• As part of their exploration of the crypto-currency, Bitcoin, mHITs, an Australian payments company,  has launched a new pre-paid mobile minutes top-up service, called BitMoby, exclusively available for bitcoin. According to mHITs’ press release, BitMoby is part of the company’s efforts to explore what is possible with crypto-currency. “BitMoby is an example of how digital currencies such as Bitcoin can be used to demonstrate a highly efficient integrated transaction process where the payment instruction itself can

    mHITs Explores Bitcoin with New Mobile Service

    | 2015/02/20 3:00 pm
  • As I mentioned in this week’s market wrap up, the bull run that occurred in the Bitcoin market last week was most likely the result of market manipulation. The Bitcoin price increased from the $220 range to around $260 without any discernible causes, suggesting that the spike in demand came from one person or a cooperative group.  Also Read: This Weeks Market Wrap Up A new discovery serves to confirm my belief that the market was manipulated last week.

    Bitcoin Market Manipulation Audio Leaked

    | 2015/02/20 11:47 am
  • Since the very beginning, Bitcoin by nature was going to have difficulty abiding with regulation. As Bitcoin is decentralized and was designed from the ground up to be peer to peer; this did not mix well with most countries. A potential form of payment that could be used as a currency globally controlled by no one entity? A government’s worse nightmare. Which is the very reason law firms accepting Bitcoin are typically the slowest ones

    Law Firm Anderson, Desimone & Green Accepts Bitcoin Payments

    | 2015/02/20 11:25 am
  • The Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba (ACCC) last week announced it was now accepting Bitcoin as donations payment method. ACCC is a group dedicated to bringing new ideas such as freedom and anarcho-capitalist political philosophy, while trying to provide people with a perspective that counters the Cuban totalitarian regime.

    The Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba Now Accepts Bitcoin

    | 2015/02/20 8:00 am
  • On February 16, 2015, Netagio, a Bitcoin exchange in Europe, announced that it would be closing on March 18th, 2015. Netagio closed the order books on February 16, as well as the Bitcoin, GBP, USD, and EUR exchange platform. Netagio is not filing for bankruptcy or closing — it is just changing its business model. Starting on March 19, Netagio will be providing vault storage services for those looking to keep their assets in a safe place.

    Netagio Ends Bitcoin Exchange, Moves to Wealth Storage

    | 2015/02/19 9:00 pm
  • If you peer over to Litecointalk, a forum dedicated exclusively to Litecoin, LTCGear has been a rather infamous topic for the last couple of months. LTCGear started by a member by the username Beekeeper, also known by his real name Chris. When Chris started the service, members both senior and junior ravished over its profitability, legitimacy and was always out of stock due to these reasons.  Then starting in December of last year, LTCGear started

    LTCGear: What’s going on?

    | 2015/02/19 3:00 pm
  • Regular, cash dispensing ATMs have been a prime target for robberies since the technology was first born. But ATMs that dispense crypto-currency have had a more peaceful existence with no reported thefts. That is, until now. Late last month, two Bitcoin ATMs were stolen from two different businesses in Amsterdam. Martijn Wismeijer, founder of the first “bitcoin atm collective,” Mr.Bitcoin, installed one of the machines that was stolen. “About two weeks ago, at Warries Thai

    Two Bitcoin ATMs Stolen In Amsterdam

    | 2015/02/19 8:00 am
  • Factom is one of those ideas that just seems too crazy to be real, yet simple enough to be feasible. This company, built on the bitcoin blockchain, seeks to turn record-keeping into an automated, simplified process. The way Factom hopes to accomplish this goal is by focusing on the hashes in the blockchain. Their process is currently in testing, but Factom puts data into hashes and stores it on the blockchain. The information is accounted for, and

    Factom: The Bitcoin 2.0 Tool Changing The Way Companies Keep Records

    | 2015/02/18 9:00 pm
  • “With current social networks, you are not the client. You are the product being sold.” Synereo opened their official announcement with the above messaging, a bold statement about the current state of social media. Built to be decentralized, Synereo wants to change social networking for the better, rewarding their user base along the way. Synereo approaches ads on social media quite differently than others currently in the market. Instead of adhering to the traditional model of

    Distributed and Decentralized: Synereo Takes on Social Media

    | 2015/02/18 3:00 pm
  • This week, Barry Silbert posted a tweet saying the new Coinbase exchange had exceeded Bitstamp and BTC-e trading volume for the first time. Silbert is the Founder of Digital Currency Group, a company building the foundation for the digital currency revolution by supporting new startups and ideas Bitcoin ecosystem. He is also the creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, as well as the founder of SecondMarket, a platform that manages private investment funds. It was on the

    Coinbase Exchange Passes Bitstamp and BTC-e in Trading Volume

    | 2015/02/17 9:00 pm
  • On February 16th, 2015, version 0.10.0 of Bitcoin Core was released. This update brings a whole new set of features and changes to improve the way Bitcoin Core is used. Upgrading is easy. First, you will be asked to shut down a previous versions that are running, if applicable. Then, run the new installer, and you are good to go. Do note that because the new release takes advantage of headers-first synchronization and downloading blocks

    Bitcoin Core Version 0.10.0 Released!

    | 2015/02/17 3:00 pm
  • Purse.io has opened the very first bitcoin retail store in the Mission District of San Francisco to promote the use of the currency in brick and mortar stores. Named after the pseudo-anonymous founder of the digital currency, Nakamoto’s Electronics sells a host of items, along with a 10% discount on anything bought with bitcoin. The store currently sells consumer electronics, locally made artisan clothing and arts, and many other items. “San Francisco needs a killer Bitcoin merchant

    Purse.io Launches San Francisco’s First Bitcoin Retail Store

    | 2015/02/16 3:00 pm
  • To wrap the Bitcoin market, and the cryptocurrency network, in general, into one word, I would use the word unexpected. We were seeing the small $1-$3 fluctuations in Bitcoin for the greater part of the week, then the price broke out into a bull run. No one without insider knowledge saw this coming and caught many people by surprise. While refreshing to see Bitcoin up 10% for the next three days, it was certainly unexpected.

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 2/8 – 2/15, Darkcoin Moves Up With InstantX

    | 2015/02/16 8:00 am
  • 7,170 bitcoins ($1,756,125 at press time) were stolen from the China-based crypto-currency exchange, BTER, when the company’s cold wallet was hacked earlier today. The exchange has since frozen their entire website, while their technical team work to find out what happened. Also Read: BTER Hacked, NXT PoS at work Besides bitcoin, the exchange also facilitated the trade of a basket of altcoins but has not revealed whether their altcoin wallets were affected by the hack. In

    Hackers Steal 7,170 Bitcoins From Chinese Exchange BTER

    | 2015/02/15 6:50 pm
  • The Internet technologies facilitated the emergence of a broad range of business opportunities along the appearance of several new industries. It also brought the chance to long-established industries to re-invent themselves and introduce new services and solutions that weren’t simply possible before. One of the industry’s that got along real fine was the Radio industry.

    Decentralized TV: The Future of Media?

    | 2015/02/15 8:00 am
  • BitPay is one of the best well-known payment processors for Bitcoin and the second leading payment service provider in the world. The company operates with the peer-to-peer virtual currency Bitcoin and is capable of providing its customers access to an almost free and instantaneous transactions payment method from anywhere in the world with no risk of fraud or chargeback.

    BitPay Introduces the Bitcore Playground

    | 2015/02/14 9:00 pm
  • Before hardware wallets, you had to buy a laptop, properly set it up for cold storage and hope you didn’t mess up. The effort and knowledge required turned off many people, leaving them to store their bitcoins on unsecured online wallets. Hardware wallets have made safely storing bitcoins easy, and as a result, more people than ever are storing their bitcoin securely. Though convenient for long term storage, the process involved in sending bitcoins out

    CoolBitx Is Offering A New Kind Of Hardware Wallet

    | 2015/02/14 8:00 am
  • “Global remittances to developing countries, including the Philippines, are estimated to be $516 billion by 2016. Remittances are typically sent from migrant workers sending money back home. Our vision is to allow these individuals to send money back home cheaper.” said Palarin Co-founder Brian Gamido. Palarin, a Filipino startup, launched its user-friendly bitcoin selling and buying service this week. The company hopes to differentiate itself from its large competition by making the service very easy

    Palarin Brings A Coinbase-Like Bitcoin Exchange To The Philippines

    | 2015/02/13 9:00 pm
  • Dear trader, 4th episode of our Decadays Market Report series. The first three are available Part 1, Part2 and Part3. How do you view your trading? Do you have a strategy? Or is it some sort of casino gamble to you? Please look carefully at the graph below. If you recognize yourself there, stop trading right now and go on reading this article. I started this series of articles by talking about price and saying

    Decadays Bitcoin Trading Report and Guide Part 4

    | 2015/02/13 4:56 pm
  • The ambitions of a Melbourne-based bitcoin mining pool, Bitcoin Group, to go public has have have been put on hold by the country’s regulators. The company announced back in October of 2014 that they are pursuing an IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), around to the Sydney Morning Herald. But a stop order on pre-prospectus publications by the mining company has been issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), has put a

    Australian Regulators Issue Stop Order For Bitcoin Mining Company’s Pre-Prospectus Publications

    | 2015/02/13 4:24 pm
  • This week ShapeShift.io announced it finished developing their Lens Tool add-on for Firefox. Lens is a browser plugin that allows users to send Altcoins to any Bitcoin address. Once installed in the browser users just need to click the little fox icon and choose what altcoin to send. Lens's makes altcoin payments even easier for Firefox users.

    Shapeshift.io launches Lens Tool Extension for Firefox

    | 2015/02/13 8:00 am
  • “As a payment processor company, we saw a lot of potential in bitcoin. Then we, as a company, started looking for a partner to work with in order to satisfy the inquires from customers and build that innovation we that needed in our market,” said Voguepay co-founder Geoffrey Weli Wosu. Last month, South African bitcoin exchange, IceCUBED, expanded their exchange to Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. The company partnered with the country’s largest payment processor, VoguePay,

    VoguePay: Bitcoin Will Enable Online Commerce In Nigeria

    | 2015/02/12 9:00 pm