, taken from the Bitcoin Foundation’s blog post regarding this. The new feature is described as a target. Set it to one, and the fee is adjusted to where

    Smarter fees for Bitcoin Core V 0.1

    | 2014/07/08 5:11 pm
  • Minerals is a coin with the X11 algorithm and a total of 30 million PoW coins. The PoW phase lasts 7 days, and afterwards, PoS begins with an interest rate of 5%. Other than this, something very important is the lack of a premine or IPO which I find to be a good thing. The big thing that catches my eye about Minerals is the lack of a premine, even more so considering how much

    Minerals: Innovation at its Finest?

    | 2014/07/08 7:42 am
  • Will the adoption of Bitcoin by large retailers have an impact on the transaction volume? The range of products that can be bought for Bitcoins has grown significantlysince the beginning of 2014 as more and more large online retailers have followed their customers’ demands to start accepting Bitcoin payments. In the early days of 2014 Overstock started accepting bitcoins as a form of payment. After the Chinese central bank prohibited financial institutions from processing Bitcoin

    Will retail help Bitcoin?

    | 2014/07/08 7:28 am
  • The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is excited to announce that our kick off party will be held at Chicago’s famous House of Blues, the home of music, comedy and performance, on July 18th, 2014 ! To kick off TNABC with a bang we will present a special screening of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, the stunning documentary by Nicholas Mross about the creation and popularization of Bitcoin. The documentary takes an inside look at

    The North American Bitcoin Conference Kicks Off At The House of Blues !

    | 2014/07/07 9:37 pm
  • Bitcoin approaches 10k? According to this image taken from a reddit post a trade was made on the exchange CampBX in the BTC/USD market, where someone bought Bitcoin(s) for the price of $9799, then dropping back to $800, and slowly regressing back to the normal price of around $660 currently at time of writing. No one knows why the trade went through in the first place, but many on reddit are speculating that it was

    News Summary: July 6- 12

    | 2014/07/07 4:59 am
  • I’m here with Fran, the same person that brought you BraveNewCoin. Except this time, its not about price-indexing coins. It’s about people coming together talking about Bitcoin, and striving to making it better. 1. What is Bitcoin South? New Zealand’s first Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology conference. 2. How does one get a ticket? Just go to http://Bitcoinsouth.co and grab a discounted early bird before it runs out. We have only opened doors a couple days

    Bitcoin South Conference: Here’s what you need to know

    | 2014/07/05 10:50 pm
  • Cloud-hashing or mining, allows miners to participate in mining and supporting the blockchain but with C-Mining you get these benefits: Mining hardware is kept safe and we do the maintenance. No need to pay electricity No noise problems No cooling or space-related problems No power or network connection losses Even if your GHS are in order. You can receive mining rewards!  C-Mining is a company which provides mining power. This mining power mine different coin

    C-Mining: Cloudmining for all!

    | 2014/07/05 1:33 am
  • When I first interviewed Miguel regarding Rebit, I was intrigued not just from a journalist standpoint, but as a Filipino. Sending money is quite expensive, especially when using conventional services, such as Xoom or Western Union. So when Miguel agreed to allow me to test the service, I was thrilled. Bitcoin is a great candidate for remittance, as the low fee required to send (known as the miners fee, currently around $0.06) and the near-instant transaction speeds

    Bitcoin Remittance Review: Using Rebit.ph Service!

    | 2014/07/04 11:27 pm
  • 1. History of Development? We started early stage testing on our system around November of 2013. During the period of November to January our company took on about five clients for our Alpha period. After a successful alpha period, we incorporated in early January as a Delaware C corporation. We then began our beta period, where we have been open to clients for services.Since then we have added 10 more clients, and continue taking on

    Cryptocurrency Analytic Company: Arbitrage

    | 2014/07/04 10:46 pm
  • It all started with a twitter discussion between @ReggieSells , @bitentrepreneur , and myself. When one asked and I quote: “where do you buy mining power if you don’t mind me asking?”. With that I answered, Betarigs. I have used Betarigs many times, and that’s why I felt confident in recommending it to others. Personally, I find it to be the best hash renting site around where you get the best bang for your bitcoin. If you wan’t

    Betarigs: Awesome service to rent hashes

    | 2014/07/04 7:59 am
  • About Rebit.ph (taken from their website): Rebit.ph is a service of Satoshi Citadel Industries, a Philippine-based holding company for Bitcoin-related ventures. It is our mission to further the growth of the Bitcoin network in the Philippines, by providing universal access to otherwise inaccessible financial services, enabling unencumbered participation in the internet economy regardless of the size of your bank account, and fostering innovation without permission from central authorities. Okay that’s great, but does the Philippines need a

    Rebit.ph: Sending Money has never been easier!

    | 2014/07/03 6:19 pm