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    Top 5 Alternatives to LocalBitcoins

    Bitcoinist compiled a list of alternative platforms for p2p Bitcoin, altcoin and fiat trading that ensure safety, privacy, and freedom — something that’s often missing in centralized exchanges that typically hold the keys to your bitcoin. P2P TRADING & LOCALBITCOINS LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer exchange that offers trading services all around the world. While the platform itself is not decentralized, it allows users to exchange Bitcoin for national currencies directly between themselves. The exchange allows out-of-band payments for fiat

    · March 15, 2017 · 5:00 pm
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    Interview with Peer2Cash: The ‘ShapeShift’ of Buying Bitcoin

    Bitcoinist spoke with Peer2Cash, a new online cryptocurrency buying service based in Switzerland that mimics the way online exchange Shapeshift.io operates–except for buying and selling bitcoin–tapping nearly 50 exchanges. Interview with Peer2Cash Peer2.cash has recently rebranded from Instacash. The team head, who preferred not to use his name for “security reasons,” explains how they tap different P2P exchanges to offer the best Bitcoin price available, what’s the best method to preserve privacy, and how the service

    · January 29, 2017 · 2:00 am
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    New ‘Bitcoin Kiosk’ Aims to Make Buying Easier Than Ever

    Paxful has unleashed their new ‘Bitcoin Kiosk’  widget allowing anyone to buy bitcoin in 300 different ways. Bitcoin Kiosk: 300 Ways to Buy Bitcoin People ask me all the time “How do I starting buying Bitcoin?” It’s a good question when meeting someone in stranger through LocalBitcoins.com may be intimidating for a newbie. Entering into a mass surveillance dragnet through Coinbase, via the IRS, may also fail to create an appealing introduction. Now, Paxful has a

    · January 28, 2017 · 2:00 am
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    Paxful Announces New Affiliate Program That Gives Away Full Bitcoins

    Finding a Bitcoin affiliate program is rare. Finding one that promotes the global use of Bitcoin even more so. Finding one that pays out full Bitcoins to members is Bitcoin-buying service Paxful, as they launch their new 30-day program. Leveraging Affiliate Programs to Spread Bitcoin Bitcoin is still a hidden secret to many around the world, and I have long held that creating affiliate programs is a proven method to increase mainstream adoption quickly. If

    · January 11, 2017 · 3:00 pm
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    Bitcoin Uncensored: The Libertarian Nonsense Machine

    The raw and brutally honest Bitcoin Uncensored podcast has come to Bitcoinist. As usual, hosts Chris DeRose and Junseth talk about recent events in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world, in the most hilarious and offensive way possible. Also read: Bitcoin Price Rises: How U.S. Trading Activity May Be Countering China Bitcoin Uncensored Episode 48 As part of a new collaboration with Bitcoin Uncensored, Bitcoinist will post each episode on the same day it airs. Don’t

    · September 21, 2016 · 10:04 pm