• When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, investors consider the high volatility as one of the most critical challenges. Besides the obvious risks, the sharp price movements also represent real opportunities that anticipate generous profits. Leaving the investor’s viewpoint aside, the high volatility of the cryptocurrencies doesn’t allow these to become widely accepted means of payment. Oduwa is a project that focuses on volatility issues that erode the crypto space from the inside. The day when

    Oduwa – the Revolutionary Exchange with Built-In Risk Mitigation Solutions

    | 2018/04/25 4:30 am
  • Few things in life are as panic-inducing as transacting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, thanks to their complicated wallet addresses. Luckily, this no longer has to be the case. Are You Paranoid Every Time You Perform a Cryptocurrency Transaction? Have you ever been in a situation where you are sending Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, and you are feeling more than a bit frustrated? Sure, you’ve copied the address of your recipient and you’ve checked everything

    How to Send and Receive Bitcoin (or Any Other Cryptocurrency) Using Your Email Instead of a Complicated Wallet Address

    | 2018/04/12 11:00 am
  • Though Bitcoin has garnered significant mainstream media attention over the past few months, Ethereum might become the cryptocurrency at the top of the heap in 2018. CryptoDaily predicts that Ethereum’s value could exceed Bitcoin’s as early as 2018. The moment when a non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency surpasses Bitcoin’s value is popularly known in cryptocurrency circles as “The Flippening,” an event so anticipated that Flippening Watch is devoted purely to tracking its progress. Ethereum has already experienced a

    How NBT and Weeve Are Solving the Scaling Issue of Ethereum

    | 2018/03/14 3:00 am
  • NEO and bitcoin are two cryptocurrencies which have risen to prominence since their inceptions. These coins possess some similarities, however, they also possess a number of important differences. Here is a closer look at the key similarities and differences between NEO and bitcoin. Similarities Popularity – Both NEO and Bitcoin are extremely popular. That is why both coins are in the top ten coins by overall market cap as of February 12th, 2018. NEO and

    NEO vs. Bitcoin – Key Similarities & Differences

    | 2018/02/25 9:00 am
  • Sp8de is changing the online gambling game, from a jackpot-based ICO to using a Cardano-based blockchain.  Now, with the addition of two new advisors, the platform hopes to continue its trailblazing journey. Online gambling is not only a multi-billion-dollar industry, it also provides a convenient outlet for people to relax from the comfort of their own home, while still potentially making some money. When combined with the security and efficiency of blockchain technology, online gambling

    Sp8de Hits the Jackpot with Two New Advisors

    | 2018/02/20 9:30 pm
  • Blockchain-driven social platform Matchpool and QTUM have teamed up to announce The QTUM Dev Challenge. The challenge is aimed at building a QTUM-based application for the platform and expanding Matchpool’s presence in Asian regions. The QTUM Dev Challenge is looking for enthusiastic blockchain developers who are up to the challenge of building and submitting an MVP of the Matchpool social app for Asian community based on QTUM platform and using $QGUP token as its currency. The

    Calling All Blockchain Developers – Matchpool and QTUM Announce QTUM Dev Challenge to Build Matchpool DApp for Asian Community

    | 2018/01/08 8:00 pm
  • CryptoPing is an Instant Message bot for cryptocurrency traders, compiling information from exchanges and presenting it to the user in the form of comprehensive signals. [Note: This is a sponsored article]  Navigating the Cryptosphere The recent cryptocurrency rally has taken crypto to unexplored heights, amassing a global market cap of over 100 billion and gaining new users worldwide. However, it has also created a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) environment where inexperienced traders can lose

    CryptoPing to Help Users Navigate the Cryptocurrency Investment World

    | 2017/06/20 2:00 pm
  • The rise in cryptocurrency is foretelling the future for online gambling. More and more internet-based casinos are accepting Bitcoin as a banking method. [Note: This is a guest article written by Anna Taylor]  The Growth of Bitcoin Online Casinos Bitcoin rose to prominence most spectacularly over the course of 2016, and this digital currency is continuing to augment its profile. It has recently started gaining more widespread acceptance as far as payment is concerned, and, although

    Why Online Casinos Are Increasingly Banking on Bitcoin

    | 2017/05/17 6:34 am
  • The digital world has moved towards the “App Economy” where mobile applications are gradually replacing websites and other software when it comes to tools, utilities, information, and entertainment. Apptrade, the OpenLedger powered platform has understood the potential of apps to change the future of the internet and the growing needs of app developers and investors to create the “Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain”. Earlier last month, the platform announced the Initial Token Offering of

    OpenLedger Apptrade Platform Backs APPX Tokens Currently on Crowdsale with 20% Future Revenues

    | 2017/04/09 8:30 am
  • Bitkan has said the consumer Bitcoin scene in Japan is still “difficult to use” after staff conducted an investigation in Tokyo. Bitkan: Japan Bitcoin Payments Still ‘Difficult’ The decentralized trading platform, which is headquartered in China but looking to expand into the Japanese market, also released a documentary film about using Bitcoin in the country in 2017. Last month, Bitkan organized a Tokyo Bitcoin meetup which saw some of the largest ever audiences debate the

    Bitkan Experiment Shows Japan is No Bitcoin Mecca on the Ground

    | 2017/04/07 1:00 pm
  • Recently, many countries and cities have published new laws and legislations to regulate bitcoin. Does this help contribute to mainstream adoption, or is it merely a hindrance to it? Regulation Slowing Adoption New York was the first state in the USA to tighten regulation on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, via its BitLicense. This is issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services, and it regulates businesses which work with virtual currency. The

    Does Regulation Slow Down or Accelerate Adoption?

    | 2017/04/06 4:00 am
  • Both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology have made major advances in the past few years. Could they be combined to bring us the money of the future? Artificial Intelligence Recently, many advances have been made in the field of artificial intelligence. In the past few years, we saw artificial intelligence beat one of the world’s best players at Go, save drivers from car crashes, and predict the outcome of the US Presidential Election. Many companies,

    Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence: Money of the Future?

    | 2017/03/25 8:00 am
  • You may not think about it during your everyday life and you may forget about it for months or even years. Then you start thinking about it – false debits from your bank account, bank card fraud, bank errors. If any of these ever happened to you, it could cost you a lot of money. Ask yourself this question – “Do I really controll my finances?” State-issued Currency = Unstable Currency Of course, you don’t.

    Do You Really Control Your Money?

    | 2017/03/24 9:41 am
  • Indacoin is an exchange service that allows users to buy bitcoin and litecoin with debit or credit cards. With customers across the world, in areas such as the US, Canada, Europe and the CIS region, this platform aims to make bitcoin more accessible to the average person. Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by Indacoin. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. How Indacoin Works  To use the service, customers enter a credit

    Indacoin: Buying Bitcoin, Litecoin with a Credit Card

    | 2016/08/02 4:09 pm
  • Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows users to make purchases and complete transactions on sites that allow it. Perhaps one of the main reasons why it has grown so much in popularity is the fact that the software is open source and can thus be used by just about any company. Bitcoin can be exchanged for real money or be used as is, to pay for goods and services.  This is how it has

    Bitcoin and Online Gaming: A Blossoming Relationship

    | 2016/07/20 1:00 pm
  • For most, bitcoin is used in two ways; it is either held in cold storage as an investment, or used as an alternative payment medium to fiat. Both have their own advantages over their traditional alternatives, but the real driving forces behind bitcoin’s development are rarely discussed – the conversation hangs largely around bitcoin’s price, and whilst that is an exciting topic, it does not inspire those who are truly interested in the power of

    3 Killer Apps Awaiting Bitcoin This Year

    | 2016/06/20 5:27 am
  • OXBTC is a cryptocurrency “investment service platform” that offers many different options for profiting from the growing digital currency market. Just recently, the company added Ether cloud mining to its list of services. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. As an all around “investment platform,” OXBTC boasts “the world’s highest ROI,” with users able to make money from cloud mining, trading and “Bitcoin deposit investment

    OXBTC: A Cryptocurrency Investment Service Platform

    | 2016/06/03 1:00 pm
  • FortuneJack is the world’s biggest Bitcoin casino, providing provably fair gaming experiences to players all over ther world. This online casino comes with a number of game options, ensuring that customers always have something entertaining to bet their coins on. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. The FortuneJack Casino With six different categories to choose from, FortuneJack customers are able to wager their bitcoins on

    FortuneJack: Provably Fair Bitcoin Gaming Across the Globe

    | 2016/04/07 8:00 pm
  • WageCan has recently launched a new euro-denominated Bitcoin debit card. The company believes that this new addition to the market will greatly benefit European Bitcoiners, who can use the card to save money on currency conversion fees when traveling around the region. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. The New WageCan Debit Card The company is also offering a virtual debit card as a part

    WageCan Launches Euro-Based Bitcoin Debit Card

    | 2016/04/07 5:34 pm
  • CryptoWoo is a digital currency payment plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce webshops. With this plugin, WooCommerce merchants can accept bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin in their WordPress-based webshops. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. The plugin comes with multiple features aimed at providing a comprehensive payment tool for digital currencies. Advertising things like live exchange, fast payment processing, and ShapeShift integration, the CryptoWoo plugin seems to

    CryptoWoo Announces New Payment Plugin for Webshops

    | 2016/03/28 12:00 pm
  • HashFlare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining company that offers a whole suite of services. Led by a team of mining enthusiasts with a combined experience of 3 years, HashFlare hopes to contribute to the development of mining services as a method of promoting Bitcoin adoption. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. HashFlare: Lifetime Bitcoin, Litecoin and Scrypt Mining Contracts The Estonian company caters to a

    HashFlare Offers Top-Notch Cloud Mining Services

    | 2016/03/19 12:32 pm
  • BetChan Casino is an online gambling platform that supports Bitcoin payments. This casino offers a variety of popular games, including Platinum Lightning, Lucky Sweets and Lucky Lady’s Clover. Available game categories include Slots, Roulette, video poker and Blackjack. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. A Variety of BetChan Games BetChan offers several games in each of its categories, from providers SoftSwiss and Ezugi. The complete

    BetChan Casino: Fair Bitcoin Gambling

    | 2016/03/11 11:37 am
  • Wall of Coins is a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that lets users buy and sell bitcoin without compromising privacy or security. Customers report that this exchange is fast, with an average order fulfillment time of around 10 minutes. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story. Bitcoinist is not responsible for the products and/or services of this company. Wall of Coins: Buying and Selling Made Easy A Wall of Coins representative said: “Wall of Coins is the easiest place

    Wall of Coins: Effortless Marketplace for Bitcoin

    | 2016/02/27 1:00 pm