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  • These 3 ICOs Could Make You Rich in 2018 Altcoin News, Blockchain Technology, News, News teaser, Sponsored Article

    These 3 ICOs Have Huge Potential in 2018

    Looking to put your money to work for you with some promising investments into Initial Coin Offerings? Here are three ICOs launching in 2018 that could help you do just that. Origin The first Initial Coin Offering you will want to pay close attention to is Origin. Origin is a protocol which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS for the creation of sharing-economy marketplaces. In essence, it affords both developers and businesses the ability to

    · May 13, 2018 · 7:00 am
  • The Sharing Economy Is Booming and Blockchain Wants In Blockchain Technology, News, News teaser

    The Sharing Economy Is Booming and Blockchain Wants In

    After nearly a decade of being mocked and mimicked for their eccentricities, the outcome of all the millennials’ maxi is now on full display, and it’s pretty impressive. Discouraged by the lack of opportunity and disillusioned by the inaction of central governments and large corporations, millennials took the carnage of the 2008 financial crisis and developed an economy that is self-initiated and wholly inclusive. Commonly known as the sharing economy, this economic model involves millions

    · April 17, 2018 · 6:00 am